Monday, October 17, 2011

For Mores

Death is an unreasonable bitch and I hate it.

Just found out that a friend passed away today.  We weren't as close as others, but his passing shocked me to my core as I'm sure it did for his family and close friends and those who loved him.

Mores, you were an awesome guy, your subtle humor, glaring brilliance, and strong spirit were such an inspiration to me.  You will be sorely missed.  I hope that you're enjoying yourself in Heaven because someone whose spirit could fill a space with joy with one statement has got to be dancing among the angels.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Thorny, Jazz and their families as they deal with this tragic loss.  I dedicate this song to you:


  1. Vic, I read it and I was so shocked I couldn't say all the things I wanted to. I hadn't known Mores for to long and didn't get to talk to him but, I saw his light and happiness through his comments to T. He will be truly missed.

  2. I talked to him a bit and he was a really great guy and will be missed. When I read Jazz's post earlier, I felt guilty because I was laughing only a few minutes before. But I know he would not want that, so I held my head high and sent Thorny and Jazz an email. Didn't stop the tears, because I really liked the man.

  3. I said I wouldn't cry... but now I do. I liked Mores so much, talking to him always was great. I'm so going to miss him.

  4. I only talked to Mores a few times, but I loved his intelligence, his sly humor (did you ever see his GR post on plot bunny preservation? Brilliant!) and his gentle caring soul. He was so pleased to see Jazz & Thorny so happy together, and his own love life was just starting to truly blossom... My thoughts and best wishes for all of those who loved Mores for the wonderful loving man he was; he'll be sadly missed.

    Thanks for the song and post, V.

  5. Ugh. Couldn't sleep so decided to get on line. I read this now I'm lying here crying. We didn't chat often, but he was just fab. May he rest in peace.

  6. Life is so short. It really is imperative that we live like everyday could be our last. Mores was such an amazing soul and he touched a lot of people, I know that his excitement over me being listed as an author on Goodreads made me cry. He was so happy when others were happy and in love and everything.

    I searched for the perfect song for Mores and all I kept saying was that he had gone too soon and then I knew that the gods were telling me that that was Mores song.

    Thank you all for commenting. In honor of Mores, live today, love today, laugh today, it's what he would want. And light a candle in his honor.

  7. Oh yeah, I'm a little hesitant about "Untouchable" which is book 5 in the "Tate Pack Series", because the MC was a slight reflection or tribute to Mores, even before all of this.

    Gods, I'm going to miss him. He was such a great guy.

    RIP Mores.

  8. I think he would have been honored, Vic.

    God, I miss him so much...

  9. I never really had the pleasure of talking/chatting with him. I saw his posts on Thorny's page and briefly followed his. A very funny man with the sly/British type of humor. I'm sorry I didn't get to know him better.

  10. CJ, he was a really funny, awesome guy, very encouraging. I think he's the only person who got MORE excited than me about me being listed on Goodreads as an author. Such a great guy, he will truly be missed and I hope he can see now how many lives he touched and how loved he was/is.


  11. I really, really wish I had known him like you guys. It sounds like the world lost a very special person.

  12. He really was an amazing person Matt. His passing is such a shock. It just goes to show you that we have to love those in our life and never let an opportunity go to waste. We have to live every day as if it were our last.

  13. This is so sad. Death is so cruel :(

    In Memoriam

    For a second you were flying
    Like you always wanted to
    Now you’ll fly forever
    In skies of azure blue
    We’ll see your smile in every ray
    Of sunshine after rain
    And hear the echo of your laughter
    Over all the pain
    The world’s a little quieter now
    The colours have lost their hue
    The birds are singing softly
    And our hearts are missing you
    Each time we see a little cloud
    Or a rainbow soaring high
    We’ll think of you and gently
    Wipe a tear from our eye
    - William Morecomb

  14. Tangled that was a great poem. Do you mind posting it on Thorny's blog? I know he and Jazz would appreciate that. Thank you for it.

  15. Thanks for that poem, Tangled.
    Sometimes you meet someone who has an impact on your life and when they are gone they leave such a big gap...
    Although I've talked to Mores only a few times he gave me so much and for me he was a very special person. He was a great and amazing guy and his passing has shocked me more than I can say...

  16. A guy that rocked eyeliner and nail polish. He was always glad to make that human connection. It's just sooo unfathomable that he's gone.


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