Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GRL Post

Here are some pictures and a vid or two of when I was at GRL in New Orleans.  Some of these are pics that I took, some are from Poppy or Jackie or Jambrea or Piper but as promised these are the pics for you all.  BTW, I'm even posting up the "Thorny Hugs" that we managed to capture on video.  That was probably one of the funniest times there.  Those of us who saw the list that Thorny put up of people to hug would randomly walk up to each other and say: "Thorny Hug!" and then we would hug, giggle, laugh and if someone was around with a camera they'd snap a shot. Enjoy the photos and the short videos of me walking down the streets in New Orleans (ignore my voice *shudder*).-Vic

The Bridge Into New Orleans

More of the Bridge
One of the shops in New Orleans

Bourbon Street...I think.  LOL.
Look at the rainbow flags!!!

French Quarter-More rainbow flags!!
All of the swag in our welcome/registration bags

Swag.  Do I see naked man chest?  Yes. Yes I do.

Swag. Free books, bookmarks, postcards, beads...

Nice, I stared at TC Blue's bookmark for a while. LOL
At the Gentlemen's Juke Joint

An author and a Go-Go Boy...sounds like a book title.

This go-go boy was so...BORING

Making Jimmy Juice

Jimmy was the best bartender ever!!

Ethan Day's hiding in the corner.  LOL.

Bourbon Street quiet...which was rare.
Damon Suede doing a reading of "Hot Head".

Damon Suede

More of Damon...I'm sort of crushing on him can you tell?

Ethan Day and Z. A. Maxfield-Thorny I totally told her about you liking her books-she said "Tell Thorny thank you."

This drag queen was FIERCE!! She's even holding a flogger as she directs traffic.  I love her.

This is her swinging her flogger right after "spanking" that car.  HIGHlarious!

Those guys asked for her to spank them.  LOL.  She was a hot, sexy chocolate queen.

Can you guys tell I learned how to finally work my camera?  Bourbon Street on a  Thursday night.  Yes....Thursday night.

Bourbon street from Devon Rhodes's balcony.

Can you guys see those people down there? They were having a fabulous time!

Damon Suede in a kilt.  He was HOT!  LOL.

Authors and readers.

Sunday's Goodbye Brunch.

Sunday's Goodbye Brunch

Stephani Hecht's sister, my new "Aunt Jackie", Damon Suede and Devon Rhodes

Damon was giving away lap dances.  LOL.

Dalton, Joyee Flynn (I had a fanboi moment with her), and Jason (who is so steamy and hot it's just...wrong)

Just guess whose ass that is.

"Thorny Hug" Between Me and Poppy (I totally love her!)

Ethan Day and Me

And more Damon Suede...I should seek help.  LOL.


  1. Looks as though you had a LOT of fun! Damon Suede total guy crush moment there Vic! Love you and guess what...Your voice isn't THAT BAD...deep sexy and smooth just like you! Oops Love ya big brother!

  2. Wow, looks like you had a ton of fun and btw your voice is sexy, I don't hear anything to dislike. :)

  3. I envy you! Love the pics :gushing over Ethan: Dude is so dayum hawt it makes my insides melt.

  4. Aww thanks Lucy and Shanna! I must admit I blushed at the compliments on my voice. Thanks.

    Sid, you should see Ethan when he's walking away! Him and Damon? UNF!!!


  5. Who WOULDN'T have a crush on Damon? :D And then that cute ass of his?! LOL

    Thanks for the pics and video. Good lord that's a lot of swag!! Now I know to bring an empty suitcase next year. LOL You've got a great voice! Deep and sexy! :D Way better than mine. I sound like I've got something in throat. lol Where's the Thorny Hug video?

  6. CJ: The "Thorny Hug" video did not upload. I'm not sure why (POS). Thank you for the compliment on my voice though. I'm shocked to hear people say that about my talking voice honestly. I hear it about my singing voice all the time.

    Yes, Damon's ass is lovely *shivers* and all of that swag!!! Next year they said it's going to be MUCH more! So yeah definitely bring an empty suitcase.

  7. bad it didn't upload. That must have been so cute!

    You know, your voice reminds of Meshell Ndegocello's voice. I wonder if your singing voice does too. *hint, hint* ;D

  8. ROFLMFAO!!! CJ....are you asking me to sing??? I actually did sing at GRL to Cherie Noel and Rachel Harmonwitz (?) both of them authors, and to a few other people, but it wasn't for a super long time. Maybe I will someday. Perhaps when I move back to New York.

    Who is Meshell Ndegocello?

  9. Oh my, Damon *drool*
    Seems like you had a lot of fun :)

  10. Yes I am!! :D I would love to hear you!

    And don't know about Meshell? Are you in for a treat!! I LOVE her Bitter album. One of my ALL time fav albums. She wrote it after she broke up with her ex.

    You can hear some of her samples here.

    And a sample of one of the songs from her new new album here.

  11. I did have fun Katharina!

    Thanks for the links CJ I'll go check them out and thanks for wanting to hear me sing also.

  12. Ooops Sorry, the discography page is here. That was the singles page I posted earlier.

  13. Oh wow Vee! It looks like you had a magnificent time!

    I had to wipe a bit of drool off my chinny chin chin.....Damon or Ethan ...hmmmm I'll take both!

    Your voice, Holy smokes....smokin' hot! *A bit of fangirlin' here*

    Wishin' Thorny Hugs video worked.
    That musta been something to see!

    Thanks for sharing your fun!

  14. Archie: I agree! I'll take Damon and Ethan BOTH with a side of Dalton and Jason. You know to have a nice "round" number. LOL.

    And I BLUSHED when you said my voice was "smokin' hot" and you had a "fangirl moment". Hehehe. I think you gals are just trying to make me sing.....

    The video works fine on my phone and one of them uploaded, no idea why the other one didn't. I'm trying to see if anyone has any "Thorny Hug" pictures at least. I've only gotten the one with me and Poppy and then me and Ethan so far.

    It was a LOAD of fun!! I want EVERYONE to come next year. I will PAY (okay HELP pay) for you to go if you need it! I want my family there!!!


  15. It wasn't in the cards for this year but I'm working hard on being there for the next one.

  16. I would totally love to come next year and with this advanced notice I'll start saving my pennies. :)

    I, for one, would love to hear you sing but your speaking voice is pretty sexy in and of its self. ;)

  17. Why thank you "Anonymous". LOL. I'm hoping that all of you will be able to come! D.S. and I already decided that we are going to pay for a friend of ours and his partner to come next year (which means that I HAVE to get published), but if I like win the lottery I'll pay for EVERYONE! LOL.


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