About Me

I am a 28 year old (dear GODS when the hell did that happen!) transgender male homosexual who is engaged to be married to an amazing homosexual M/M Romance Author named, Daniel A Kaine.

According to my Nieceling I am interesting (sometimes) and I have a good sense of humor (every so often).

I like making people laugh (the Nieceling has an awesome laugh-so she's usually my main target) as well as making them think.

I love watching and playing sports (let's go New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox and the Boston Celtics!), video games and board games.

I am a "disabled" veteran of the United States Army.

I enjoy educating people and my biggest desire is to change the world for the better.  I don't think there's anything wrong with pursuing Utopia as long as it's Utopia for all.

I have an awesome adopted family (a dad, three moms, two older brothers, seven older sisters, two younger sisters, three younger brothers, three aunts, an awesome Nieceling and a pretty cool Nephrew) who are extremely supportive of me, as well as each other.

In my spare time I write M/M romance and fiction (I do have four interracial M/F books that I've already started) or read...or show that I'm really a nerd by playing the Sims 3.

I invite you to come and share my journey with me.