Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In Honor of National Coming Out Day

So I'll be on a plane tomorrow and then in a car and then locked up in a room writing so I won't be able to honor National Coming Out Day like I want to (complete with rainbow confetti and Lady Gaga blasting from the speakers) so I am changing my profile pic and posting it here (along with some very nice pictures).  Also go to: http://www.facebook.com/NCODCountMeOut they have great instructions for if you're OUT or an ALLY and how you can show your support!

My name is Veronica "Vic" Victorian B. and I am COMING OUT as a transgender homosexual.  Physically I'm a girl, but I the rest of me was born a man.  I hope one day for the two parts to be in sync.  I am a writer of gay fiction, my boyfriend's an out and proud gay policeMAN and I've already come out to my family and while they didn't have the best response, I've been blessed with a family of my choosing from online who support and encourage me.  Love you all!  And have a WONDERFUL National Coming Out Day!


  1. Love you too, Vic ;) I hope you have a great Coming Out Day even if you can't celebrate it like you wanted to. Have lots of fun at NOLA and in New Orleans!!!! :)

  2. Thanks!!! I'm thinking about heading out to Walmart, buying a white T-shirt and coloring a rainbow on it and writing "OUT" on it or something LOL.

  3. Like the tee idea lol. Have a safe flight and an awesome time at NOLA.
    Smoochies to all


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