Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It's been a while since I've written a blog. Blame my long, physically demanding hours at work. I literally come home and pass out every morning. There have been so many things that have gone on that I wanted to share but of course, I was just too tired to do so, but I did think about this blog if that's any consolation.

First thing first (what's up with that phrase anyway? It makes no sense, if it's the first thing of course it will be first. Why reiterate that fact? Anyway...). At my job (I work overnight at Walmart) the gossip has gotten absolutely ridiculous. When it first started about me, I figured that it was because I was "the new girl." I mean, it happens, people speculate about a person, why they are who they are, how they got there, etc. So at first I overlooked the "she's stuck-up," "she's a bitch," "she thinks she's better than everyone else" comments. Then it became "she's a nympho," that one kind of bothered me, but still I said nothing. However, as if my silence and non-response was pissing off the gossipers, it got worse: "she had sex with five guys that work here, she let them run a train on her," "she got kicked out of the military for having sex with her drill sergeant," "she's a lesbian," "she's bisexual," etc. The gossip got more malicious, more damaging and started pissing me off more and more. These people don't even know me, and the ones that are talking are the ones that I don't speak to at all. Maybe that made them mad? I don't know and at first I didn't care, however, it got to the point where I had to let "Bonifah," the name I gave my temper, come out. I subtley threatened or warned some of them, and confronted others.
Do they not know how destructive gossip is? How damaging? Gossip can ruin lives, cause breakups, people kill themselves over gossip. I'm not there, trust me, but I am pissed off to the point where I realize that I may need to transfer and soon in order to preserve my sanity. This is why I don't like people most of the time. Just people in general. And that's very hard to reconcile with my optimistic-"people are basically good"-hopeful-happy personality. I'm not angry, violent, or frustrated by nature, but I'm that way every time I set foot into that building.
So, there's the gossip and then there's the guy. We'll call him....J.D. because those are his initials. So J.D. and I began our flirtation about two months into my employment at my store. I was serious about it, he seemed serious about it. We made out in the store, we constantly texted each other, we talked about the parameters of our "relationship." Then I went into the hospital for castochondritis and he proceeds to tell me that it was all a joke on his part. WTF?! Yeah, I was pissed. But I can read people very well. I tend to overlook or ignore my instincts and intuitions about certain people, but I'm usually right (it's a: "something's just not right" kind of thing). So, because I felt like he actually was attracted to me just scared or hesitant to get involved because we worked together, I kept talking to him, flirting with him, hanging out with him. And we definitely had our moments where it was apparent to anyone looking at us that we liked each other, and then I found one of the roots of our problem. We'll call him J.B. since those are HIS initials.
Never have I wanted to strangle someone as much as I wanted to strangle J.B. Here's this young, African-American BOY (J.D. is Puerto Rican and I'm apparently in my I want a Hispanic man phase- ie, Adam Rodriguez who is HOT.) who feels as if he's ENTITLED to me or that I'm OBLIGATED to talk to him or want him because HE SAYS SO (Yeah, I'm still pissed off about it). He's an arrogant S.O.B. who makes my skin crawl when I think about being around him and my stomach lurch when I think about being alone with him. He's young, stupid, did I mention arrogant? Someone spent way too much time telling him, or leading him to believe, that he was God's gift to women. He tried to be the jerk that picks up women by insulting them (if you've ever seen Criminal Minds Season 04 Episode 09 "52 Pickup" then you know the technique). I'm definitely one of those women that is not only immune to that particular technique, I'm turned off by it. He angers me when I have to talk to him or deal with him, think about him or whatever. As you can probably tell.
Anyway, apparently J.B. was talking to J.D. about me behind my back, egging him on, prompting him to do things, to say things, etc. Living vicariously through him, dating me through him. Which is sick and yes, childish. Like some Cyrano crap. Except the words and the looks all came from J.D.
Last but not least, my birthday is in November, November 16th (Let's give it up for Scorpios! Woohoo!!). And some friends and I are going to Las Vegas, NV for my birthday. I'm supremely excited about the whole thing. We're going to be staying in the Bellagio Hotel and spending four days there. I can't wait to see what happens, who gets married, which celebrities we'll see (GOD, please let Shemar Moore be there and let him be attracted to me! That would be THE PERFECT birthday present-Four days and nights of hot blissful, toe-curling, earth shattering, addictive sex with that FINE piece of man chocolately caramel), how much we lose and win gambling. It's going to be great!!
Well, writing this blog has actually made me tired, which is a good thing. I'll be going to sleep now, I hope all of you out there have a great day/night. Be happy and from what I've learned this past week, don't be afraid to stand up for yourself or to pursue what you want, you'll be happy that you did in the end.

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