Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolution

This is probably going to be my shortest New Year's Resolution List of my life.


Because how could I possibly top this year?

I came out to my biological family, who disowned me, but I gained the awesomest family in the world.

I'm living my life as the gay man I was always supposed to be.

I got engaged to Daniel.

I moved.

I'm a published author.

I'm a bestselling published author.

I'm writing a 100K word novel.

I'm about to get my name changed.

So I only have six things I want to do next year.

  1. I will publish at least 6 books by the end of the year.
  2. I will marry Daniel (b/c my life will just be 100 times better when I put that wedding band on his finger)
  3. I will get in shape (b/c oh my gosh if I get told that I'm "technically" 2 lbs overweight I'm going to scream)
  4. I will go back to school for business, so that I can get the process started for my group home for at-risk teens.
  5. I will get my name changed legally (I'm going to scream the day that happens).
  6. I will become the best version of myself that I can be. The best writer. The best younger brother. The best older brother. The best uncle. The best son. The best husband. The best future dad in the world.

Anything else is just extra, but I'm resolving that at the end of 2012 I'll be telling you that I have accomplished all six of those things.

It's going to happen.

I hope you all have a great New Year's and that all of your resolutions are attainable and that this upcoming year is the greatest one you've ever had and that it only improves for you.

To love, to life, to family, to growth, to healing, to understanding, to compassion, to tolerance, to faith, to peace...

To hope.

Hugz, Squeezes and Fist Bumpz.

Happy New Year's All!!

-Vicktor Aleksandr B.

P.S. Daniel baby, you're perfect for me, even if you're not "perfect" yourself. You make me long to be a better man, the best man, for you. I love waking up and knowing that I have you to look forward to. Je t'aime mon amour. Te amo mucho. Te quiero. Tu es mi corazon. Lovdorish you Dangelina. Love Always, Forever, Together, and Never-Ending. Your BradVic


  1. Happy New Year, Vic!
    I'm sure you will make 2012 YOUR year!
    Your resolutions sound great and I'm certain you will be able to achieve all that you set your mind on.
    *love and hugs*

  2. ~Hugs tightly~ Happy New Year Vic! I am sure your 2012 will be amazing. Hre is to Joy, Love, Hope, Happiness & Peace to you and Daniel and all the family!

  3. I believe you will do all those things. But if a few fall by the wayside, numbers 2 and 6 will still make 2012 the best ever for you. Happy New Year.


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