Sunday, December 1, 2013

The One Where Vic Blogs About World AIDS Day

Today is World's AIDS day. The theme is "Getting to Zero."

Have you and your loved ones been tested? Regardless of how committed you are to each other, being tested is still important.

AIDS and HIV have really affected me, I have lost people to it and I currently have two of the most precious people in my life living with (not dying from) the HIV disease. They are two of the strongest, most amazing men I know and I love them very much, but because of them I make sure that I get tested whenever I can. Because of them I am even more diligent about being tested. Because of my friend, Justin, who died from AIDS, who was fully committed to a man who was not fully committed to him, I am fierce about making sure I NEVER leave my house without a condom (or two or three-because let's face it, it's me) and that I always get tested.

Today is the day when the entire world turns its attention towards this very serious, fatal disease and we focus on how to cure it, how to end it, what we can do to educate each other on it. And I want you, my readers, my author friends, family, friends, acquaintances, etc. to be safe. So if it's been a while, go and get tested. If you know that someone needs to be tested, volunteer to go with them. But let's work towards getting the number of those living with HIV and AIDS down to zero.