Monday, March 26, 2012

Songs for PointyCat-Music I Love

So last night I was watching "Tyler Perry's: Madea's Big Happy Family" the play and at the end of the play the cast starts to sing a lot of old school R & B songs.

You all know I love old school R & B.

So I started singing along and tweeting which songs I was singing at the time.  I was asked by pointycat69 who the singers in question were. I told her that it would be easier for me to just post the songs and videos and give her an introduction to American Old School R&B.

If you know the songs, sing along, I know I will be.

This is part of the play that I was watching last night.

From Madea's Big Happy Family "'Cause I Love You"

Lenny Williams "Cause I Love You."

Betty Wright "Tonight is the Night"

Teddy Pendagrass "Turn Off the Lights"

Mary J. Blige "I'm Going Down"

Luther Vandross "If Only For One Night"

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  1. I liked the Mary J Blige one, others were ok :)

    Did make me think of a couple of songs/singers/whatever they are I like that I'd recommend - Tom Lehrer, especially The Vatican Rag & The Masochism Tango.
    And The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain - a friend introduced Ric to them and I've watched the dvd - they're disturbingly entertaining. Hopefully I'm doing the link right, if not it's their version of Life on Mars.

    And whle I remember - I thought of some very British films you might enjoy (depending on your taste in films) or at least find interesting: Dog Soldiers, Kinky Boots & Keeping Mum. Kinky Boots is based on what happened with a real shoe manufacturer, although sadly they have now gone out of business. Chiwetel Ejiofor is fantastic in it (I'd only seen him in Serenity before this).


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