Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Snark-Talon Learns His New Title

So I love reading Xara X. Xanakas blog and her Saturday Snark is amazing.  So I thought that I'd try to toss my hat into the ring today.  This is a bit of snark from Passion's Hero 1: The Alpha King which is the book that I'm currently editing/rewriting and plan on submitting to either Dreamspinner Press or Siren Publishing.  DSP might be better, but we'll see.

Anyway, this is a peak into a conversation between Blaze and Tal when Tal's discovering his new title as mate to Blaze.

~~**~~                  ~~**~~                ~~**~~

“Y-Your Majesty?  Would you like me to bring anything for you and the queen?” he stammered out the question, blushing furiously when Tal raised an eyebrow in Blaze’s direction.
“Queen?” he questioned, with barely concealed annoyance.
Blaze cleared his throat nervously at the look in his mate’s eyes.  Though he was alpha and king of Tumaro, his wolf did not want to upset his mate.  He had a feeling that this time it would be unavoidable, however.
Looking both embarrassed and resigned, Blaze opened his mouth to answer his mate’s question.  “You see, love, I am king,” he hedged, trying to stall and ignoring Percy who still stood in the doorway, observing them with unconcealed curiosity.  “I am the first king to have a male mate in quite some time and the mate of the king is always called the queen, so-“
“So I’m the fucking queen?!  Seriously?  As if my being Vermithian wasn’t enough of a hang-up for me?” Tal huffed in exasperation.  “Now I’m a fucking queen?!  Blaze you better be glad that you’re hung like a horse and fuck like a dream because I tell you what, between the whole possibly being pregnant, my sister STILL being missing, you being a fucking alpha and king, and now me finding out that I’m considered the fucking alpha queen, this whole mating thing has been a bust from the start!”
Blaze cringed at his mate’s words and wondered what he could possibly do or say to make his rather angry partner a little happier and he tried to think quickly, because he didn’t know Tal well, but from the thoughts currently running through his mate’s mind, he wouldn’t put it past the other man to take off running.

~~**~~                    ~~**~~            ~~**~~

Awww...hope Blaze can figure out something, Tal doesn't seem to be too happy.
4 Days and a wake up until GRL


  1. Uh-oh. Looks like Blaze has some 'splainin' to do.


  2. Awesome. Please make sure to tell me when it comes out. I love alpha male stories...especially m/m ones.

    Maybe by then Blaze will have figured out how to get out of house?

  3. Thanks for commenting! Blaze is very fond of the doghouse Dakota, he ends up there quite a bit.

    And can I say that your comment made me LOL?

    V. Vee


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