Friday, May 25, 2012

My Time At Seminary Part II

I wish I could tell you that every day at Seminary was like the one I talked about yesterday (Part One) but it just wouldn't be true. For the most part, most of my time at seminary was spent studying.

Studying Scripture.

Studying church procedures.

Studying about how to properly pray for someone so that they fall into the arms of my prayer assistants and it looks like they've been touched by the Holy Spirit.

Yeah. I'm serious. They taught me that.

I spent a lot of time during class taking notes, answering questions and asking my own.

I wasn't the one that all of the guys were after. I was the "buddy." The one that most of them came to for advice.

Or at least that's what we told everyone.

I can admit now that I did a fair amount of corrupting of innocent future pastors and ministers. I should probably feel bad about that. And to a certain degree there's is a bit of...apology when I think of the different guys who got a taste of "The Vic", but I'm not sure if that apology is due to the fact that they all invited me to their weddings and their poor new wives thought that they were all virgins.

Or that they thought they were all 100% straight.

Because of all of the guys I slept with at seminary, not one of them didn't want a piece of LBV. And I didn't wear LBV all of the time, but there were times when I did because I was going to go and see Timothy or hang out with Bruce and I'd have one of the guys from the school ask me if they could "get some advice" about their girlfriend or their classes and sure enough we ended up back at their dorm room, their apartment, my apartment or in their car somewhere far away from campus, and LBV was down their throat or in their ass. And don't worry, my ass got a lot of lovely pounding as well.

The reason is, that wasn't real sex to them.

I'm serious.

Oral sex=not real sex

Anal sex=not real sex

Vaginal sex=real sex

And real sex is saved for marriage.

So when they got married to them they technically were still virgins.

I call bullshit on that, but I never said anything.

Maybe a part of me enjoyed knowing that I knew something about these future pastors that their spouses would never know or find out much later. Maybe it was the reassurance that everyone was screwed up. Whatever the reason I blazed a trail through many of the guys there.

While Bruce and Timothy blazed a trail through me.

Timothy was much more eager than Bruce was. He had no qualms about showing up to my classes to walk me to the next one. He would invite me out on a group date (because there's accountability in a group date) in front of everyone and our little seminary school was soon buzzing with the rumor that Timothy and I were courting and going to get married. We were the two who'd been told by multiple pastors that would come and guest speak at our school that we had a great calling on our lives and would do awesome things in the world. I was told repeatedly that I would change the world.

And I will. Just not in the way they were thinking.

So while Timothy was very open about his infatuation, Bruce and I maintained a secretive torrid affair. Which of course made things so much hotter. We shared a few classes and I would sit on one side with my friends and he sat on the other. Throughout class I would feel as if my skin were being caressed by his hot hand and I would look over and he would be staring at me. No expression on his face, just staring at me. When class was over he would get up and walk out without saying a word and I would be so turned on that when I would walk down the hallway and he would grab me and pull me into some empty classroom or supply closet, I would be all over him.

Making out? Child's play.

Oral sex? Most definitely.

Quickies? Every. Single. Day.

I don't think there's a room or a classroom that we didn't fuck in. He would fuck me, his hand wrapped tightly in my hair, my head pulled back and I would bite my arm so hard to stop myself from screaming that I started having to wear sweaters, long-sleeved shirts and jackets to school to cover the marks.

Up against the wall, in the president's office after hours, in the prayer's amazing we weren't struck by lightning.

And he would let me fuck him as well. He had no qualms about it. And it was Bruce who taught me the joys of rimming.

I thought that I was in love with Bruce and when I told him he just smiled at me and told me that what I was feeling was good sex and awesome orgasms and that those two things should never be confused with love.

Bruce and I were just sex. Hot, sweaty, spine-tingling, toe-curling, back breaking, brain melting sex.

Timothy and I were a relationship. Timothy got to know my friends. Came over to hang out with my roommates. Talked to my bio parents on the phone. Met my bio father in person (My bio dad was all about Timothy and I getting married and having a bunch of "sanctified babies"). Timothy helped me study. Made sure that I got to every class on time. Made sure that I ate, because he knew that I have a tendency to get so focused on work and school and activities that the normal, mundane, every day stuff escapes me.

And when the school started to ask for people to sign up for mission trips, Timothy made sure that I signed up. Because mission trips meant that we'd be travelling. Mission trips meant going out of town. Mission trips meant that we'd be staying overnight, some times for a week or two, in a hotel, with little to no supervision whatsoever.

You guessed it. There were a lot of people who went on these trips who lost their true virginity and couples who came back and had to get married quickly because someone had been blessed by God and was pregnant, but was unmarried (my second semester four girls who had gone on mission trips with me came back and got married. All four of them had "premature" babies).

Bruce never went on any of these mission trips. He said he was already getting what everyone else was going on the trips to get. I think he loved his rebel status too much or perhaps it was the fact that he hated travelling. Whatever the reason, Bruce never went on a trip, but Timothy and I went on every single one almost. Our first trip was to Atlanta. It was the major trip. The one that people are still talking about to this day (you know those that went to or are going to this seminary school). It was the trip that rocked the school when we all came back. Not because of the illicit activities that went on amongst the students, but because of the students who spoke and the fact that when the team came back "the Spirit fell" and there were no classes for a week (which just happened to be midterms) because everyone would walk into their classes and become slain in the Spirit.

I took Timothy's virginity on the mission trip to Georgia, and like most other students loved the fact that I got an extra week to study for my midterms. But that trip to Georgia changed my relationship with Timothy and Bruce, and it ultimately led to the end of my relationship with both of them and the end of my time at seminary.

But that's a story for another day.

-Vicktor Aleksandr B


  1. reading part 1 and 2 this morning was a nice way to begin the day. I work at a university so now I am imagining yummy things happening behind closed doors. :)


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