Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hanging Out With the Nieceling

So yesterday I hung out with my new "nieceling".  That is my adopted big sister's daughter.

My family is awesome.

So anyway, yesterday I totally hung out with "The Nieceling". We played Monopoly City, where she almost beat me, but I ended up winning in the end (Yay for Vic!).  Say what you will.  She's 12 and she beat me in UNO the night before...twice.

So after we played Monopoly City we watched Nanny McPhee returns and cooked together.

It was super fun.

I gave her a recipe for steak and then supervised her as she cooked them.  Then she made salad to go with it.

The steak was so good that her mom and I couldn't stop gushing over how good it was.

It totally made her day.

By the time we all went to bed, or at least headed off in that direction, she was beaming and felt so proud of herself and we both were very proud of her.

And before she went to bed she looks at me and said, "Thank you Uncle Vic."

I almost cried.

So this morning we're having waffles and hanging out again and all I can keep thinking is how thankful I am for my new family.  Because to them I am "Little Brother Vic" or "Big Brother Vic" or "Son Vic" or (most touching of all) "Uncle Vic" and that makes MY day.


  1. That's so wonderful you found such a great family!! And the nieceling sounds cute :) Hugs to you!

  2. Yes she's adorable. She's already talking about a "rematch" in Monopoly City. LOL.

  3. Aww. Right in bay-bee. Glad it's all coming together. Sometimes the universe does listen. Hugs

  4. ~Hugs her big brother and whispers~ Lord sounds like fun and guess what you always were Vic to me. I love you big brother and keep being you or I'll have to squeeze you until you laugh or smile. ~Grins evilly as she will do just that just to see more smiles and happiness~ Got to go and sing and dance though Love you been putting off the singing and dancing long enough! Email me later so we can catch up!


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