Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Nieceling and the Flat Puppies

So since moving to Buffalo, NY with my adopted big sister the "flat puppies" or what's known as "plot bunnies" to other authors, have been flying around the apartment smacking both my adopted sister (who's a published author) and myself in the head.

Most of them are being thrown around by my nieceling and I've been catching them and writing up a storm.

I've started on a series entitled:  The Last Men on Earth that's in addition to The Virgin Special Forces series that I'm dedicating to Matt and Brad of the blog 2 Boys In Love.  There's the stand alone books: Light the WayAn Agean Task, and Not a Second.

You'd think that's be enough, but beyond those, there's the other 13 stand alone books, then the other six series that I'm writing (Can you say: That's a LOT Vic!).

Ahhh but you brain has said that that's not enough because The Nieceling inspired 2 single title YA books: My Best Friend Shay, Friends Like Mine (which turns into a series but the last two books are 18+), and then there is the Sacred Duets series for YA.

Yep, I think I'm pretty much set as far as writing goes for the next few years.

But can I say how wonderfully exciting that is?  Because I can write here and the inspiration is just all over the place, the apartment is littered with "flat puppies," but it's all good because the more inspiration, the more books I write, the more books you all get to read.



  1. Vic,
    So happy you found people who accept you the way you are and love you for it too :)
    And this just sounds awesome... Could need some inspiration too ;D

  2. That's awesome, Vic!!! Give your adopted sis and nieceling a big hug from me for making you happy!!!
    I'm really stunned at all your projects, WOW!!! Can't wait to read them :)
    BTW - and I really, really don't want to put any more stress on you - but "Aye yo, Vic, what the fuck's up with The Cowboy's Fireman?"
    {hugs and smooches}

  3. Wow! A lot of projects there Big Brother! Can't wait to see what you're coming up with. Love you.

  4. LOL @ Kat! The next excerpt of "The Cowboy's Fireman" is going up tomorrow actually. LOL.

    Kerstin: Thank you! I'm excited about it as well. If you want I'll see about letting the Nieceling do a post (have to ask her mother) and I'm sure the flat puppies will be flying. "Light the Way" is about a unicorn shifter and a lighthouse keeper. How'd I get that idea? She and I were talking about elves, magic and fairies and I said I loved lighthouses and she asked if I'd ever read a book about a unicorn. After that it was so easy. LOL.

    Lucy: Thanks for the encouragement. It's a lot, yes, which means I may not be posting as much as I used to. But I appreciate the encouragement.

  5. Really??????? OMFG I love you!!! You have to share with Sash though ;). But don't take on too much, I don't want you all stressed out. But you're happy? You sound happy :)

  6. Kat, why am I sharing with Sash? I don't share very's why threesomes never turned out well for me. Hehehe.

    You know, I've had a lot of people tell me that I "sound" happier and I am. I really am. I'm glad that you all can see that. I'll try not to get stressed out, besides I don't think that my family will let me get to that point, they're keeping a pretty good eye on me.


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