Friday, December 23, 2011

Love Across The Big Pond: The Adventures of BradVic and Dangelina

Wasn't that an awesome title? I think so.

So the babez's birthday is Saturday, December 24th and I am UBER excited because hopefully he'll get the presents that I sent him before then. There are two very special items that he's going to get from me.

*devious grin*

So anyway, trying to maintain a long-distance relationship is hard.

And no, not like hard like an erection is hard, *shakes head and scoffs* bunch of pervs, but hard as in difficult.

Not because I don't love him, because oh man do I, but because if he's having a bad day I can't just pull him into my lap and hold him like I want to and if someone fucks with him I can't just go and "give them a stern talking to" (which we all know is "Vic speak" for kick their asses), and if I'm feeling particularly...amorous, I can't just pounce on him like I want to. Which sucks.

So I decided to do something about it. And I talked to him about it, but at the time I was joking, but every day, after he goes to bed, I write him a letter. They're always titled the same way "Love Across the Big Pond", but they help me.

They help in those times when I dream about him and wake up and he's not there beside me. They help when I want to send him a text message but know that I will get the "Failed to Send" because he has an international number. They help when I'm all turned on from watching "Queer as Folk" and can't even make out with him.

They help in those times when I miss him even though I'm talking to him.

And even though I'm all "Dom-ish" and "fierce" I'm still very much a romantic at heart, which is why I write M/M romance (and I've been told my stuff is cheesy, but a good cheesy), and for that reason while my words come from my heart they are oftentimes more about the "emotion" than the "feeling."

So I thought I'd share the first letter that I wrote to Daniel. I'm warning you now. It's short and sappy, but I'm having a slight "pity party" where I'm all like "I miss my fiance and I want him here with me and no one is going to make me feel better about this," so I know that for me, posting this letter will make me feel better and really that's all that matters.

"Love Across the Big Pond" 

Entry #1:

Dear Daniel. 

It snowed today. Not a lot, but enough to make me wish that my arms were wrapped around you. Enough to make me wish that you were waking up next to me, asking me what I was smiling at. And it snowed long enough to make my heart ache to have you here with me. I know that March is not that far away, but any second that I have to spend away from you feels like an eternity. My heart and my soul are yearning for their other halves. I only take shallow breaths because you are my full breath. Know that you are truly loved and that I truly cannot wait until the day that I hold you in my arms forever. Love Always, Vicktor

-Vicktor Aleksandr

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