Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Missing My Baby Vic

I literally just dropped Vic off at the airport, came back to the house and I'm bored, I feel out of sorts and I miss my baby. I'm still sort of in shock about some news we got today, not sure how to respond to it, probably responded wrong, but I still miss him. Especially after the news, I want to hold him and ask for his forgiveness for what I said and reacted.
He won't be getting to the place he's staying until around 3pm and he's not sure if there's a good internet reception there so he's not sure if he'll be able to blog or email until he gets to New Orleans, so while I will be able to talk to him by phone, if you don't have his cell you won't be able to.
I miss him already, I didn't realize how much he filled up my house, there's nothing cooking, no music playing, Logo isn't showing on the television screen, he's not laying on the couch in his t-shirt and boxer briefs, laughing at an email, or reading or writing. The worst thing of it is that I know that this is what my house is going to return to and it makes me sad and I wish I wanted children and wanted to move so that I could keep him, but Vic is one of those people who is just made to be a parent. And I'm one of those people that parents rush their children away from.
I thought I would get on here and bitch and complain about him being gone and maybe for a month or so while he tries to figure out what to do and if he does end up staying away that long I just might end up doing something stupid.
I'm whining and I don't whine and I'm going to blame that on Vic. On the plus side if he's not here then he's not here to stop me from posting my jokes or the videos that I want to post. This just might be a good thing.
Also I want to wish everyone a Happy National Coming Out Day! Come out if you need to, celebrate with those who have or be the support and encouragement for someone who needs to.
And if you're in Georgia or you're going to be in New Orleans and you see my baby, give him a hug and a sloppy Greek kiss from me, tell him that I love him and to come home soon.

Jackson T.


  1. Jackson, I don't want to have to bitch-slap you, but I'm very cranky today and it might happen. You're the kind of person people steer their kids away from? Based on what? That you're a cop? That you're gay? Where's the werewolf in the closet? Do you have some strange desire to batter innocents? That's not even a friggin' excuse. If you don't want kids, you don't want them. I don't want them. But it's not about what other people do with their children or about some idea you have in your head of what a parent is. Would you love your kid? That's the question. Can you take care of them? That's the next question. Do you want kids? That's the last question. Everything else is irrelevant.

  2. Jackson, I am going to just say this to you once. Because I am in a rather crabby mood myself. You are a protector of men, women, children alike. If I had children other than my adopted children that live with some of my adopted family. I'd ask you to watch my kids because I know they would be safe from harm.

    Kate it right you got to ask yourself questions. I can see that you love my big brother to death. You think and feel that your home is empty without him. You see most times men can never admit that. They want to pretend that everything could go back to the way it was before they fell hard for the one they love. My advice to you Jack is to think of this.

    Vic is wanting to be a parent...I think you could make a good father. That is my honest opinion. You could be an amazing father. It takes a special kind of man to think about their loved one and say to themselves that the house they call a home isn't the same without them. If you can honestly tell me that you haven't thought about going after Vic and dragging him home I'll call you on it. Because of one thing...Your whining about him being away you want him there you can't see your home in the same way with him gone. You've gone from being a single cop to a head over heels in love cop with a wonderful man....Think on it Jack. email me sometime.... hollyrath_17@hotmail.com

  3. I don't know what to say to you Jack. I miss you too, but as for the other part? After today? *Shrug*

    But thank you Kate and Kat.

  4. Hi-hi!! Nosy Old Lady here! :D Normally I wouldn't comment but Jackson pretty much laid it all out... Dude, if the basis of your reason to not have kids is because of how you think others see you, you've got some issues to work through before you can even think of saying yes or no on the subject. And if your first reaction to shocking news results in a negative/hurtful response to Vic...yeah, you really need to talk to someone about all of this.


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