Friday, June 8, 2012

Don't forget the C and don't forget the K

No, you dirty minded people I'm not talking about the c and k in dick or cock, geesh. I'm talking about the C and K in my name Vicktor.

You know: V-I-C-K-T-O-R

I must admit the I have a hearty chuckle when people write my name because everyone ends up forgetting either the C or the K. I have seen my name as Victor and as Viktor. Very rarely do I see Vicktor.

And no, it's not a big deal. I'm not going to rip my clothes, poor ashes on my head and wail like the Jews of old, although there are some who still do that.

I'm going to help you all remember how to spell my name correctly and then let you know why it's so important to me.

But not in that order.

When I was a kid I was taller than all of the other kids and I was very into sports. I'm still very into sports, but now it's acceptable. When you're 10 years old and you write a riveting essay on why the Chicago Bulls needs  a better blocking strategy if they plan on keeping Michael Jordan, when the teacher tells you to write about modern battle strategies, well then it's a bit of a problem. I was so into sports as a kid that my friends gave me nicknames that were familiar of sports figures. I'd get called "Babe" and people thought it was a term of endearment, but coming from my 6th grade boyfriend Jordy it stood for "Babe Ruth" (I totally give a nod to Jordy in my LiAW story, Steamy, he'd be sufficiently horrified). In the 7th grade people started calling me "Shaq" and I encouraged them to do so, because I was a beast with a basketball in my hand and my free throws sucked ass. I'm much better now, but back then I sucked.

In high school Justin was the first one to call me Vic. While everyone else called me Vee or Vee-Vee or hell even Roni, Justin and Angel called me Vic. So being Vic is very special to me.

The K in Vicktor comes from Kaph or Kaf the Hebrew letter ךּ. It means "like" or "as" and since my middle name is Aleksandr, like my dad's first name, I'm Victor "like" Aleksandr.

Get it?

Well it makes sense to me. LOL. Anyway, I asked my goddaughter, Monkey (not her real name, but her nickname from me) and my friend Angel to write up an acronym for my name and this is what they sent me.

V-Very nice

And here's Angel's notice the EXTREME difference:

O-Oh my God your cock is huge!

*Headdesk* I need to stop asking him to do stuff for me. LOL.

There you have it, so now you can remember how to spell my name: V-I-C-K-T-O-R

When in doubt just think of Dick, with a V and Tor like Thor without the H. LOL.

-Vicktor Aleksandr B


  1. I love the explanation and the acronyms :) Whether I'll remember the correct spelling...erm, maybe - couple of friends have names spelt a little unusually and they alternate between amused and tired of having their names spelt wrong.
    I'll try and remember though :)

  2. You had me checking the post of yours that I shared the other day... yep, I spelled it right! :D Proud of me... lol! Sometimes people spell mine wrong too, but doesn't bother me. If I start misspelling it, then I'll be concerned. ;)

  3. LMAO...Is it bad that I laughed at the one Angel gave you? ~Snickers softly~ Although with words like that I'm not about to forget the C or the K in your name. Hmm.

    V- Viciously Sweet
    I- Inward the
    C- Cock goes for some...
    K- Kinky sex
    T- Then
    O- Onto the bed for...
    R- Rimming because I know Vic enjoys this :P

    I had to and you can thank all that reading I've done and that is not in order. The rimming should come first! Then the kinky sex with viciously sweet cock thrusts MHM!! Oh wait uhhhh ~Hides her face from view~ I listen to too many people around here. I has sex on the brain. ~Grins and kisses your cheek quickly~ Off to write some steamy sex scenes OH MY!

  4. I'm just gonna stick w/ calling you sweet. =P

  5. I remembers how to spell your name, because my grandfather was Victor. So I just remember that yours has a K added. ^__^


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