Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another GRL Post

So I thought I'd do a quick post about some of the fun (and not so fun) things that happened at GRL.

This is Thursday's.

  Arrival day.  I stood downstairs during the welcome lunch because they were renovating the hotel and I was scared to "cane" my way down the hallway by myself.  But I am so glad that I did.  While standing downstairs I met Cherie Noel, Jambrea Jones, Stephani Hecht, Amber Kell, TA Chase, Carol Lynne, Ethan Stone, Damon Suede, Ethan Day, and Devon Rhodes.  I had a fanboi moment for all of them.  I squealed and hugged them free stuff.  While it was TOTALLY not my intention, I was so happy that I got extra free swag on top of what was in my registration bag.  That was the first time that Damon and I stepped off to the side to talk (and where my crushing on him began).  I hung out a bit with Shae Connor in her room before showering and heading out to my hotel room to drop off the rest of my luggage before heading over to the Gentlemen's Juke Joint w/Damon Suede and Ethan Day.

Thursday Night

   I got lost on the way to the Gentlemen's Juke Joint (stupid cab driver), and by the time I got there everyone had already started drinking so I had to play catch-up (and I did it so well).  It was here that I met LC Chase, Xara X Xanakas, MJ O'Shea, Taylor Donovan, and Piper Vaughn.  We all clicked and connected so well that we were with each other for the rest of the weekend.  It was this night that I met Paco, the go-go boy (*sigh* Ahh Paco....) and Taylor Donovan paid for me to have a taste (*giggle*).  This is also when I met Jimmy the bartender and discovered "Jimmy Juice" a lovely white, frothy liquid, thick, warms your throat going down and leaves a wonderful aftertaste.  LOL.  I know, how dirty right?  But it was our running joke the whole weekend for his special drink.  That was also where I met two other go-go boys, where I met a host of other readers and authors (most of whom were like: "Are you Vic?!" *blush*) and it was cool.  I got very tipsy and it was nice.  Then I met the two ladies who were like oozing "sub" and the Dom in me perked up something fierce.  LOL.  *Shivers*  Anyway.  Cherie Noel and I left before the party was over, we were both tired and I was STARVING.  So we went across the street to this diner that boasted of having the world's greatest hamburger....they weren't lying.  I DREAM about this burger.  LOL.  It was the greatest thing ever.  It was also here that Cherie and I were privvy to this really cute police officer flirting with and hitting on a few guys.  One of them he said he knew and they went to school together, but with how close they were standing and the looks that passed between them....yeah, let's just say we knew what sort of relationship they had.  But it was the officers interaction with the waiter that drew both Cherie's and my attention and we both could see a book developing before our eyes (*rolls eyes* This is what happens when you hang out with authors).  We left eventually after finishing our food and headed back to our hotels.  We made plans to meet up the next morning for Beignets and Cafe-au-Lait and after an experience I'd rather forget with one of the stores on Bourbon street (always watch how many times your card gets swapped when purchasing something-I'm just saying), I headed back to my room where I took another shower (I smelled like liquor, sweat, and go-go boy ass *sighs "Paco"*), and then after a quick call and text and jumping online to check emails I passed out on the bed and passed out. I slept through my cemetery walk the next morning but I made it in time for the beignets and cafe-au-lait.

I'll tell you guys ALL about Friday tomorrow.



  1. It looks like everyone had sooo much fun at GRL this year.

    At this point I'm really torn between RT next spring (April, I think?) and GRL next fall. I don't think I can justify spending the money on both.

    I'm also kind of worried about how I'll cope with the whole thing, healthwise. Going to the store can leave me worn out and in pain. I'm not sure how I'll cope with all the crowds and activity for three or four days.

  2. ~Wolf Whistles~ Damn! Looks like you had fun with the Go-Go boy ~Sighs happily~ I oh so wish I could have went this year but hoping and praying for next year. Not counting myself out YET. I'm going to try really really hard. Hopefully,I can get the money and get the whole thing set up for myself MHM.

  3. You're so cute when you get all embarrassed and blush! lolol I would have been all fan girl on you if I had been there! :D Really wanna try Jimmy Juice! LOL That's quite a lot for the first day!! I'm def flying in the day before or I will be no good that first day.

    Lucy/Kat - once the room rates are listed start looking for a roommate. Makes a huge difference when you don't have to foot the entire bill! One of my girlfriend's husband will do this...each night when he empties his pockets any loose change and one dollar bills he puts into a giant jar. They ended up funding a good portion of a trip to FL that way. Between that and putting aside at least $25 each pay period I'm pretty sure I can at least get my airfare taken care of.

  4. VeeVee,

    I want more pics! They are fabulous. It's looks like you had a great time. I will save my pennies, cause I want to go next year... ok,ok,$$$$$$

    I read in one of your posts that you're moving to Buffalo! Whoa that is so close to me...Is a meet in the future?

    Keep those pics coming, they are addictive...yum

  5. @Becky: We all had a FABULOUS time and there were a few other people there who had medical problems and couldn't walk around as much, they just didn't sign up for every event.

    @Lucy: Do what you gotta do but it'd be lots of fun if you came!

    @CJ: *Blush* Don't SAY that!!! AAaahhh!! I had some ladies there tell me that they were going fangirl for me and I got all flustered, but I sort of liked being the sexy gay boy when we went out and no one even blinked when I corrected them and told them to call me by male pronouns and not female. It was awesome!! And "Jimmy Juice" is FABULOUS!!!

    @Archie: Every time I find pics I save them so I will definitely keep them coming for you guys as soon as I get permission to share them. I think I put almost all of mine up yesterday. And yes you MUST come next year!!! And yes you did read correctly. I am moving to Buffalo!! November 2nd I will be boarding a Southwest airplane towards NY, moving back to the state that gave me so much pleasure so many years ago! I'd be happy to meet you! I'm all about meeting folks. I even picked up a stalker or too (which was sort of creepy but still kinda cool because whodathunk I'd be interesting enough to stalk?)



  6. LOL Yes! We will be there!! :D

  7. Ah, Vic, it was great meeting you and chillin' all weekend. I miss you. MJ and I want to go to NYC in the future, and you know we will be coming to see you if/when we do!

    And if we can't do that trip before then, we'll always have GRL. :D

  8. PIPER!!!!! {tackles Piper} I miss you too!!!! Man we had so much fun! I still wake up expecting to head over to the hotel to meet up with you guys! LOL.

    And that'd be SOO cool if you guys came to NY! From what I understand Taylor's out there and so is Damon and Ivelisse we can have an impromptu GRL reunion if/when you guys come. I can help you guys find cheap flights, just let me know and I'm all over it!

    And barring that we will definitely see each other again at GRL next year! {HUGZ AND SQUEEZES TIGHTLY}


  9. Ack! I am sooooo trashed in that picture... It was great to meet you! :)

  10. Chris I think we ALL look trashed in that picture. I've gone through every picture like "Goddammit I look fat as hell!! Eewww!!" or "I look SOOO high or drunk or something!" But we had so much fun and it was great to meet you also!!! You introduced me to "Jimmy Juice" so we are FFL (Friends For Life). LOL.

    See you next year?


  11. We definitely want to go. Buffalo is a haul from NYC, but we'd work out somehow. You could always come crash in our hotel room with us. Take the train or something. :D Don't know how soon it would happen, but an NYC trip is on our list!

    And we'll both be at GRL in NM for sure, baring any crazy financial issues. LOL. I can't wait to hang out again. I got so used to strolling over to XXX's room and seeing everyone. It was so much fun.

  12. LMAO, oh yes, Chris was like a damn pusher for the Jimmy Juice... "Here you have to have one, just try it. Let me get you the first one..."

    Before I knew it I was addicted. I know I had at least a couple JJ's in me in that picture, and Chris was well ahead of me lol!

  13. I was drinking margaritas. :)

  14. Piper: Sounds like a plan to me!!! Can't wait and I hope everything works out, both for NYC trip and GRL in NM.

    Devon: Chris WAS a pusher for "Jimmy Juice." All I know is that I said I wanted a drink and they were like "Ask Chris to get you one." Then next thing you know she's like "You have to try Jimmy Juice. It's really good." LOL.

    Chris: So you were pushing "JJ" and drinking margaritas? *Shakes head* Tsk, tsk, tsk. LOL.


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