Thursday, May 19, 2011

Passion's Hero: The Beta Prince (Teaser)

Here's a brief teaser for you Tumblings, this is the first few paragraphs from the beginning of Passion's Hero: The Beta Prince.

Percival moaned and thrust his hips faster as his hand stilled on the cock it held. The feelings coursing through him were glorious, supernatural, breath-taking. He never wanted it to end...he wanted it to end so that he could do it again...he was so confused he didn't know what he wanted. He bit his lip as he struggled not to groan loudly, the coppery taste of his own blood filling his mouth.

"C'mon baby, let go, I want to see you come, I want to feel you come all over my hand," the man next to him groaned in his ear as Percival remembered his part in this mutual handjob and began stroking faster. "Oh god baby, that's it, jerk my cock, make me come." Heeding the words of the broad shouldered man, Percival pressed a finger into the slit at the head of the man's cock and grinned when he felt the larger man tense before pearly white shots of his seed exploded over his hand.
 Opening his mouth to tease the older man, Percival gasped as he felt the tingling at the base of his spine that signaled his impending orgasm and yelled out the other man's name as his orgasm exploded over him, "Buck!"

Percy sat up in bed quickly, gasping and shaking from the after effects of his wet dream. Groaning he lay back on the bed and brushed away the tears that pooled in his eyes. He didn't know why he was still fantasizing about his one night with Buck, or rather Beta Prince Buckington Roughshire. The man was his mate, and should want to claim him, but he had rejected him and brutally tossed him aside after one passion-filled night of kisses and handjobs. He hated him...he loved him...he was his destiny. Percival sighed as he turned to climb out of bed, destiny sucked ass...and not in a good way.

What do you guys think?

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