Friday, October 7, 2011

Passion's Hero: The Alpha King Update & Sexy Inspiration-NSFW

I have written 34,929 words out of the 80,000 that I projected for Passion's Hero: The Alpha King.

I am taking a break right now, my mind is swirling with big burly wolf shifters, sexy twinks, space travel, other worlds, villains, steamy mansex, family drama, secrets, steamy mansex, animal hybrids, steamy mansex, pet flowers, steamy mansex, unexpected roles, steamy mansex, hidden powers, steamy mansex and steamy mansex.

So I'm answering emails, looking at some gorgeous pictures on my Tumblr, playing Sims 3, and deciding if I want to get up to get something to eat.

On the plus side, I've packed for NOLA!  Woohoo!!

I guess I'll go eat and then get back to writing.

I need INSPIRATION!!! (The first and the fourth image should be moving-in a very nice way-if not click on them I guess)

1 comment:

  1. Well eat Big Bro and well the pics that move and even the ones that don't brightened my mood drastically WOW. Keep up the great writing Big Bro.


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