Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Love Across The Big Pond #4: The Effects of Kissing

Dear Daniel,

Have you noticed more people kissing around you? I never noticed it before but suddenly on every tv show, every movie, every couple in the world is around me and they're all kissing. They're all holding hands and loving on each other and I'm looking at them and wishing that it was us. Wishing that you were in my arms, that you were kissing me or I was kissing you. That it was someone else watching us kissing and wishing that they were us.

Seeing others kiss makes the waiting harder. It's not seeing them holding hands, or watching them walk together with their arms around each other. It's seeing them kiss. Because when they kiss, I want to kiss you, and when I look over you're not there.

So, love, don't be surprised if I want to spend the first hour or so doing nothing but kissing you, because we've got a lot of kissing to make up for and a lot of kissing to look forward to.

Lovdorish You.




  1. Hmm... and here's me led to believe that the first thing you were gonna do is pound me up against the first wall we find. Well, either option is perfectly fine with me. Preferably both though, in either order :)

  2. Well of course there's going to be a lot of both, but the kissing thing is definitely going to happen first. Probably in the airport, in front of everybody.

  3. *Grins evilly* This is such a sweet post, Vic. =D

  4. 2Patricia...~Chuckles~ Well you can tell they are IN love Patricia can't you?

    @Vic...Big Brother, The love has gotten a hold of you big time. I am wishing and hoping you get your man with you very soon! And plus if you get him there soon that's the sooner you can have all that make up kissing and a lot of everything! ~Hugs and squeezes~ Daniel is amazing and you two are lucky to have each other.

  5. Must be love when the need to kiss the guy comes ahead of the wall thing. Happy for you both.


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