Thursday, March 15, 2012

RIP William Neale

I was going to write today's Truth or Dare Lustful Thursday post when I received word on the passing of William Neale, an amazing writer of M/M Romance and one of the organizers of GRL.

I wish that William and I had known each other a lot better than I do, but his death still rocks me deeply and he will greatly be missed.

I had just spoken to William on Friday after he sent me and a group of other male authors emails regarding the Gentlemen's Juke Joint event for GRL in Albuquerque, NM. I'd told him that I felt very honored by him including me in the list of the "guys" and he replied back, Vic, you are one of the guys.

That touched me deeply.

Even in the M/M Romance genre, even within the GLBTQ community, transgenders like myself are ridiculed, scorned, disparaged, belittled, abused, and cast aside. Being transgender, homosexual, black and a Messianic Jew leaves me an open target to a lot of discrimination, prejudice and bigotry, not just from conservatives, religious fanatics and homophobes, but even to some within the rainbow community. Finding people who support you regardless, who encourage you, is a godsend, especially when those people aren't just supporting your life but your talent as well.

That's what William did for me in the few emails that we exchanged. He supported me. He was so nice and sweet. I've seen quite a few tweets and comments describing him as a "sweetheart," which is exactly what he was.

William, you will be greatly missed, by your partner, your family through blood, your family through choice, and your family through support, encouragement and common interest.

Rest in peace my friend, William.

-Vicktor Alexander
(Vicktor Aleksandr B)


  1. Beautiful words from a beautiful person for a beautiful Soul who will be missed greatly

  2. He sounds like he was a very kind and good soul. I've seen a number of people mourning his death which to me says a great deal about how he lived his life. Sometimes I think the best legacy of truly kindhearted souls is that they lead by example; and that example prompts others to examine why they hold the views that they do and consider changing them.

    On a tangent, I'm saddened that having people accept you as you wish to be is harder for you. And it's shaming that some of that prejudice comes from within the GLBTQ community - you aren't the first person I've seen mention that. You're a wonderful person - try not to let the haters get to you.

  3. Beautifully expressed as always.

  4. How very sad...I have all of his books and was really looking forward to the 4th book of his Home series due out later this Spring...I so enjoyed reading his works of love.

  5. How very, very sad and what a huge loss for the world. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    I truly wish people could just accept who we all are, not as a label, but as individuals. One day, perhaps.


  6. I knew Bill long ago when we were students at Morristown East High School (Tennessee). Morristown was a good place to grow up and an even better place to leave. I regret that we lost touch over the years. Bill was one of my few friends at school. He was just as you all describe him -- kind and encouraging and compassionate -- and I knew even then that he would go far in life. Since his death, I have thought of him often.


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