Sunday, January 15, 2012

There Once Was A Young Girl...A Young Boy...

There once was a young girl
Who knew she was a young boy
Named Vee.

She struggled to be a girl
And ignore the boy inside of her
Named Vic.

Vic screamed inside of her
Pushing, clawing, desperately hoping
Trying to break free.

But fear of rejection, fear of loss
Fear of being disowned and death
Made Vee a whole lot stronger than him.

So Vic waited patiently for Vee to weaken
He waited for the danger to pass, for acceptance
He waited for Vee to realize that she was wrong.

Vic was not the wrong one, he was the true one.
Vic had been there from the beginning.
Vic was the truth, he was the reality.

Vee was the mask, the persona that Vic wore
She was who he pretended to be for love
She was the persona that he wore for the world.

But Vic didn't want to pretend any longer
Vic wanted to show the world, his family, himself
That he was alive, that he was there and that he was truth.

Regardless of the fear, the danger, the hatred
Regardless of the death threats and the insults
Vic was determined to live.
Vic was determined to be.

Because there once was a young girl
Who was really a young boy
Had always been a young boy.

Named Vic.


  1. Nice to be able to lay aside the mask, yeah?

  2. This is the most wonderful prose. I love it. Beautiful.

  3. That was amazing and so vey honest you are truly and amazing person to be able to say any of that and so damn brave

  4. This is beautiful, Vic. I am glad that you could put the veil/ mask aside and be yourself. My heart weeps of the countless people (young and old) who still have to live in fear for who they are. XX

  5. Cherie: Yes it is. That damn mask was heavy. She ate a lot.

    EngineerGoddess: Wow, thank you very much for that compliment.

    Joanie: Thank you very much. I just figure that I'll say it for those who aren't, can't or weren't able to.

  6. Thank you very much Brahmin. Mine does as well.

  7. Like the end of this poem, makes me smile. =D

  8. I agree with Patty. The end is the best.


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