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The Cowboy's Fireman Excerpt of Chapter Two-NSFW

What I've done today:

Chapter Two

                Kent blinked his eyes open uncertain of what he would see, the last thing that he remembered was Reggie’s face after said man had pulled him from the burning barn and rescued him.  Sighing at the sight of his bedroom walls he realized that he obviously had not been that badly injured if they’d brought him back to his bedroom.  He jerked quickly when the sound of someone snoring reached his ears, turning his head he saw Reggie, a shirtless Reggie, laying in his bed right next to him, innocently asleep.
                “What the hell?” he breathed out.  He watched as the muscles in Reggie’s body tensed and his breathing change, signaling to Kent that the man in question was about to wake up.  He wasn’t too sure how he felt about that.  For as long as he could remember he’d wanted to wake up next to Reggie, he’d been half in love with him since he was ten, but Reggie hadn’t returned the feelings for “The Butterball”.  Kent had hated being called that, especially in front of Reggie.  He didn’t want Reggie to think of him as the chubby kid who followed him around like a lovesick puppy.  They had been best friends and Kent had never begrudged Reggie his need for other friends or popularity, on some level he’d understood that it had something to do with his own family, the only person he’d ever really had had been his grandmother, but he didn’t like the fact that when the older boys picked on Kent for being shorter and fatter than they were that Reggie never stuck up for him.  Not once.  He’d dedicated an entire summer to getting in shape and losing the baby fat and he’d grown taller than everyone else.  He had been happy when he’d come back that year and everyone had looked at him differently.  Everyone but Reggie.  He still hadn’t seen Kent as anything more than his neighbor, his friend, his pal.  It had pissed Kent off.  To the point where, combined with Reggie’s silence in the face of Kent’s harassments, Kent had turned his back on his oldest friend in the world.
                He’d never stopped wanting him.  He’d never stopped loving him.  And now Reggie was in his bed, where Kent had always wanted him to be…Kent just had no idea how he’d gotten there and why.
                “Baby, what are you thinking about so hard over there?  You’re all tense and not in a good way,” Reggie mumbled in his sleep.  Kent looked at Reggie sharply.  Baby?  Reggie had called him baby….why did Reggie call him baby?
                “Reggie?” he called out hesitantly, sure that the other man would realize that he was in the bed with Kent and go running for the hills…after he punched Kent in the face of course.
                “What Kent?” Reggie mumbled into the pillow.  Kent’s heart sped up in his chest.
                “You do know it’s me you’re in bed with right?” Kent questioned.  He saw Reggie’s shoulders tense before the man in question turned over to look at him, one eyebrow raised, his lips pulled down into a frown.
                “Of course I know it’s you.  Just like it was you that had my cock in his mouth.  It was you who had his dick in my ass, it was you who gave me this hickey on my neck and it was you who said that you loved me, right before we went to sleep,” Reggie stated cautiously, looking at Kent as if he expected the man to go crazy and try to stab him or something.
                Kent swallowed thickly.  Those were all the things that he wanted to do with Reggie.  Could it be that maybe they had gotten over their bitter rivalry and had forgiven each other and finally gotten together?  If that was true then why couldn’t he remember it?  Looking down he noticed that his body was extremely clean…as was his room…his room was never clean, his grandma, Georgia, was always talking about he would never be able to find and keep Mr. Right because he’d be lost in the piles of dirty laundry, receipts, ranch paperwork, boots and porno dvds.  Kent looked into Reggie’s eyes and saw everything that he’d ever wanted to see reflected back.  Reggie was looking at him like he loved him.  If he was dreaming he didn’t want anyone to wake him up.
                He leaned forward and kissed Reggie deeply.  He heard Reggie’s moan deep in chest and smiled into the kiss.  Reggie tasted just as wildly sweet as he’d always know that he would.  Kent deepened the kiss and lifted his hands and with one hand grasped the back of Reggie’s head, his shoulder length blonde hair felt like silk against the pads of Kent’s fingers, and with his other hand he pulled back the sheets that covered them.  He heard Reggie moan again and stuck his tongue to touch the other man’s tongue tentatively.  It wasn’t long before his tongue was wrestling for dominance with Reggie’s as one hand tangled in the smaller man’s hair and the fingers of the other brushed down the fireman’s bare chest, being oddly aroused by the feeling of the light blonde soft curls that graced the canvas of Reggie’s perfect body.  Stroking his fingers over the other man’s chest, even as his lips trailed over the jawline of his new lover and former best friend, Kent felt himself grow painfully aroused and wanted one thing and one thing only, to stick his erect cock deep inside of Reggie’s firm ass.
                Twin groans filled the air when Kent allowed his hand to move down Reggie’s torso, over his sculpted abs, thin hipbones and to his leaking erection, the head of the younger man’s cock turning purple as his body shook with an unfulfilled yearning.  Kent wrapped his hand around Reggie’s cock and squeezed.  Reggie’s hips thrust upwards, pushing his cock through Kent’s fist and tossed his head back with a groan.  Kent looked down at Reggie’s face, his eyes closed in passionate bliss, his mouth slightly open, he was beautiful when he was aroused, just like Kent had always known he would be.
                Leaning forward Kent laid Reggie back down upon the bed and kissed his way down the slimmer man’s torso.  Snuffling the small smattering of hair on Reggie’s chest, Kent stuck out his tongue and traced a line from the center of Reggie’s chest to his right nipple that had hardened and now stood up as if begging for Kent’s attention.  Lowering his head Kent flicked the hardened nub with his tongue.  Reggie froze for a moment as if anticipating Kent’s next move and Kent made sure that he didn’t disappoint.  He opened his mouth and pulled Reggie’s nipple deep within it, bathing it with the wet heat of his tongue.  Reggie trembled and then moaned when Kent’s hand moved from stroking his cock to palming his balls.
                Kent was in heaven, he had Reggie trembling underneath him and he was finally going to be able to do what he’d been dreaming about for over a decade.  With a final lick to Reggie’s nipple he licked his way down Reggie’s torso, leaving kisses and small nips to his flesh as he made his way down to the pink puckered entrance of Reggie’s ass.  He groaned low in his throat and pushed Reggie’s legs up and back towards his chest, almost bending the other man in half, before licking around the clenching hole.  Reggie’s taste burst across his tongue and he growled before he began to voraciously devour the other man’s ass.  He licked, he kissed, he nibbled, and then when the muscles had loosened enough, he plunged his tongue inside.  Reggie’s tight heat wrapped around his tongue making him shiver in anticipation.  Kent heard Reggie’s moans and incoherent babble and felt his cock jerk and leak pre=cum onto the sheets beneath him, but he didn’t care, he wasn’t going to stop eating Reggie’s ass until he was good and ready.  He began thrusting his tongue in and out of Reggie’s ass until he finally registered the other man’s hands frantically pulling on his hair.  He lifted his head and looked at Reggie in confusion.
                “What?” he asked.
                Reggie swallowed and shook his head, “In.  Me.  You.  In.”
                Kent grinned at Reggie, the fireman really had the best ideas in the world.  Reaching over into his nightstand, Kent pulled out the bottle of lube and strip of condoms.  Closing the drawer, he lifted Reggie’s legs over his shoulder and poured the lube liberally over his fingers.  He rubbed the lube between his fingers to warm it up and then pressed one finger deeply within the other man’s anus.  Reggie groaned and Kent smiled at the sound, turning the digit he began to slowly finger fuck the fireman to stretch him out.  He withdrew the first finger and then replaced it deeply within his lover with two fingers.  He pushed the fingers deep in Reggie’s ass and held them there to allow the other man to become use to the invasion.
                “M-mo-more,” Reggie’s voice quivered, as his hips began to thrust down onto Kent’s fingers.  Pulling his fingers almost completely out, Kent pressed in a third and moaned simultaneously with Reggie.  Reggie felt so good around his fingers.  His channel was hot velvet, squeezing his digits and it made him ache to feel those muscles grasping his dick.
                “Now Kent.  Fuck me now!” Reggie pleaded and Kent knew that he couldn’t deny him.  Pulling his fingers out, he quickly rolled the condom down upon his generous erection before pouring copious amounts of lube over his cock.  Coating his condom covered erection with the liquid, he pressed one hand to the back of Reggie’s right knee and spread the younger man open wider and grabbed the base of his cock with the other.  Aligning the head of his erection with Reggie’s pink pucker he pressed gently until he felt the sphincter relax and the head of his cock pop in.  Reggie’s hands clutched the sheets underneath him, his head tilted back and he groaned Kent’s name low in his throat.  Kent felt a growl start in his chest and was amazed at the animalistic reaction that the young fireman awoke within him.
                When he felt the muscles of Reggie’s ass relax he pressed deeper until he was fully seated within the thinner man, flesh of Reggie’s ass cradling his balls.  He couldn’t believe it, he was inside Reggie.  His every fantasy had come true.  He was finally fucking the one person he’d been dreaming about for over fifteen years.
                “Move dammit!” he heard Reggie growl and with a low chuckle he pulled his hips back slowly before thrusting them forward and pegging Reggie’s gland on the first try.
                “SHIT!” Reggie yelled into the quiet bedroom.  Kent merely grunted and snapped his hips forward again, repeating the action.  Before long he had a steady rhythm going and his voice had joined Reggie’s as the two men groaned and shouted together.  He’d forgotten how good it felt to fuck someone, he’d forgotten how much he’d wanted to fuck Reggie.  He moaned Reggie’s names as he felt the tingle at the base of his spine.
                How could it be happening so quickly?  It hadn’t been THAT long had it?  He didn’t want it to end, he wanted to drag it out, so he slowed down his thrusts, ignoring the whines and complaints of his lover and swiveled his hips, feeling Reggie’s legs tense around his neck.  He lifted the legs from around his neck and placed them around his waist, still thrusting his hips forward and driving his cock deeply within the other man.  This time when he felt the stirrings of a powerful orgasm he didn’t try to hold it off.
                Leaning down he took Reggie’s lips with his own in a deeply passionate kiss, trying to show him what being with him actually meant.  He threw back his head and chanted Reggie’s name as the pleasure began to wash over him.
                “Reggie, Reggie, Reggie, Reggie…”

                Kent felt someone shaking his shoulder and opened his eyes with a groan.  What. The. Fuck?  Someone had woken him up from the best dream he’d ever had.  He was going to kick someone’s ass.  Hard.
                “Kent, wake the fuck up you dumb cowboy.  Why the hell were you moaning my name?  I’m right here,” he heard a male voice say from his left.  Blinking his eyes to get them into focus he turned his gaze towards the keeper of the voice and felt his eyes widen as he took in Reggie’s presence.  Had his dream been real?
                Other sounds slowly penetrated his hearing at that point and he became aware of the sound of a heart monitor, the chattering of other people, footsteps, and an oxygen machine.  With that awareness came the full helping of the aches and pains of being hit by falling debris, carried by someone smaller than you, dropped on the ground and then hit by debris again.  Kent closed his eyes as memories assailed him.  He heard Reggie step closer and he suddenly became aware that this man didn’t like him.  For whatever reason.  While he lay in bed at night dreaming and fantasizing about Reggie, trying to find other men to sleep with that looked like the gorgeous, blonde fireman, the fireman in question was fucking every gay guy that looked at him and not thinking about Kent at all.  Grabbing onto the bitterness and resentment that was his friend through his every encounter with Reggie he opened his eyes and glared at the other man.
                “What the fuck are you doing in my room Mayr?” he growled out, his voice hoarse and raspy from the smoke.  He watched as Reggie’s eyes widened in shock and then watched as the hazel eyes filled with anger and another unknown emotion that amazingly made Kent’s heart clench and his face flush with shame as if he felt guilty for…hurting Reggie.  Him, hurt Reggie?  It wasn’t likely.  Reggie would have to care about him to be hurt by anything that he’d said and he knew for a fact that Reggie didn’t give two shits about him.
                “Excuse me for saving your goddamn life Hunter!” Reggie yelled back, his face flushing red and his fists clenching as if to prevent himself from punching the other man.  “I thought I’d stick around to make sure you didn’t die after I went through all the trouble of risking my life for yours and to ask you about what you said before you passed out like a bitch, but maybe I shouldn’t have even bothered.”
                Kent’s eyebrows pulled down low in confusion, “What the hell did I say to make you want to ask me anything?”
                Reggie narrowed his eyes at the cowboy and gritted his teeth.  Kent could tell that he was struggling to get his temper under control and he watched him in mild fascination.  He’d never admit to it, even under threat of torture, but seeing Reggie in full temper was one of the most arousing sights that he’d ever seen.  He spent most of his days thinking of ways to make the fireman angry.  Reggie sighed and opened his mouth to respond when the door opened to admit the doctor.  Kent looked over and smiled at Dr. Timbers.  Dr. Timbers was an older doctor who had been flirting with his grandmother for years.  He knew that one day Georgia would get the hint and take the doctor up on what he’d been offering her, he just hoped that it would be sooner rather than later.  He’d hate it if his grandmother missed out on love because of some misguided notion to stay true to her dead husband.
                Kent surreptitiously slid his gaze over to Reggie, who stood silently against the wall, his arms crossed and a look of annoyance on his face as he waited for the doctor to say what he had to say so that he could say what he wanted to say.  Kent felt confusion flow over him.  It was odd that.  Reggie had never let the presence of someone else stop him from saying whatever mean, hurtful or rotten thing he wanted to say to Kent, so this time it must be a doozy.  He said it had something to do with what Kent had said to him and Kent found himself racking his brain trying to remember what he’d said to Reggie to make him want to stick around to talk to him.
                The doctor’s voice droned on in the background as he remembered the minutes leading up to being rescued by the sexy fireman.  He had run into the barn to free all of the horses and to save what tack and supplies he could.  For the first time he’d been happy that he’d listened to his foreman, Douglas Schmidt and had moved the ranch office into the main house.  When he’d run into the barn followed by the ranch hands all he’d been thinking of was saving the horses.  Almost all of them ran out when the doors opened, but he noticed that there was one stall that hadn’t been opened.  He’d sent everyone out and had raced to it.  When he yanked the stall door open he’d seen Esperanza and her new foal Aventura still in the stall.  He’d yanked Esperanza out by the bit that he put in her mouth and slapped her rear to send her racing out of the stall.  He’d stepped forward to help Aventura when he’d heard the creaking and then the sirens.  Things seem to happen at once, a section of the barn had fallen into the stall next to him and he’d been thrown back.  He’d hit his head and landed flat on his ass.  He remembered cursing and then losing consciousness.  The next time he’d opened his eyes that he could remember he’d been in the hospital.  So what had he said in between that time and now to Reggie to have him so on edge.
                “…for two or more days and then you will be released, okay Mr. Hunter?” the doctor said and Kent blinked, returning to the present.  Having no idea what the doctor had been blathering on about he merely nodded his head and ignored the snort coming from Reggie’s direction.  He wasn’t known for his ability to pay attention when someone was telling him something about himself.  He knew that…apparently Reggie remembered it as well.
                “Sure doc,” he said and smiled.  He watched as Dr. Timbers smiled back and shook his head at him.
                “Don’t worry Mr. Hunter, I’ve given your grandmother a copy of the pamphlets that I just told you about and informed her of the precautions that had to be taken once you returned home and you’ll be here in the hospital for the next two days so we’ll be sure to keep an eye on you,” Dr. Hunter said and Kent sat up in bed quickly.
                “TWO DAYS?!” he bellowed.  He heard Reggie chuckle, Dr. Timbers joining him.
                “And now I know you’re actually paying attention.  That was the reaction I expected the first time,” the doctor smirked.  “Yes, Kent, you’ll be here for two days at the very least.  You have some serious smoke inhalation in your lungs as well as a concussion and some first degree burns that we need to monitor and not only that, your heart rate seemed to speed up considerably while you were sleeping, we just want to keep our eyes on that.”
                Kent felt his face flush bright red at the doctor’s words.  He knew why his heart rate had sped up, it was because he’d been dreaming about having sex with Reggie.  Feeling extremely chastised and sheepish, Kent merely nodded and rested back against the pillows on his bed.
                “That’s good then,” Dr. Timbers grinned at him again.  “You get some rest and don’t get too agitated,” he warned with a look directly at Reggie.  “It will cause your heart to speed up and you won’t be able to really breathe.  That’s not good for your lungs so remain calm will you?”  With a final nod the doctor turned and left the room.
                Silence reigned in the room for a moment, neither man wanted to be the one to begin the conversation that had been so recently interrupted, but they both knew that the air had to be cleared between them, it was long overdue.
                Kent cleared his throat and said, “So what the hell did I say to you Mayr.”  He watched as Reggie’s jaw clenched and his nostrils flared.  He knew that the other man hated it when he referred to him by his last name because it reminded him that they weren’t friends any more, but Kent didn’t just do that to remind Reggie.  He did it to remind himself as well.
                Once Reggie had brought himself to some semblance of control Kent watched as he lifted his gaze and met his directly.  “You said that you wanted to fuck me Hunter.  So what the hell is that about?”  Reggie asked and Kent felt his heart stutter in his chest.


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