Monday, October 3, 2011

Now You Can Track My Progress and HELP ME!

So we all know that I love to write.

Ahem.  *Clears throat and points at "Buy" button on blog page*

And we know that I am now, officially, a published author.

*Waits for applause to die down*

Well, I bet you guys didn't know that I am really, really, really bad about procrastinating.

*Smiles at feigned gasps of shock*

Yes, I know, I know.  That is a HUGE shocker!

Anyway the point is, a friend of mine who is also an aspiring writer told me about these nifty little progress meters that I see on like every fave author's website/blog out there.  It's a way for the readers to know how far their author has gotten into writing their next book, their favorite book's sequel, or starting a new series.

And for authors like me, it gives my readers (you all-hopefully) a chance to keep me in line and headed in the right direction.  Unlike other authors that I know, I THRIVE on the pressure the emails, tweets and comments telling me that you "can't wait" or to "write faster" or "hurry up"....

Okay that last one makes my eye twitch a little bit, but still.

So I found a site that does the progress meters and I put in the information for all of the books that I have blurbs/outlines/chapters for.

Some of these books are finished but I'm either editing them, expanding them, or rewriting them (for whatever reason-maybe I'm going to change one of the main characters to being a totally different race which changes the whole book-yes, I do that.  Tommy from Inconceivable started out being Hispanic).  So the progress meter you see is where I am in the final projection of the book.

For example: Passion's Hero: The Alpha King is going through a major rewrite/edit.  It is currently sitting in my beta readers email.  It has been read by another dear friend of mine who has sent me their edits/suggestions and I'm working those in but I am a perfectionist (especially with this series for some reason) so it's finished but only like a tentative completion, which is why it's still on the list and why it shows over 20, 000 words still to be written.

Anyway, so you guys can help me.  If you see a book that you want me to finish (*cough* Katharina, The Cowboy's Fireman *cough*), you can send me a NICE nudge to my email or on twitter or on Goodreads or on here and say:

                         Aye, yo Vic (or Vee) what the fuck's up with ____________?


Or you know, whatever variation you choose.

Isn't that convenient and sweet of me?

And plus, it helps me to stay on track because I've found that I'm very easily distracted especially with a sexy policeman in the house *watches a naked Jack walk past from shower...drool*

Wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah....

So you all can help me and I surely hope that you do!

The progress meters/bars are on the right side of the blog page ------>

Talk to you all soon!!


  1. Ok then:

    Aye, yo Vic what the fuck's up with The Cowboy's Fireman????

    LOL *hugs*

  2. ROFLMFAO!! I wrote another 2,000 words, just haven't updated the tracker. I'll put up the first half of Chapter One tomorrow.

  3. I'm thinking that there will be a few nudges for The Cowboy's Fireman ~Winks~ Also I'll be nudging you on the Tate Pack series in a little bit because I need to nudge you on getting my fix for the shifters

  4. Lucy/Kat you know that a few of those are about shifters right? The Tate Pack is, Passion's Hero is, Sacred Duets is about elves....LOL. My mind is very imaginative.

    And yes, I do believe you're right that I'll have a lot of nudges for "The Cowboy's Fireman" it does seem to be a favorite. *wide grin* I LOVE IT!

  5. Stop procrastinating and get your writing cap on then Big Sis we're all waiting for you to WOW us with your stories and hmm nope I only read a couple of the blurbs and chapters you put up for some of them ~Sticks tongue out~ I'm just waiting to see more of your work hehe


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