Friday, July 1, 2011

Passion's Hero: The Beta Prince (Update)

I’m almost finished with book two of the Passion’s Hero series, “The Beta Prince.”  I’m amazed at how quickly the books are developing.  I was planning on sending book one off and THEN starting on book two, but it’s looking as if I’m going to have two books done before I get a definite response from the publishers.
Meanwhile, I did something a little nutty (I know, no surprise there).  I have created Facebook accounts for all of the main characters (the different heroes) from the Passion’s Hero series.  Talon Versuthion, Blazell Roughshire, Buckington Roughshire, Percival Taunton, Mailon Saungfreid, Duke Mufariso, Trenton Versuthion, Rico Suavez, Tuvarion Versuthion, Franklin Mufariso, and Sutton Castezi are all on Facebook.  They talk and conversate just as if they were real.
Just thought I’d let you all know, just in case you wanted to friend them ahead of time.  Once the books get covers I’ll be able to give them all profile pictures, but for now they don’t have any.
Hope everyone has been doing well this last week.  Between writing and suffering majorly from insomnia and listening to my idiot doctor who wants to schedule me for an EKG because I “MIGHT” have CHF (Congestive Heart Failure), I haven’t been able to blog like I want, but it’s not because I haven’t thought about it, I have, I just haven’t gotten around to doing it.
Also, if you all want something really good to read (you know while you’re waiting for my books to be published), may I suggest the Midnight Matings Series by Gabrielle Evans, Joyee Flynn and Stormy Glenn or The Brac Pack Series by Lynn Hagen.  I’m addicted to both series, I’m talking about buying it as soon as it’s available and downloading it the moment I can “addicted.”  Between those and EVERY single book written by Mary Calmes, T.A. Chase, J.L Langley and Stephani Hecht, I spend quite a bit of time reading (usually when I’m trying to get some sleep).
So I hope you all are doing well.  Hugs and Kisses!  And by the way The Passion’s Hero series is going to be published under the author name: VVee Bailey or just VVee.
Which do you all suggest?

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