Friday, August 31, 2012

Funny Friday Post

-falling out laughing-

I love the show "Scrubs." I love the way they picked on my favorite show "Grey's Anatomy". I love how they made fun of NBC even when they were on NBC. I love how funny the show was. I love the underlying gay sexual tension between JD and Turk and I love how they never thought anything of crossing the line, at all, ever.

Since I live with a nurse I also found out that Scrubs got the medical stuff right more than Grey's Anatomy. Now how's that for "irony"?

Anyway, because it's Friday and I woke up in a happy mood (no idea why, just go with it), I decided to share some funny with you. Now, I'm using my JAWS program to do this, so the layout of the videos may be a little off, but I do know that I can check and make sure that it's the right ones.

Enjoy some clips from Scrubs S6E6: My Musical:

So Gay!

Dr. Cox, how you make me laugh

According to Cherie, everything DOES come down to poo.

This is the song that helps me deal with my blindness. I sing it in my head whenever I start to feel overwhelmed.

Have a Happy Friday all!

-Vicktor Aleksandr B

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