Monday, October 3, 2011

The World of Fetishes

I am not sure if you all are aware of the fact that Vic has a few fetishes. He loves muscles and big cocks and round asses and abs and tattoos and men in uniforms. And apparently some light BDSM. Which is what I found out last night. Vic is very insatiable when it comes to sex and there are times when I seriously want to tell him to go and fuck himself, not in a mean way but in a literal sense. But last night Vic wanted to talk about fetishes and fantasies and I wanted to know what his were so I agreed. When he mentioned that he was into light BDSM I was shocked. He said not too much because his "people were in chains and whipped and that would bring back way too much of the past" and then he laughed but I could tell that it was a little deeper than what he told me. As we continued talking Vic mentioned that when it came to sex he was curious and wanted to try almost everything. "Threesome with two guys, two dicks in my ass simultaneously, bondage...those are the only things I haven't really done that I really want to."
That statement of course made me ask what he had done and before I knew it we were both turned on. That was when Vic showed me exactly how turned on he is by muscles and tattoos. I have never had someone suck and lick my muscles and trace my tattoos with their tongue, but Vic did and he moaned and groaned as if he were having the time of his life. I have to admit it turned me on to see him turned on. When he asked me what my fetish was I didn't know what to tell him. Do I have one? I'm not sure. I like sex. I like sex a lot. As long as there's a hard cock and a firm ass involved I'm happy, but when Vic asked me about my fetish or my fantasy it made me think. I'm still thinking.
Vic says that it's okay that I don't have one but shouldn't I? I am a healthy gay man, shouldn't I have a fantasy or a fetish? This is just something that I'm wondering because Vic talks about guys who like guys who dress up in drag, and guys who like chicks with dicks, and guys who like BDSM, and guys who like bears, and guys who like muscles (I actually saw him bounce when he said that category), and guys who like chubby guys, and guys who like older guys, and guys who like twinks...but me? I'm just a guy who likes guys.
I'm pretty simple. And I don't begrudge Vic his fantasies or his fetishes, it makes him who he is, this creative, inventive person who willingly licked Nutella off of my body just to "try something new." I love that he is that way. I love that he's so open-minded. I love that he would sacrifice his biggest desire to stay with me, that he would willingly try any fetish or fantasy that I had to make me happy. I just wish I had a fetish or a fantasy to give him. But really I just like sex. Hot, sweaty sex with cock, balls and ass. That's it.



  1. And there you go again, putting my business out into the street! LOL. You do have a fetish baby and a fantasy I figured it out.


    ROFLMFAO. But a version of me that doesn't want kids and wants to live in Florida forever. That's your fantasy and the fetish is hot black transgendered homosexuals who love to top and bottom and love to lick and suck ass and who like to let you dominate outside of the bedroom. Hehehe.

    *BTW, this is what happens when you wake me up at 4 to post a blog when I only went to bed at 2*

  2. VeeVee: I think you deserve a medal for the Nutella thing. Seriously.

  3. Gold Medal which says "No More Nutella For V.Vee!" MHM that's what it should say or well hmm yeah medals are good to get if the right person gives them MHM


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