Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egypt: What Can I Do To Help?

So I want to get involved. I want to do something about what’s happening in Egypt, BEYOND tweeting and blogging and signing petitions. I want to move, to act, to DO something. And yes, I know that there’s really little that I as an American can do to actually bring about change there, but I’d atleast like to show some support.

I want to organize a march or a sit-in or something.

I was reading some of the responses from Egyptians about Mubarak’s statement and none of them really believe that at the end of his term he will step down, and they have all stated that they believe that he only made that statement to get the protesting to stop. There are many who plan to stage a sitting protest, peacefully, beginning Friday.

I would like to show support here in America by doing the same thing.

Only problem is getting the word out, who to contact, where to do it, etc.

I was involved in marching for Darfur and taping my mouth closed for the Invisible Children protest, I am active in fighting injustice even if all I do is take to my Twitter, Facebook, blogs or sign a few petitions, but every so often I have the urge to do more.

So I want to do something active. I want to DO something to show my support for the protestors over in Egypt. Any ideas? Anyone know of any other support protests for Egypt going on here in our country or support videos or anything? I really want to get involved

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