Friday, November 4, 2011

New Blog Name and New Blog Address

So in light of me living my truth and seeing myself as Vic today and in light of me meeting so many people that are helping me in this process of transitioning and stuff I've decided to change my blog name and the blog address.

It's gone from:  & The Passionate Caresses of Veronica Victorian

To: & Call Me Vic

So that's the new information.  Just so you're aware!

{Hugz and Squeezes and Fist Bumps}



  1. That's a good new name for your blog :)
    Actually I have it in my favs as "Vic's blog" :)
    It is so great that you can finally be yourself, that makes me happy :)

  2. Thanks babez!!! It makes me happy also.

  3. Good name. So happy you are doing so much better. You deserve it:)



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