Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Dirty Daydream

I could write about the utter fuckery that went down yesterday that so upset me that I didn't know whether to cry, vomit, throw my computer across the room, or just walk away from the M/M genre altogether (I did none of those things...okay I did cry, a little bit, but it was mostly because I was shocked by those who supported the fuckery rather than the fact that such fuckery existed), but I'm choosing not to. You guys hear enough of my "woe is me, I'm black, transgender, Messianic Jew, a disabled army vet, and an author of romance trying to make a living at writing during a recession," to probably last you a lifetime, so I wanted to brighten up my blog just a little bit.

So I decided that I would share the lovely, albeit extremely dirty daydream that I had today that helped to brighten my day a little bit, as well as the pictures that sparked said daydream.

So I had a daydream that Shemar Moore showed up to the house where I live to meet me and talk to me about my books. We were sitting on the couch talking and he touched my hand lightly and I turned to look at him and then next thing you know we were all over each other, making out and kissing each other fiercely while we ripped each other's clothes off.

 Shemar kept telling me how good I tasted and how hard I made him.
I kept telling him how hot he was.

Because he is.

Well next thing you know, Shemar was on his knees in between my legs sucking my cock.

And it was attached! Woohoo! No strap-on or prosthetic for me! I was born with the right genitalia and everything and Shemar told me how pretty my cock was, moments before he started trying to suck my brain out through the top of my cock.

 I was moaning and groaning, thrusting my cock into his mouth, smiling every time he gagged on it before I grabbed him by the back of his neck and dragged him away from my cock.

I pushed him down on the floor and licked all over his balls and up to the top of his dick, before I swallowed him down to the base (yeah, gag reflex-none existent-just like in real life). He was whimpering and telling me how good it was, how amazing. How he didn't want to cum in my mouth, he wanted to cum in my ass.

 Well, I've always tried to be a very accommodating bloke, so I kissed and licked my way up his body to his nipples, licking and kissing on them until he practically growled my name.

And then Shemar pushed up from the ground, picked me up and then practically slammed me down onto the couch behind us. He turned me over onto my hands and knees and then licked up the crease of my ass.

Talk about major shivering and moaning!!

I love rimming. Whether giving or receiving, it is very, very, very delicious. Especially when the people involved know what the hell they're doing.

 Now this is where my daydream got strange. In the middle of Shemar giving me this amazing rimming, I hear President Obama's voice declaring that marriage equality is not a federal issue and all states will honor gay marriages as well as those of heterosexuals.

So Shemar is still eating out my ass right? I'm clutching the couch underneath when the Cherokee Indian man that I've been dreaming about for the last month showed up and stood in front of me, naked with his very large cock in front of my lips.

"Suck it," he tells me.

I don't even question him. I don't ask him where he came from, who he is, why I keep dreaming about him. I just open my mouth and start sucking his very large cock (did I say that already? Seriously, his cock was like a fucking battering ram it was so big).

Now I would love to say that I turned into the perfect fiance and Daniel showed up in this daydream, but I'd be lying.

Daniel was nowhere to be seen in this daydream.

 So here is me, Shemar Moore, and my mysterious Cherokee man and we're engaged in a very sexy man three-way and then Shemar leans over and says, "Can my friends join us?"

I'm all confused, who is his friend and what the fuck is going on in my daydream? When did I lose control of it?

So I'm all like, "Um...sure."

So two new guys show up.

They're both hot and porn stars. I find myself no longer concerned with when I lost control of my daydream, now I'm just focused on how soon these men will fuck me.

So Shemar and Cherokee boy both tell me that they want to fuck the same time.

I'm sorry, say what now?

Since when has that been a fantasy of mine?

Apparently it is one because in this daydream I shake my head and say, "Yes please."

Then Shemar is stretching me and Cherokee boy is stretching him because one of his friends is going to fuck him while he's fucking me.

Can you see how hot this shit got?
So there's nothing but kissing and moaning to be heard from all of us men, in the room by this point. And then Shemar groans out "Places!" You know like we're filming an interracial, extremely sexy porno.

Again, apparently a fantasy of mine.
And just as everyone is pushing into holes and my mouth is being filled with another cock, the doorbell rings and I'm snapped out of my fantasy.

I wish I could tell you that it was Shemar Moore and my daydream became a reality, but again, that wouldn't be the truth. But this daydream is not only good stroke material, but it's a fabulously sexy flat puppy idea and made for a delightful blog post share for all of you.

Have a wonderfully sexy Wednesday all!!

-Vicktor Aleksandr B


  1. Thanks for this! Made me wipe away my tears of anger and frustration and smile this morning :)

    1. Aaawww. I'm glad that I could make you smile TTBB. It helped me to smile as well. Hopefully today will be a better day than yesterday. It's all we can hope for right?

  2. Damn, Vic, just had a party in your head. ;) (Some one is going to be so jealous and growly when he reads this. XD)

  3. LOL, I love it! You have very creative fantasies! And Shemar Moore, mmmm.

    1. Yes, he is verra verra tasty isn't he? My fantasies are a damn mess is what they are. LOL

  4. lol - you're an evil, evil man. Very entertaining read :)

  5. I have no idea what happened, Vic, but I'm sending you all my love and lots of support. I hope you'll feel better soon! Thanks for the yummy read *hugs*

  6. Hugs to you for whatever happened yesterday! And I love the daydream...definitely a very creative imagination there!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. That does seem like it would be a good way to pull out of a funk. =) *hugs*

  8. Ah--how lovely for us that you shared your daydream--yum--just lovely!


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