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(A Must Read) Legal Tender by Andrew Grey

Legal Tender (Bottled Up, #8)Legal Tender by Andrew  Grey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"Am I broken?"

Words spoken by the main character Timmy that so pierced the heart of this reader that I finished the rest of the book, holding my Kindle in a firm, almost desperate grip, hoping against hope that Joiner would help him and show this beautiful young man that he wasn't broken or unlovable at all.

"Grampy was the only one to say he loved me."

This book details the struggle that Timmy and Joiner endure together as they deal not only with a controversial legacy left behind by Timmy's grandfather when he passed away, but also with the after effects of the traumatic experience that Timmy suffers from as a youth. Joiner is a junior associate at a law firm that Timmy goes to with a rare gold coin in order to prove the validity of his ownership and possession. Timmy is very much the fragile spirit, a formerly broken butterfly attempting to fly again. Joiner is the man who steps up to help him learn to live, learn to fly, learn to love again.

With the reappearance of Gerald, Dieter, Mark, Tyler, Brian, Nicolai and many other Andrew Grey favorites, this book is simultaneously heart-breaking, uplifting, emotionally gripping, soul wrenching, funny, entertaining, and, in true Andrew Grey fashion, extremely smexy.

I found myself encouraging and rooting for Timmy with every step forward he took in his healing process. I similarly found myself wincing with every horrible return of a piece of his rough childhood. Joiner's strength and courage, his determination to stick with Timmy through it all, filled the pages with light and dispelled the darkness that tried to strangle the sweetness of Timmy's spirit.

Mr. Grey's writing was gripping, pulling me into the pages of the book until I felt like I was right there with Timmy at work, sitting in the next cubicle talking about how one should never tell Heidi anything unless they wanted everyone to know. I felt as if I were helping Joiner with his research for Timmy's case. Best of all, the passion and the white-hot desire that the two men felt for each other was so well written that I felt as if I were right there in the bed with them, getting sweaty and sticky and experiencing every orgasm alongside them (and definitely needing a cigarette afterwards).

The setting of the book was so well described that I could see Grampy's house, see the dust motes floating through the air in the attic, feel the raindrops falling on my skin as Joiner and Timmy took a walk in the rain, and see the clenching jaw of the US District Attorney as he presented his case in front of the judge in opposition to Joiner's claim.

The tension that threaded its way seamlessly throughout the pages of this book, was beautifully balanced by the love and genuine affection that made up the foundation for Timmy and Joiner's love story.

And yes, The Epilogue Whore was beyond satisfied by the way this book ended, because the end, much like the rest of the book was an execution of near flawless prose and loving storytelling.

I recommend this book (obviously) for those who love to read about love, strength, overcoming tragedy, healing, family and finding true happiness through finding oneself.

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