Monday, October 31, 2011

The Virgin Special Forces

*I decided to share this on both of my blogs because I'm sort of excited about it now.

I am shaking my fist at Matt and Brad mentally as I write this.*

So, everyone knows that I used to be in the Army.  (What do you mean you didn't know?  It's a well known fact!)

And at some point I was a virgin (Although it was so long ago that I'm beginning to doubt it ever truly existed).

So when my "little brothers" Matt and Brad (of the 2 Boys in Love blog) put up a post about "losing" their virginity I was equal parts intrigued and slightly "cringey" (yes cringey is a word...I'm making it one), because you know, they're like my little brothers.  LOL.

Anyway, so when I went to read their post today and then saw the words: Virgin Special Forces, my mind, through no further enticement, jumped on the title AND the idea and I saw a group of guys, ten maybe, who are all in the military together, five of which are gay virgins, who are deployed to Iraq and how those five guys lose their virginity.

Sounds interesting huh?

I think so too (Damn you Matt and Brad for giving me MORE inspiration to write).

So rather than spending my day watching horror movies all day (*sigh* Halloween).  I will be drafting up the books for The VSF Series, which I of course will have to dedicate to JayHJay and Matt and Brad.

And so you can see how quickly my brain works with these things, here's the first part of book one's chapter one.  Called, The Alpha Team:

"I'm losing my virginity to him before this week is over or I'm going to throw myself in front of the next suicide bomber and just be done with the whole thing," Luke pouted before throwing himself onto his cot in frustration.  He heard the other members of his platoon laugh and huffed in frustration before rolling over to stare up at the ceiling.

"Still pining away for the Sergeant, huh O'Malley?" Luke's best friend Traven Anderson snickered from the cot next to his.  Turning his head to look at Traven, Luke gave into his childish urge and stuck out his tongue.

"Hey O'Malley.  Try not to go waving that thing around unless you plan on using it," Francis Trout, their platoon leader grinned from the floor where he lay doing one-handed push ups.

Show off, Luke thought to himself, before turning his attention back to Traven.  "You don't understand," he whined, feeling his cock thicken at the thought of their Commanding Officer, First Sergeant Connor Wilkins.  The man was a walking wet dream.  Standing at six foot six, his black hair cut in a buzz cut, his blue eyes dark as twilight, his body broad and hugely muscled and his voice...

Luke shivered with uncontrollable desire.  "He is the sexiest man alive and he has no idea that he is.  I just want to lick him from head to toe and then bend over and ask him to ride me hard and fast," Luke confided in his best friend moments before he heard the loud bellow of the man in question, calling for bunk inspection and he leaped to his feet and brought his body to attention, immediately.

His eyes drank in the sight of First Sergeant Wilkins as the man strode down the line looking over everyone's bunks as he passed.  This was their last bunk inspection before they were deployed to Iraq on Sunday and he didn't want to fail this one like he'd failed all of the others.  He glanced surreptitiously at First Sergeant Wilkins from the corner of his eyes as the man stepped closer to him, his gaze taking in his ever movement.  He watched as the larger man stopped in front of him, standing close to him as he looked at his bunk before glancing down at him sternly.

"It's about damn time O'Malley.  You finally learned how to pass a bunk inspection," he stated, his voice low and next to Luke's ear.

"I wanted to make sure I showed you that I know how to handle a bunk, sir," Luke replied breathlessly, holding his First Sergeant's gaze steadily, even though his heart pounded in his chest.  He watched as First Sergeant Wilkins's eyes darkened with desire before clearing as if someone had placed a wall in front of them.  He held onto his barely controlled desire with two clenched fists as he watched his CO finish the inspections before declaring that everyone passed and striding out without another word...and without glancing in his direction again.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Luke sank to his bed, his body trembling.

"Oh my god," he breathed.

"Damn O'Malley.  I thought you and First Sergeant Wilkins were about to start fucking like animals right in front of us," Phillip Roan, another member of the unofficially named "Virgin Special Forces," stated with a grin.

Luke smiled back at Phillip, who hi-fived his twin brother Peter, and collapsed backwards onto his bed again.  "By the end of this week, I swear I'm losing my virginity to him," he declared.

~~**~~                             ~~**~~

Leaning against the wall outside of the barracks, Connor Wilkins grinned wolfishly.  So Luke O'Malley wanted to lose his virginity huh?  Well, Connor would give him what he wanted, and maybe a little more than he bargained for as well.

So there you go.  The Virgin Special Forces has been started in my mind and I can already tell that I'm going to enjoy writing Connor and Luke's story.

Happy Reading and Happy Halloween!!




  1. OH. MY. FRICKIN. GOD!!!! I thought you were just joking when you said you were writing this!!! I. Will. Never. Doubt. You. Ever. Again! I can't wait to read more about Connor and Luke!! Oh man! Now you've got me revving for more!!

  2. Yes, Mary.... I agree, and let me say it again to give Vic more encouragement...

    HOT. HOT. HOT. HOT. HOT. This is really HOT!

  3. LOL. Thanks you two! Glad you like it. I'm even bumping this one up the list.

  4. *offers Vic's plot bunny lots of extra food and any other items they like to make them encourage him to continue the story quickly*

    I like Cringey.. in my mind its a word that has a facial expression to go with it :o)

  5. Kate, my plot bunnies thank you. Luke and Connor are drowning out Tal & Blaze, Kent & Reggie, Damien & Roman, Markus & Ethan, and even Duan & Joshua (my web story: Surviving Le Petite Morte). So I'm going to let them talk and flirt and everything that they're doing until they're done.

    And thanks for liking "cringey" I like it too.

  6. Wow, that's hot Vic!!! I love it. YAY Matty for putting the idea in Vic's head :)

    ..and cringey is a great word! LOL

  7. Any chance of an approximate date on this? That was a cruel teaser! LOL! It sounds wonderful!! I was looking through the book list at the end of "Unassumed" and I went on a hunt for Vicktor Alexander books. :D


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