Monday, October 31, 2011

The Virgin Special Forces

*I decided to share this on both of my blogs because I'm sort of excited about it now.

I am shaking my fist at Matt and Brad mentally as I write this.*

So, everyone knows that I used to be in the Army.  (What do you mean you didn't know?  It's a well known fact!)

And at some point I was a virgin (Although it was so long ago that I'm beginning to doubt it ever truly existed).

So when my "little brothers" Matt and Brad (of the 2 Boys in Love blog) put up a post about "losing" their virginity I was equal parts intrigued and slightly "cringey" (yes cringey is a word...I'm making it one), because you know, they're like my little brothers.  LOL.

Anyway, so when I went to read their post today and then saw the words: Virgin Special Forces, my mind, through no further enticement, jumped on the title AND the idea and I saw a group of guys, ten maybe, who are all in the military together, five of which are gay virgins, who are deployed to Iraq and how those five guys lose their virginity.

Sounds interesting huh?

I think so too (Damn you Matt and Brad for giving me MORE inspiration to write).

So rather than spending my day watching horror movies all day (*sigh* Halloween).  I will be drafting up the books for The VSF Series, which I of course will have to dedicate to JayHJay and Matt and Brad.

And so you can see how quickly my brain works with these things, here's the first part of book one's chapter one.  Called, The Alpha Team:

"I'm losing my virginity to him before this week is over or I'm going to throw myself in front of the next suicide bomber and just be done with the whole thing," Luke pouted before throwing himself onto his cot in frustration.  He heard the other members of his platoon laugh and huffed in frustration before rolling over to stare up at the ceiling.

"Still pining away for the Sergeant, huh O'Malley?" Luke's best friend Traven Anderson snickered from the cot next to his.  Turning his head to look at Traven, Luke gave into his childish urge and stuck out his tongue.

"Hey O'Malley.  Try not to go waving that thing around unless you plan on using it," Francis Trout, their platoon leader grinned from the floor where he lay doing one-handed push ups.

Show off, Luke thought to himself, before turning his attention back to Traven.  "You don't understand," he whined, feeling his cock thicken at the thought of their Commanding Officer, First Sergeant Connor Wilkins.  The man was a walking wet dream.  Standing at six foot six, his black hair cut in a buzz cut, his blue eyes dark as twilight, his body broad and hugely muscled and his voice...

Luke shivered with uncontrollable desire.  "He is the sexiest man alive and he has no idea that he is.  I just want to lick him from head to toe and then bend over and ask him to ride me hard and fast," Luke confided in his best friend moments before he heard the loud bellow of the man in question, calling for bunk inspection and he leaped to his feet and brought his body to attention, immediately.

His eyes drank in the sight of First Sergeant Wilkins as the man strode down the line looking over everyone's bunks as he passed.  This was their last bunk inspection before they were deployed to Iraq on Sunday and he didn't want to fail this one like he'd failed all of the others.  He glanced surreptitiously at First Sergeant Wilkins from the corner of his eyes as the man stepped closer to him, his gaze taking in his ever movement.  He watched as the larger man stopped in front of him, standing close to him as he looked at his bunk before glancing down at him sternly.

"It's about damn time O'Malley.  You finally learned how to pass a bunk inspection," he stated, his voice low and next to Luke's ear.

"I wanted to make sure I showed you that I know how to handle a bunk, sir," Luke replied breathlessly, holding his First Sergeant's gaze steadily, even though his heart pounded in his chest.  He watched as First Sergeant Wilkins's eyes darkened with desire before clearing as if someone had placed a wall in front of them.  He held onto his barely controlled desire with two clenched fists as he watched his CO finish the inspections before declaring that everyone passed and striding out without another word...and without glancing in his direction again.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Luke sank to his bed, his body trembling.

"Oh my god," he breathed.

"Damn O'Malley.  I thought you and First Sergeant Wilkins were about to start fucking like animals right in front of us," Phillip Roan, another member of the unofficially named "Virgin Special Forces," stated with a grin.

Luke smiled back at Phillip, who hi-fived his twin brother Peter, and collapsed backwards onto his bed again.  "By the end of this week, I swear I'm losing my virginity to him," he declared.

~~**~~                             ~~**~~

Leaning against the wall outside of the barracks, Connor Wilkins grinned wolfishly.  So Luke O'Malley wanted to lose his virginity huh?  Well, Connor would give him what he wanted, and maybe a little more than he bargained for as well.

So there you go.  The Virgin Special Forces has been started in my mind and I can already tell that I'm going to enjoy writing Connor and Luke's story.

Happy Reading and Happy Halloween!!



Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scare Vic Day One Outcome

So as I told you all yesterday, my friends have been trying for years to scare me.  They are never successful and really I like for my friends to succeed but in this?  I must admit that I love the fact that I get to laugh every November 1st when I send them this email:


LOL.  I know, I'm a stinker.

Anyway, last night was a "Halloween" marathon.  Every year we start off with "Halloween".  You'd think by now they'd give up on that every working but....alas, my friends believe that one year they will be successful.


So, of course, last night was a bust.  I laughed and pointed out why those movies make me roll my eyes.  I screamed along with the victims and did a lot of "OH!!!"s when Michael Myers killed someone.  Then I made the mistake of going on Facebook and talking about it.  Before I knew it TJ Klune, Piper Vaughn, Blake Venez, and others were throwing out scary movie ideas and my friends, who were reading over my shoulders, jumped on their computers and smartphones to find the movies mentioned.

So, right now we're watching:  Mimic 2, which is SOO NOT a scary movie.  But on the list for tonight?  They're talking about Zombieland, Session 9, Nightmare on Elm Street (the original), Vacancy, and some "special" movie that they won't tell me about.

I am reserving judgement on whether or not I'll be scared, but honestly I am the person who yells at the characters: "Why don't you leave?!"  "God they are so stupid!!"  "And now you're going to die..." and if these movies are anything like Mimic 2 I'll be doing more yelling than being scared.

And the pizza's here, so I'm going to go and focus back on these movies.

Do you all have any scary movies that you think might scare me?  Just so you know I haven't been scared in 17 years and the last time I was I believe it was Nightmare on Elm Street that did it.  Texas Chainsaw Massacre doesn't scare me, just makes me cringe.  The Exorcist, The Last Exorcism, The Exorcism of Emily Rose don't scare me, they just make me shake my head and the first two make me laugh.  Paranormal Activity 1 & 2 make me shake my head at how ridiculous I find them and I spend the whole time scaring those watching the movie with me, rather than being scared myself.

So if you think you know of a movie that might scare me, I encourage you to share it.  And I even have a code for a free book from Total E-Bound (I believe that's who it's from.  I have to go back and check) for the person who suggests the movie that scares me.

Happy Scaring and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!



Saturday, October 29, 2011

What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

I LOVE watching scary movies.

It's a fact and if we ever hang out, you can bet your pretty ass that I'm going to suggest that we watch a scary movie.

Not because I like to be scared, but because I like to scare other people and laugh at the movies.

Because these movies don't scare me.

They try, gods know that they do, but they always fall short.  Paranormal Activity?  Laughed.  Paranormal Activity 2? Laughed Harder.  Drag Me to Hell?  Walked out because I thought it was stupid.

The last time I watched a movie that scared me?  I was 10 and I believe the movie was either Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th or Halloween IV.  Can't remember which movie it was.  I haven't been scared by a movie since.

Now every year around Halloween it has become a game between my friends and I to spend the weekend of Halloween watching every scary movie that we can find in order to find one that's going to scare me.  We don't go to costume parties because, well, we went to Halloween Horror Nights and realized that Halloween is the best time to kill someone and get away with it.  So we've been staying inside watching movies where people get killed instead.  It makes sense if you don't think about it.  And yes, we're all a trifle paranoid about that, but most of us are military vets, or law enforcement, or students, or parents, so we're all the paranoid people.  We've been doing it for the last five years.

We haven't found a movie yet.

So I thought it would be fun to see what you guys's favorite scary movie is.  Maybe there's one that I haven't seen that will actually scare me, because I'm looking for a really good scare.

Or a really good laugh.




Friday, October 28, 2011

Blog Pimpage

So I met an awesome girl named Kathleen through a thread on Goodreads.  She has this thing that she does on her blog called "Friday First Kisses."  She and I have been talking and she decided to write this week's FFK with a trans character.


So go to her blog and read it.  I got to read it a few days ago and it is AH-MAH-ZING!

I've also decided to pimp a blog every Friday.  To show my support.  So much as I do on Twitter for the #FollowFriday I'm going to do "Blog Pimpage" either every Friday or every other Friday and if not a blog then an author or a person or an artist....yes.

And it shall be named: FRIDAY'S PIMPAGE!!!!


Alright, anyway  here's the link to Kathleen's blog and the title of the "Friday First Kisses" post with the trans character is called "Perfect" starring Jesse and Leo:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Call to Action

I just read an article and watched a very disturbing video of a young gay boy being beaten up at school while other students watched.  The bully in question waited for the student to enter before he attacked him and then other students stood around watching.

The bully has only been suspended for three days.

He even has a post of Facebook where he states: This is the definition of fa****.  This is one of the comments left on the Huffington Post article and I thought I'd share.  I've gotten involved and I want all of you to as well:

Shown below are the address and phone number of Union-Scio­­to High School. Also shown below are the email address of the principal and superinten­­dent: Let your voice be heard! Demand the attacker be permanentl­­y suspended - actually arrested and prosecuted­­. As parents, we need to take a stand that bullying and beatings will not be tolerated in our public high schools. The mother of the student that was savagely beaten needs our support:

Union-Scio­­to High School
14193 Pleasant Valley Road
Chillicoth­­­e, Ohio 45601

Superinten­­­dent: Dwight Garrett, dgarrett@m­­­ail.gsn.­k­1­2.oh.u­s
High School Principal: James Osborne, josborne@m­­­ail.gsn.­k­1­2.oh.u­s

Email addresses for all members of the school board can be found by scrolling down for another post on this thread.

dgarrett@m ­ail.gsn.k1 ­,
jrose@mail ­.gsn.k12.o ­,
josborne@m ­ail.gsn.k1 ­,
wgillott@m ­ail.gsn.k1 ­,
rlovely@ma ­il.gsn.k12 ­,
dletts@mai ­l.gsn.k12. ­,
kmercer@ma ­il.gsn.k12 ­,
mbowdle@ma ­il.gsn.k12 ­,
tforcum@ma ­il.gsn.k12 ­,
jmuntz@mai ­l.gsn.k12. ­,
jellis@mai ­l.gsn.k12. ­,


Something You'd Never Know Part Two

So yesterday I spent a while on a thread on GR speaking about coming to terms with being transgender.  Now I know that the people questioning me were not attacking me, but I didn't realize this at first, it took me venting and shaking and crying to a friend of mine before I realized that these people were probably just trying to understand me.

See unless you email me you'd never know how I agonized over coming out.  You'd never know the conversations I had with Sidney and Thorny and K Ray and Luci and Kate.  You wouldn't have read the emails where I tried to rationalize how I felt, tried to explain it away, tried to ignore it, laugh it off, the way I had a panic attack when I realized the truth about who I really am.

It's not something I shared here on my blog.

And maybe that was wrong.  I mean I have always prided myself on being open with you all, but I don't share everything, some things are just for me.  Just as you're entitled to your privacy, I am entitled to mine.  So I didn't share that.

I didn't share that I tried to commit suicide about two months ago.  That I picked up a knife and tried to slice my wrists because I was so freaked out about everything, that it took my friend Keesha and an email from Thorny to save my life.

It's not something I wanted to share.

I also didn't share that when I was growing up I never wanted to wear skirts or dresses.  I hated the stupid purses my mother used to always buy me and that every Easter when my mother and aunt would go out and buy our Easter clothes I always pitched a fit because I wanted to wear a suit and not a "stupid dress with lace and flowers."  I didn't mention that when I was 10 and I had that tantrum that my mother pulled out this thin leather belt and whipped me in the dressing room and then told me that if I cried too loudly she was going to get my father to deal with me when we got home.  That was the last time I tried to fight about wearing a suit.

It's not something I wanted to share.

I didn't tell you all about the day that I realized that I didn't actually love my tits and being a woman, but I loved my family and I knew that if I didn't have those things, if I didn't live as a woman, wearing heels, wearing makeup, wearing flattering outfits that I wouldn't have my family anymore.  And it may be wrong, but I loved my family enough to be the woman who merely wanted a dick and prostate that could be hidden from plain sight in order to keep my family.

It's not something I thought I had to share.

Many of you read the post when I talked about my mother finding the pamphlets and brochures about reassignment surgery.  Many of you read the post where I talked about the exorcism I endured.  You all saw the way I stopped talking about my desire to be both and my need to be what I'd been fighting my whole life, being a man.

It's not something I thought I had to share.

There are times when I still think of myself as "bi-gender" or what others are calling gender queer, is it because that's a more accurate description of who I am?  No.  It's because at this point I'm still filled with glass sticking out from skin, still so emotionally fragile and hurt and sensitive that I am still fighting my need to dress up in women's clothes (what to me would be considered "drag") and go to my parents's house and beg them to let me come back, to turn my back on everything and just continue living as I have been.  Hiding my books, ignoring my need, my desires, my dreams, my wants, my truth, in order to have my family, in order to not be homeless in order to know who I am, even if who I am is a lie.  This whole feeling like a man but seeing a woman is horrific for me.  I avoid the mirrors.  I don't brush my hair or my teeth in front of the mirror, because I don't like seeing a woman looking back at me.  That's not something I've ever told you.

It's not something I wanted to share.

But reading the comments and the questions on this thread I had to ask myself if I was remiss in not doing so. Can I let you in 75% and then hide 25% from you?  But is it fair to offer up all of me to people who are offering me nothing?  Not necessarily you all, but people on the thread.

My life is, for the most part, an open book.  I don't mind answering questions for those who are trying to get a general understanding of my life and the process I am undertaking, the transition I am going through.  I want people to understand, but at the same time I want them to understand that on here, in this blog on GR, on twitter and tumblr, I'm not going to give you 100% of me.  It's not fair to ask that of me and especially if you're not going to give me the same thing in return.  Realize that of the millions of thoughts that run through my head, the emotions I've dealt with, the memories I have, the interactions I've experienced, the childhood I grew up with, I may only share with you 2 of them and that's fine.  Don't ask me for something that you're not going to give and don't instantly go on the defensive if I feel as if you're attacking me because of you asking me something that most people already know.

There are different facets to me.  There are parts of me that I'm realizing are just reflections of my parents, my family.  There are echoes in my brain and my heart that aren't my voice, but their voices of condemnation and judgement.  There are things that I will share and things that you will never, ever know.  If there's ever a time when you want to ask me a question, however: "Vic you said this five months ago and now you're saying this, what gives?"  Realize that I'll answer, but also understand that I'm like Julia Roberts in "The Runaway Bride" after she met Richard Gere, except Richard Gere was my true self and in order to be "with" my true self I have to figure out how I really think about some things, what I really like and what I really don't, who I really am and how I really feel about that.  I'm growing and learning and living my truth and even though I've pretty much invited you all to go on this journey with me by having this blog, there are still some things that you will never know.

You can accept it or hit the unfollow button, it's that simple.  Not saying that I won't miss seeing your comments, but at this stage in my life I've had about all I can handle of people only supporting me if I fit into their idea of how I should live, of people who say: this is who you are and you can never change, or people who say: everyone who says they are like you have felt like this, you don't so you're not one of them.  Realize that b/c I didn't share it doesn't mean that I didn't feel it or think it.  It's just something that I didn't share with you.

And that's perfectly fine.


My New Author Blog

So I've decided to separate my author blog from my personal blog.  I've been thinking about it for a while, but I finally decided to go for it.

So this blog will no longer be linked to my Goodreads account and for any information about my books and excerpts and all of that it's going to be on:

But all of my personal "Vic-ness" will be on here.  But the author V. Vee is going to be on the above page.

So now you know!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The New Love of my Life: The Pentatonix from The Sing-Off

I am in love with Scott from the Pentatonix from NBC's "The Sing-Off".  But that whole group is SICK and their vocal talent is amazing and miraculous and seriously, I get turned on and a major Vic hard on every time I listen to them sing.  So I am sharing their videos so you all can share my obsession.  Scott is the blonde haired leader, so you guys know who my future partner and father of my unborn children is going to be.  He and I are going to live in happy gay bliss forever and ever, he just doesn't know it yet.  LOL.

And this one is the one where I get a Vic all the time.  It's playing on repeat right now....

Markus Fucking Nelson

Today is an ACTUAL writing day (I promise!!) so I'm going to give you guys a sneak peek at one of the novels I'm writing.

Ultra-Conservative Republican, Markus Nelson, is a very successful businessman who is so closeted that it takes his lesbian sister to tell him that he's gay and a waiter at one of his favorite restaurants to prove it to him.  Markus falls head over heels for this waiter, Ethan, and in no time at all he's engaging in a clandestine relationship with him, even going so far as to move Ethan into his home.  However, Markus doesn't see why he should have to "come out of the closet."  He refuses to even consider tarnishing his reputation by admitting publicly that he is gay.  It takes an ultimatum from his "secret boyfriend," a disastrous birthday party, a few blackmail photos and letters and someone trying to kill his man before "Markus Fucking Nelson" begins to see that living his truth out loud and without shame is the most honorable and the most courageous thing that he could ever do.

                “You know you’re gay right?” my sister whispered in my ear as we walked towards our table. 
I chuckled softly, “Tiff, I can’t be gay, I’m a Republican,” I pointed out to her as we sat at our reserved table and settled into our seats. 
“Another tragedy.  I don’t see how I, the most liberal, card carrying member of PFLAG, a lipstick lesbian, got stuck with having a Republican for a brother,” Tiffany’s smile was indulgent, her sigh exasperated. 
“You poor thing,” I teased her as I looked back at my menu, my mind immediately going over my plans for the rest of the night as I decided what to order.  I ignored Tiffany as she once again pointed out why I absolutely had to be a homosexual.  It was an old debate and one I had no desire to indulge in with her.  I couldn’t figure out why she had suddenly latched onto the idea of me being gay, I guess her being the only one of our parent’s children who was gay, wasn’t suitable, she wanted the both of us to be gay.  My parents had suffered enough though and I wasn’t going to compound their problems, by giving my Ultra Conservative Republican parents a gay son on top of an unemployed, flighty, lesbian daughter. 
Tiffany continued to chatter and I continued to ignore her.  I knew that she could tell that I was ignoring her, that I wasn't paying any attention, but sometimes I think that Tiffany talks just to hear herself speak.  Then again, she was a woman, I hear they do that a lot.  I wouldn’t know, I usually fucked them and then sent them on their way, if they stuck around for the night, they usually thought that that meant that they were sticking around forever.  That would never happen.  No one got a chance to stick around forever in my love life, it was too messy and I didn’t do messy.  Or complicated.  And I certainly didn’t do gay. 
“-And Mark if you would just stop trying to be this unattainable perfect version of the perfect son, the perfect man, the perfect fucking Republican, then maybe you could be happy with your shitload of money rather than complaining about it all of the goddamned time,” Tiffany hissed at me and I looked up, finally, to stare into her hazel eyes that were so much like mine.  I hadn’t realized that I had been annoying my baby sister with frustration with my life. 
I worked hard, as a matter of fact, Fortune Magazine called me the hardest working man in America.  I owned three different companies, had just branched out into acquisitions and mergers and had decided to snap up the few companies that I’d had my eye on.  I worked out fiercely when I wasn’t working and it seemed as though if I wasn’t working or working out at the gym then I was sleeping.  It was what my life consisted of: work, vanity and sleep.  I didn’t see a problem with that.  I did have a problem with the fact that the more money I made the more people seemed to pop up wanting some of it.  I was a bastard, I knew that, an asshole, but I wasn’t a complete bastard.  I donated money to a few charities, pledged thousands of dollars to orphanages and youth centers.  I was called a saint as well as the hardest working man in America.  I had women who threw themselves at me.  They all wanted to be the next Mrs. Nelson, none of them realized that there would never be a Mrs. Nelson. 
It wasn’t because I was gay like my sister thought, regardless of if I sometimes checked other men out or imagined what it would feel like to suck another man’s cock, to drink his sperm or to fuck his tight ass, those things did not make me gay, those things made me sleep deprived, horny and an even angrier bastard.  No, there would be no Mrs. Nelson because all of those women who threw themselves at me were gold-digging bitches, who would just as soon marry me, have children for me and then divorce me to get alimony and child support so they could have an illicit affair with the man they were really in love with as marry me and then kill me so they could get my life insurance and all of my money.  Tiffany had never understood that, never understood my acceptance of one night stands and my willingness to have short term affairs with women who never slept over and who knew at the beginning of our relationship that they were with me for two or three weeks and then that was it.  They would be gone and I would be satisfied…for a few days. 
Tiffany wanted the happily-ever-after, the marriage, the house, the kids, the minivan in the driveway, she just wanted it with another woman and she wanted me to have all of that with another man.  My sister was an idiot.  I didn’t care what this current President said, if he’d wanted to make gay marriage legal, he’d had a majority in the House and in the Senate when he’d first come into office, he could have passed it then, but he didn’t because he knew, just like every other self-respecting Republican and even some Liberals knew, gay marriages don’t work, they never would and more than that gay relationships were like romantic fairytales, good in theory, nice to dream about, but impossible in execution. 
I gave Tiffany my most charming smile, “Okay Tiff honey, you sound a little frustrated about me talking to you about my issues with my career and my finances, so I won’t talk to you about it anymore,” I reassured her.  I watched as she blinked and then growled softly in frustration, flipping her blonde hair back over her shoulder, my sister was beautiful, everyone said so, my buddies from college had remarked more than once that she was like a Christina Aguilera body double, both in face and form.  I didn’t compare my sister to anyone, she was my sister for Christ’s sake, but I knew she was beautiful.  Just like I knew that people found me attractive.  My black hair was cut short in the back, longer in the front and slicked back, always giving me the appearance of a professional man.  I had hazel eyes just like Tiffany and I went to great lengths to have a body like a fucking linebacker.  When I worked out I felt like a man, and a real man didn’t fantasize about other men. 
“That’s not what I meant you ass,” Tiffany stated furiously as she whipped out her napkin and shook it furiously before placing it over her lap.  “You’re unhappy Markus, I know you are.  I’m your sister, I know you and even sitting here looking in your eyes, I can see the sadness.  You’re not happy with your life and you’re hiding a big part of yourself and if you’d take your head out of your homophobic ass for a second, you’d realize that the reason you fight so hard to appear ‘not’ gay is because you are gay and you’re afraid of what people will think about you.  You’re not that scared, scrawny, super tall, twelve year old little boy anymore Markus.  You’re a grown ass man who owns companies and has a mansion with a butler, housekeeper, cook, gardener and chauffeur with three vacation homes, a private jet and more money than Croesus.  You’ve accomplished so much, you’ve filled out, you can take down any man that approaches you, so no one can hurt you when you’re finally honest with yourself that you’re gay.” 
I hated my sister.  I hated her for bringing up the past.  I hated her for seeing too much and knowing me too well.  I hated her for being right and I knew who I was.  I was Markus fucking Nelson and no one told me what I was, I told them.  Point blank, period. 
“Tiff, for the last time, I am not ga-“ my words cut off as I saw an angel walk towards our table and my breath caught in my throat.  Chestnut hair pulled back into a ponytail, strong cheekbones, slender neck, square jaw, green eyes, long, slim fingers, a slender build.  I was enchanted by this beauty.  I slid out of the booth and stood next to the table when this angel, my angel, stopped next to the table. 
“Hi, my name is Ethan and I’ll be your waiter tonight.  Is there anything I can start you off with?” this angel, this male angel said, eyeing me warily and I felt myself falter.  I looked helplessly into my sister’s eyes and saw them brimming with merriment.  She had seen my entire reaction, her eyes drifted down and she saw my erection pressing against the front of my black dress pants and she smirked.  I was caught, well and truly caught, lusting after a man.  What the hell was wrong with me? 
“You know what I think we’ll start with some champagne,” Tiffany said as I slowly sat back down in my seat, my eyes darting back from Ethan to Tiffany, my brain turned to mush, my body moving as if through sludge. 
“Oh, are you guys having a celebration?” Ethan asked with a smile as he wrote on his notepad and waited for us to either order our meal or ask him to give us a few minutes. 
Tiffany laughed in delight, “Oh yeah, we’re celebrating all right.  We’re celebrating the fact that my brother just came out of the closet.  He’s here, he’s queer, he’s Markus fucking Nelson!”  I watched as Ethan turned to look at me, his eyes wide, but a small smile curving his lips.  I wondered if that was because he knew who I was and he couldn’t wait to leak it to the tabloids or if it was for some other reason. 
“Well, welcome to the club Mr. Nelson.  We’re certainly glad to have you,” he said instead with an indulgent smile and all I could do was blink at him and then blink at my sister.  What was I supposed to say to that?  What did you say when you’d just been outed by your sister because you were ogling and fell headfirst into lust with your extremely hot waiter? 
“Thanks,” I said my voice raspy and ignored Tiffany as she exploded into laughter again.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Contest Giveaway over at Babes in Boyland

So my adopted sisters: MJ O'Shea and Piper Vaughn, two of the most awesomest m/m romance authors out there (along with a SLEW of others that it would take me HOURS to name) are running a giveaway over on their blog.  Here's the link:

It is a Halloween giveaway.  I believe it's 8 books by them, the amazing Xara X. Xanakas (another FABULOUS sister of mine), Lissa Kasey (whose shirt I've slept in a time or two since returning from GRL), and Megan Derr.  All fabulous books that I know you'll enjoy.

Now, yes, I've entered the giveaway also, because I'm no fool, but I'm also encouraging YOU ALL to go over and enter as well.  Why?

Because I'm such a giver.


Okay, because I'm so nice.


Because I'm so sweet.

I'm sweet as in twinkish but not in that way?

FINE!! It's because yes, it boosts my chances of winning but ALSO because even if I don't win, it would be BEYOND fabulous if one of you did.  Besides, I love "pimping" out others.


Okay, that sounded dirty but hey, what can ya do?

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Physical Therapy and The Alpha King-NSFW

Yay I have physical therapy today! (Note the sarcasm) Which means I will be 

surrounded by sweaty military men, all grunting and hissing and groaning.....wait a 

minute. This is a HAPPY occasion!! Plus I get a few hours of uninterrupted "vocal 

writing" with my recorder while my physical therapist asks me if "gay men really do it 

better." LOL.  But, here's an excerpt from Passion's Hero: The Alpha King to hold you 

guys over while I'm away.  Just so you know this is a sci-fi/paranormal/hybrid male 

pregnancy m/m romance book with undertones of BDSM. So don't say you weren't 

warned.  And this excerpt is SOO NSFW!!

The next morning Tal woke up alone.  He sat up quickly and looked around for Blaze, concerned that perhaps it was all a dream, his eyes took in the décor of his royal bedroom, seconds before his stomach began roiling and he leapt from the bed and rushed to the bathroom and was violently ill.  He heard the door to the sitting room open and close and then he heard voices, but he couldn’t even begin to be concerned about who was there and who they were looking for, he was too busy throwing up everything he’d ever eaten in his life…and a few vital internal organs as well.  He was so grateful when it ended that after flushing, he laid his flushed face against the cold floor tile and whispered prayers of thanks to The One, The Two, The Three, The Four, every, single numbered deity up until ten.  He heard footsteps and then his mate’s deep throaty chuckle.
“I came to see if you wanted breakfast in bed or out at the table in the sitting room, or even downstairs in the formal dining room with the others that live here in the palace, but perhaps you would rather I brought it into the bathroom for you and served it on the floor?” Blaze asked, amusement evident in his voice.
“Shut the hell up you mangy wolf and help me to the bed,” Tal grumbled miserably, groaning as Blaze walked over and lifted him into his arms.  “Where were you?  I woke up and you weren’t there.”
“I had an early morning meeting with some of the Elders and leaders of the different branches of my kingdom,” Blaze said before placing Tal upon the bed gently.
Tal gasped.  “Was I supposed to be there?” He asked, worried that he’d already screwed up in his duties as Alpha…Mate.  Yeah, he liked that title much better, he’d have to remember to suggest it to Blaze so that it could be changed on the books.
Blaze chuckled.  “No, babe, you never sit in on what is pretty much considered a diplomatic meeting, mostly you are only in meetings that deal with Tumaro only.”
Tal watched as Blaze walked back into the sitting room, presumably to get food or to call for it, and thought about what his mate had just said to him.  Indignation flooded his body and he shoved back the covers on the bed and hurriedly pulled on the first pair of pants that he could find and pulled on the first shirt, both were lying on top of the large oak trunk that sat at the foot of their bed…and both belonged to Blaze, which meant that Tal was swimming in them.  He was pretty sure that he looked like a little boy playing dress up in his father’s clothes but he didn’t care in that moment, he had a bone to pick with his mate and his entire antiquated thought process.  With one hand holding up the oversized pants he stormed into the sitting room, ignoring the others that sat there, his eyes focusing in on his mate who stood at the travel food cart preparing a plate for him.
“So wait, let me make sure I’m understanding this correctly.  As the Alpha Queen I am your equal in all things dealing with our people, the Tumarons, but I’m not important enough, or smart enough, to deal with matters of the galaxy?  What sort of fucked up bullshit is that Blaze?  Anything that happens in the galaxy affects Tumaro, which means that I should be in every, single, fucking meeting from here until the day I fucking die as the fucking Alpha Queen and your fucking MATE!” he yelled, his chest heaving, anger flooding his being as he faced his mate.
“Maybe we should go,” Tal heard a hesitant voice say and he turned to see who was in the room, groaning mentally as he saw Buck, Percy, Elder Mailon, Josie, Gregor, Rico, and another man who seemed to be staring at his stomach intensely.
“Hi guys.  Sorry about that, um, pregnancy…um…hormones.  You know carrying a full load inside of me, they’ve got my body all haywire and woo-wee-woo-wee,” he laughed making the noise used for a mentally unstable person and began to slowly back away from the room towards the door.  “You all stay.  I’ll go into the other room and hang myself from the embarrassment.”  Without another word he turned and raced back into the bedroom, Blaze fast on his heels, stopping to address their guests.
He heard his mate utter a quick word of apology and heard everyone leave, Elder Mailon saying a final statement before he left also.  As Tal waited for his mate to finally appear he realized that he should probably talk to his old friend and see if he could call him “Mails” like he’d been calling him since they were kids.  He paced back and forth in the middle of the room, wringing his hands together and biting his lower lip nervously.  He looked up when Blaze entered the bedroom and closed the door firmly.  He swallowed when the other man twisted the lock on the door and began to stalk him across the room.  He looked at Blaze’s face and tried to see if he could see if the other man was upset with him or if maybe, just maybe, he was just annoyed.
“We had a conversation when we first mated about my needing to be respected in front of my people.  Do you remember that conversation Talon?” Blaze asked menacingly and Tal could do nothing but nod.
“Do you think that what you just did was helping me to be respected in front of them?” Blaze asked as he stepped over to the trunk at the foot of the bed.  Tal swallowed thickly as he wondered what was in the trunk and if it was going to hurt him.  Did Tumarons beat their mates when they were upset?
“I’m not going to beat you,” he heard Blaze responded with a mild chuckle.  He then turned around and Tal saw what the bigger man held in his hands.  In one hand he held a blindfold, two pairs of leather restraints, and a silk tie, in the other hand he held a small paddle.  “I am going to discipline you, however.”  Tal felt himself shiver, though from arousal or fear he wasn’t too sure.
Tal looked at the items in his mate’s hands and then back up at his mate.  He and Blaze had never tried this before and Tal had never really considered himself really into the whole dominant/subservient game, scene, whatever it was called.  However, a part of him must really like it, he looked down at his traitorous cock, moments before the organ in question left a very apparent wet spot on the front of Blaze’s pants.  Tal watched as Blaze’s nostrils flared and his eyes closed as he savored the smell of something.  Tal wondered what it was.
“I can smell your arousal from here love and it smells…delicious, absolutely, delicious,” Blaze stated having heard Tal’s unspoken question in his mind.
“Really?” Tal breathed as Blaze walked closer to him.  Tal released his hold on the pants around his waist and felt them fall to the floor seconds before he reached up around his mate’s neck and pulled the larger man’s head down to his own.
We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, love.  If you don’t want to do this, we don’t have to, he heard Blaze’s voice in his head, he pulled away and looked into Blaze’s eyes.
“I want to,” and those were the last words he said without being prompted for the next hour.

~~**~~                       ~~**~~                       ~~**~~                       ~~**~~

Blaze shivered at his mate’s acceptance before allowing that Dominant headspace to fill his mind.  He stepped away from Tal and gave him a stern glare.
“I want all of your clothes off and you up on that bed, with your arms and legs spread, on your stomach, in two minutes,” he said, his voice filled with authority and dominance and then smirked as he saw his mate rush to do his bidding.
Oh, he so was going to enjoy this.  There was something that he’d been wanting to do since the first time he and Tal had mated and he fully planned on taking advantage of this opportunity to do it right then.  He watched with barely concealed amusement as Tal rushed to pull off his clothes, tossing them all over the room and slowly began peeling off his own clothes.  When he finished he sauntered slowly over towards the bed, seeing Tal quiver with excitement.  Dropping one hand to the back of his mate’s leg, he slowly ran his fingertips up the other man’s muscled thigh, over his firm left butt cheek, over the left side of his back and up his arm to his wrist, hearing Tal’s breath quicken with his arousal.  Blaze inhaled deeply and his eyes slid closed as the smell of his mate’s pre-cum filled his nostrils.  Tal’s cock was already leaking and they hadn’t even done anything yet.
Taking Tal’s left wrist in hand he fasted one end of the electronic cuffs to the metal fastening that he had concealed in the headboard and heard Tal gasp.
“You never noticed that before did you baby?” He asked with a grin.  He saw Tal’s head shake and he pulled back his hand and brought it down firmly on his mate’s backside.  Tal yelped and his body jerked.  Blaze saw his handprint on his mate’s ass and felt a fierce growl rumble up from his chest as another sign of his claim on his mate appeared.  When he saw Tal’s hand come back to cover the abused flesh, he spanked his ass again and growled audibly.
“When I ask you a question, Talon, I want a verbal reply, and you don’t move unless I tell you to.  Do you understand me mate?” Blaze asked, his voice pitched low.
“Y-yes Blaze,” Tal responded.  Blaze brought his hand back down upon his mate’s ass again.  “SIR!  Y-yes sir!” Tal corrected and Blaze grinned.
“Good job baby,” Blaze praised his mate before walking around to the other side of the bed and fastening Tal’s other hand in the other pair of cuffs.   He stroked the stretched skin of Tal’s arms and smoothed his hand down over the planes of his back and over the globes of his tight ass.  Scions he loved the way his mate’s skin felt.  Drawing his fingers lightly down to his mate’s ankles, he pushed and prodded Tal until the younger man rested on his knees, his chest pressed against the bed, his arms spread with his wrists shackled to the headboard and his ankles were bound to the footboard.
Blaze stepped back to look at his handiwork, his eyes continuously drifting up to the sight of his red handprint directly on his mate’s ass and felt a small shiver of delight course through him.  He stepped forward until he could reach the globes of Tal’s ass with no hardship and taking one firm butt cheek in each hand he spread the globes apart and bent over to blow across the pink star that seemed to wink at him.  Delighting in the shiver that wracked Tal’s body he blew once more before sticking out his tongue and dragging it across the tense flesh.  Tal’s moan fueled his own desire and he leaned forward to lick again.
“Scion you taste so good baby,” Blaze groaned before he reapplied himself to the task of licking and sucking on Tal’s hole.  He felt the sphincter begin to relax and pointed his tongue before easing it inside of him.  Happy that he was the Alpha Male and thereby able to shift different parts of his body at will he allowed his tongue to shift into that of his wolf’s and began to thrust the muscle in and out of Tal’s welcoming orifice, the raspy feel of his tongue obviously driving the other man crazy, if his whimpers, moans, and pleas for “more, more, more,” were anything to go by.
Blaze pulled his tongue out and brought down a swift slap to Tal’s right ass cheek.
“No talking baby,” he admonished the other man before returning to his earlier treat of eating Tal’s ass.
“Y-y-yes…s-s-sir,” Tal stammered before pressing his chest down as far as it could go into the mattress beneath him, his ass stretching upwards as if searching for something.
“Are you ready for me to fuck you mate?” Blaze asked, his voice slightly more growly than before, his hands shaking slightly as he tried to restrain himself.
“Yes sir.  Please fuck me Alpha King,” Tal pleaded.  At the sound of his title, Blaze felt his tenuous control begin to slip, so lifting up his large and leaking cock, he spit down on his cock generously before leaning forward to spit on Tal’s hole, then lifting his fingers to his libs and sucking on them, coating them with his own saliva.  Rubbing the pad of one finger around Tal’s hole, he visibly saw the Vermithian relax and with the realization that his man wanted him as much as Blaze wanted Tal, he pressed two fingers into the slightly stretched, very lubed entrance of his mate.  He heard Tal hiss, quite possibly from the burn before he thrust those fingers in and out of his mate, Tal’s cries and pleas lifting up to the sky.
Blaze felt his head spin with the sound of his mate’s pleasure and when he felt his control snap, he pulled out the four fingers he’d been thrusting inside of Tal’s ass and replaced them with the head of his cock and pressed in deeply and quickly, bottoming out inside of his mate.  Both men cried out as if in agony, though all who heard the sound throughout the palace knew that they were the sounds of lovemaking, and so, none disturbed them.
“Being inside of you is one of my favorite places to be,” he confessed as he began to fuck Tal in earnest.  The feel of Tal’s velvet channel squeezed his cock tightly as if to never let him go.  Squatting slightly he thrust deep within his mate and heard Tal’s high pitched scream and knew that he had found the other man’s prostate, adjusting his thrusts to peg the gland with every thrust, he gave into the grunts and groans that fought to explode from his chest.
Besides their groans and hisses of pleasure the room was filled with the sound of flesh slapping flesh as Blaze pounded his thickly engorged cock into his mate’s ass.
“Fuck!” he groaned as he felt the muscles of Tal’s tight opening squeeze his erection.
“Yes.  Yes!  YES!” Tal yelled and Blaze felt his mate’s sphincter clutch his dick in a tight vise as Tal gave into the pleasure overwhelming him.  His thrusts sped up as he felt his own orgasm approaching, the feeling of Tal’s ass fluttering around his shaft as the younger man rode out his orgasm, plunging him headlong into his own.  Leaning forward, his canines elongating, he pushed his cock in deeply just as he sank his teeth into Tal’s neck, marking him yet again.  He felt the tingling at the base of his spine and withdrawing his canines threw back his head and howled.  A very distinctive, very loud howl of pleasure, one heard throughout the palace.  His seed burst forth from the top of his cock and deep within his mate, copious amounts of the hot liquid flooding Tal’s insides.  It wasn’t long before Blaze felt his mating knot extend and grab hold of Tal’s prostate, the two men shuddering pleasantly through another, smaller orgasm.
“Fuucckk,” Tal groaned and Blaze couldn’t do anything but grunt in response.  After a moment had passed, Blaze felt the knot release Tal’s prostate and he pulled out his now softened cock, still covered in his release with a shudder.  He heard Tal hiss as he pulled free from his smaller mate’s body and with a grin of masculine satisfaction, Blaze walked around the bed, releasing his mate from his restraints.  When he was done he sat on the bed and gathered Tal up into his arms tightly, the other man curled up against his chest, his body still shaking slightly.
Their breaths and hearts in sync, Blaze felt his heartbeat slow and his body fill with peace.  This was where he belonged.  Right here.

~~**~~                       ~~**~~                       ~~**~~                       ~~**~~

Anglania stood in the shadows of the hallway, her lip curled up in disgust as she listened to Blaze and the Vermithian having sex.  How disgusting.  Two men.  What the hell could another man give him that she couldn’t?  Not that she actually wanted the Alpha King.  He was just a pawn to what she really wanted.  The throne, the crown, the title…the money.  She shivered with arousal as she thought of all of the jewels and nice clothes that she could have.  The life that she could be, should be…would be living as the Alpha Queen.
Just as soon as she got rid of the stupid Vermithian.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Cowboy's Fireman Excerpt of Chapter Two-NSFW

What I've done today:

Chapter Two

                Kent blinked his eyes open uncertain of what he would see, the last thing that he remembered was Reggie’s face after said man had pulled him from the burning barn and rescued him.  Sighing at the sight of his bedroom walls he realized that he obviously had not been that badly injured if they’d brought him back to his bedroom.  He jerked quickly when the sound of someone snoring reached his ears, turning his head he saw Reggie, a shirtless Reggie, laying in his bed right next to him, innocently asleep.
                “What the hell?” he breathed out.  He watched as the muscles in Reggie’s body tensed and his breathing change, signaling to Kent that the man in question was about to wake up.  He wasn’t too sure how he felt about that.  For as long as he could remember he’d wanted to wake up next to Reggie, he’d been half in love with him since he was ten, but Reggie hadn’t returned the feelings for “The Butterball”.  Kent had hated being called that, especially in front of Reggie.  He didn’t want Reggie to think of him as the chubby kid who followed him around like a lovesick puppy.  They had been best friends and Kent had never begrudged Reggie his need for other friends or popularity, on some level he’d understood that it had something to do with his own family, the only person he’d ever really had had been his grandmother, but he didn’t like the fact that when the older boys picked on Kent for being shorter and fatter than they were that Reggie never stuck up for him.  Not once.  He’d dedicated an entire summer to getting in shape and losing the baby fat and he’d grown taller than everyone else.  He had been happy when he’d come back that year and everyone had looked at him differently.  Everyone but Reggie.  He still hadn’t seen Kent as anything more than his neighbor, his friend, his pal.  It had pissed Kent off.  To the point where, combined with Reggie’s silence in the face of Kent’s harassments, Kent had turned his back on his oldest friend in the world.
                He’d never stopped wanting him.  He’d never stopped loving him.  And now Reggie was in his bed, where Kent had always wanted him to be…Kent just had no idea how he’d gotten there and why.
                “Baby, what are you thinking about so hard over there?  You’re all tense and not in a good way,” Reggie mumbled in his sleep.  Kent looked at Reggie sharply.  Baby?  Reggie had called him baby….why did Reggie call him baby?
                “Reggie?” he called out hesitantly, sure that the other man would realize that he was in the bed with Kent and go running for the hills…after he punched Kent in the face of course.
                “What Kent?” Reggie mumbled into the pillow.  Kent’s heart sped up in his chest.
                “You do know it’s me you’re in bed with right?” Kent questioned.  He saw Reggie’s shoulders tense before the man in question turned over to look at him, one eyebrow raised, his lips pulled down into a frown.
                “Of course I know it’s you.  Just like it was you that had my cock in his mouth.  It was you who had his dick in my ass, it was you who gave me this hickey on my neck and it was you who said that you loved me, right before we went to sleep,” Reggie stated cautiously, looking at Kent as if he expected the man to go crazy and try to stab him or something.
                Kent swallowed thickly.  Those were all the things that he wanted to do with Reggie.  Could it be that maybe they had gotten over their bitter rivalry and had forgiven each other and finally gotten together?  If that was true then why couldn’t he remember it?  Looking down he noticed that his body was extremely clean…as was his room…his room was never clean, his grandma, Georgia, was always talking about he would never be able to find and keep Mr. Right because he’d be lost in the piles of dirty laundry, receipts, ranch paperwork, boots and porno dvds.  Kent looked into Reggie’s eyes and saw everything that he’d ever wanted to see reflected back.  Reggie was looking at him like he loved him.  If he was dreaming he didn’t want anyone to wake him up.
                He leaned forward and kissed Reggie deeply.  He heard Reggie’s moan deep in chest and smiled into the kiss.  Reggie tasted just as wildly sweet as he’d always know that he would.  Kent deepened the kiss and lifted his hands and with one hand grasped the back of Reggie’s head, his shoulder length blonde hair felt like silk against the pads of Kent’s fingers, and with his other hand he pulled back the sheets that covered them.  He heard Reggie moan again and stuck his tongue to touch the other man’s tongue tentatively.  It wasn’t long before his tongue was wrestling for dominance with Reggie’s as one hand tangled in the smaller man’s hair and the fingers of the other brushed down the fireman’s bare chest, being oddly aroused by the feeling of the light blonde soft curls that graced the canvas of Reggie’s perfect body.  Stroking his fingers over the other man’s chest, even as his lips trailed over the jawline of his new lover and former best friend, Kent felt himself grow painfully aroused and wanted one thing and one thing only, to stick his erect cock deep inside of Reggie’s firm ass.
                Twin groans filled the air when Kent allowed his hand to move down Reggie’s torso, over his sculpted abs, thin hipbones and to his leaking erection, the head of the younger man’s cock turning purple as his body shook with an unfulfilled yearning.  Kent wrapped his hand around Reggie’s cock and squeezed.  Reggie’s hips thrust upwards, pushing his cock through Kent’s fist and tossed his head back with a groan.  Kent looked down at Reggie’s face, his eyes closed in passionate bliss, his mouth slightly open, he was beautiful when he was aroused, just like Kent had always known he would be.
                Leaning forward Kent laid Reggie back down upon the bed and kissed his way down the slimmer man’s torso.  Snuffling the small smattering of hair on Reggie’s chest, Kent stuck out his tongue and traced a line from the center of Reggie’s chest to his right nipple that had hardened and now stood up as if begging for Kent’s attention.  Lowering his head Kent flicked the hardened nub with his tongue.  Reggie froze for a moment as if anticipating Kent’s next move and Kent made sure that he didn’t disappoint.  He opened his mouth and pulled Reggie’s nipple deep within it, bathing it with the wet heat of his tongue.  Reggie trembled and then moaned when Kent’s hand moved from stroking his cock to palming his balls.
                Kent was in heaven, he had Reggie trembling underneath him and he was finally going to be able to do what he’d been dreaming about for over a decade.  With a final lick to Reggie’s nipple he licked his way down Reggie’s torso, leaving kisses and small nips to his flesh as he made his way down to the pink puckered entrance of Reggie’s ass.  He groaned low in his throat and pushed Reggie’s legs up and back towards his chest, almost bending the other man in half, before licking around the clenching hole.  Reggie’s taste burst across his tongue and he growled before he began to voraciously devour the other man’s ass.  He licked, he kissed, he nibbled, and then when the muscles had loosened enough, he plunged his tongue inside.  Reggie’s tight heat wrapped around his tongue making him shiver in anticipation.  Kent heard Reggie’s moans and incoherent babble and felt his cock jerk and leak pre=cum onto the sheets beneath him, but he didn’t care, he wasn’t going to stop eating Reggie’s ass until he was good and ready.  He began thrusting his tongue in and out of Reggie’s ass until he finally registered the other man’s hands frantically pulling on his hair.  He lifted his head and looked at Reggie in confusion.
                “What?” he asked.
                Reggie swallowed and shook his head, “In.  Me.  You.  In.”
                Kent grinned at Reggie, the fireman really had the best ideas in the world.  Reaching over into his nightstand, Kent pulled out the bottle of lube and strip of condoms.  Closing the drawer, he lifted Reggie’s legs over his shoulder and poured the lube liberally over his fingers.  He rubbed the lube between his fingers to warm it up and then pressed one finger deeply within the other man’s anus.  Reggie groaned and Kent smiled at the sound, turning the digit he began to slowly finger fuck the fireman to stretch him out.  He withdrew the first finger and then replaced it deeply within his lover with two fingers.  He pushed the fingers deep in Reggie’s ass and held them there to allow the other man to become use to the invasion.
                “M-mo-more,” Reggie’s voice quivered, as his hips began to thrust down onto Kent’s fingers.  Pulling his fingers almost completely out, Kent pressed in a third and moaned simultaneously with Reggie.  Reggie felt so good around his fingers.  His channel was hot velvet, squeezing his digits and it made him ache to feel those muscles grasping his dick.
                “Now Kent.  Fuck me now!” Reggie pleaded and Kent knew that he couldn’t deny him.  Pulling his fingers out, he quickly rolled the condom down upon his generous erection before pouring copious amounts of lube over his cock.  Coating his condom covered erection with the liquid, he pressed one hand to the back of Reggie’s right knee and spread the younger man open wider and grabbed the base of his cock with the other.  Aligning the head of his erection with Reggie’s pink pucker he pressed gently until he felt the sphincter relax and the head of his cock pop in.  Reggie’s hands clutched the sheets underneath him, his head tilted back and he groaned Kent’s name low in his throat.  Kent felt a growl start in his chest and was amazed at the animalistic reaction that the young fireman awoke within him.
                When he felt the muscles of Reggie’s ass relax he pressed deeper until he was fully seated within the thinner man, flesh of Reggie’s ass cradling his balls.  He couldn’t believe it, he was inside Reggie.  His every fantasy had come true.  He was finally fucking the one person he’d been dreaming about for over fifteen years.
                “Move dammit!” he heard Reggie growl and with a low chuckle he pulled his hips back slowly before thrusting them forward and pegging Reggie’s gland on the first try.
                “SHIT!” Reggie yelled into the quiet bedroom.  Kent merely grunted and snapped his hips forward again, repeating the action.  Before long he had a steady rhythm going and his voice had joined Reggie’s as the two men groaned and shouted together.  He’d forgotten how good it felt to fuck someone, he’d forgotten how much he’d wanted to fuck Reggie.  He moaned Reggie’s names as he felt the tingle at the base of his spine.
                How could it be happening so quickly?  It hadn’t been THAT long had it?  He didn’t want it to end, he wanted to drag it out, so he slowed down his thrusts, ignoring the whines and complaints of his lover and swiveled his hips, feeling Reggie’s legs tense around his neck.  He lifted the legs from around his neck and placed them around his waist, still thrusting his hips forward and driving his cock deeply within the other man.  This time when he felt the stirrings of a powerful orgasm he didn’t try to hold it off.
                Leaning down he took Reggie’s lips with his own in a deeply passionate kiss, trying to show him what being with him actually meant.  He threw back his head and chanted Reggie’s name as the pleasure began to wash over him.
                “Reggie, Reggie, Reggie, Reggie…”

                Kent felt someone shaking his shoulder and opened his eyes with a groan.  What. The. Fuck?  Someone had woken him up from the best dream he’d ever had.  He was going to kick someone’s ass.  Hard.
                “Kent, wake the fuck up you dumb cowboy.  Why the hell were you moaning my name?  I’m right here,” he heard a male voice say from his left.  Blinking his eyes to get them into focus he turned his gaze towards the keeper of the voice and felt his eyes widen as he took in Reggie’s presence.  Had his dream been real?
                Other sounds slowly penetrated his hearing at that point and he became aware of the sound of a heart monitor, the chattering of other people, footsteps, and an oxygen machine.  With that awareness came the full helping of the aches and pains of being hit by falling debris, carried by someone smaller than you, dropped on the ground and then hit by debris again.  Kent closed his eyes as memories assailed him.  He heard Reggie step closer and he suddenly became aware that this man didn’t like him.  For whatever reason.  While he lay in bed at night dreaming and fantasizing about Reggie, trying to find other men to sleep with that looked like the gorgeous, blonde fireman, the fireman in question was fucking every gay guy that looked at him and not thinking about Kent at all.  Grabbing onto the bitterness and resentment that was his friend through his every encounter with Reggie he opened his eyes and glared at the other man.
                “What the fuck are you doing in my room Mayr?” he growled out, his voice hoarse and raspy from the smoke.  He watched as Reggie’s eyes widened in shock and then watched as the hazel eyes filled with anger and another unknown emotion that amazingly made Kent’s heart clench and his face flush with shame as if he felt guilty for…hurting Reggie.  Him, hurt Reggie?  It wasn’t likely.  Reggie would have to care about him to be hurt by anything that he’d said and he knew for a fact that Reggie didn’t give two shits about him.
                “Excuse me for saving your goddamn life Hunter!” Reggie yelled back, his face flushing red and his fists clenching as if to prevent himself from punching the other man.  “I thought I’d stick around to make sure you didn’t die after I went through all the trouble of risking my life for yours and to ask you about what you said before you passed out like a bitch, but maybe I shouldn’t have even bothered.”
                Kent’s eyebrows pulled down low in confusion, “What the hell did I say to make you want to ask me anything?”
                Reggie narrowed his eyes at the cowboy and gritted his teeth.  Kent could tell that he was struggling to get his temper under control and he watched him in mild fascination.  He’d never admit to it, even under threat of torture, but seeing Reggie in full temper was one of the most arousing sights that he’d ever seen.  He spent most of his days thinking of ways to make the fireman angry.  Reggie sighed and opened his mouth to respond when the door opened to admit the doctor.  Kent looked over and smiled at Dr. Timbers.  Dr. Timbers was an older doctor who had been flirting with his grandmother for years.  He knew that one day Georgia would get the hint and take the doctor up on what he’d been offering her, he just hoped that it would be sooner rather than later.  He’d hate it if his grandmother missed out on love because of some misguided notion to stay true to her dead husband.
                Kent surreptitiously slid his gaze over to Reggie, who stood silently against the wall, his arms crossed and a look of annoyance on his face as he waited for the doctor to say what he had to say so that he could say what he wanted to say.  Kent felt confusion flow over him.  It was odd that.  Reggie had never let the presence of someone else stop him from saying whatever mean, hurtful or rotten thing he wanted to say to Kent, so this time it must be a doozy.  He said it had something to do with what Kent had said to him and Kent found himself racking his brain trying to remember what he’d said to Reggie to make him want to stick around to talk to him.
                The doctor’s voice droned on in the background as he remembered the minutes leading up to being rescued by the sexy fireman.  He had run into the barn to free all of the horses and to save what tack and supplies he could.  For the first time he’d been happy that he’d listened to his foreman, Douglas Schmidt and had moved the ranch office into the main house.  When he’d run into the barn followed by the ranch hands all he’d been thinking of was saving the horses.  Almost all of them ran out when the doors opened, but he noticed that there was one stall that hadn’t been opened.  He’d sent everyone out and had raced to it.  When he yanked the stall door open he’d seen Esperanza and her new foal Aventura still in the stall.  He’d yanked Esperanza out by the bit that he put in her mouth and slapped her rear to send her racing out of the stall.  He’d stepped forward to help Aventura when he’d heard the creaking and then the sirens.  Things seem to happen at once, a section of the barn had fallen into the stall next to him and he’d been thrown back.  He’d hit his head and landed flat on his ass.  He remembered cursing and then losing consciousness.  The next time he’d opened his eyes that he could remember he’d been in the hospital.  So what had he said in between that time and now to Reggie to have him so on edge.
                “…for two or more days and then you will be released, okay Mr. Hunter?” the doctor said and Kent blinked, returning to the present.  Having no idea what the doctor had been blathering on about he merely nodded his head and ignored the snort coming from Reggie’s direction.  He wasn’t known for his ability to pay attention when someone was telling him something about himself.  He knew that…apparently Reggie remembered it as well.
                “Sure doc,” he said and smiled.  He watched as Dr. Timbers smiled back and shook his head at him.
                “Don’t worry Mr. Hunter, I’ve given your grandmother a copy of the pamphlets that I just told you about and informed her of the precautions that had to be taken once you returned home and you’ll be here in the hospital for the next two days so we’ll be sure to keep an eye on you,” Dr. Hunter said and Kent sat up in bed quickly.
                “TWO DAYS?!” he bellowed.  He heard Reggie chuckle, Dr. Timbers joining him.
                “And now I know you’re actually paying attention.  That was the reaction I expected the first time,” the doctor smirked.  “Yes, Kent, you’ll be here for two days at the very least.  You have some serious smoke inhalation in your lungs as well as a concussion and some first degree burns that we need to monitor and not only that, your heart rate seemed to speed up considerably while you were sleeping, we just want to keep our eyes on that.”
                Kent felt his face flush bright red at the doctor’s words.  He knew why his heart rate had sped up, it was because he’d been dreaming about having sex with Reggie.  Feeling extremely chastised and sheepish, Kent merely nodded and rested back against the pillows on his bed.
                “That’s good then,” Dr. Timbers grinned at him again.  “You get some rest and don’t get too agitated,” he warned with a look directly at Reggie.  “It will cause your heart to speed up and you won’t be able to really breathe.  That’s not good for your lungs so remain calm will you?”  With a final nod the doctor turned and left the room.
                Silence reigned in the room for a moment, neither man wanted to be the one to begin the conversation that had been so recently interrupted, but they both knew that the air had to be cleared between them, it was long overdue.
                Kent cleared his throat and said, “So what the hell did I say to you Mayr.”  He watched as Reggie’s jaw clenched and his nostrils flared.  He knew that the other man hated it when he referred to him by his last name because it reminded him that they weren’t friends any more, but Kent didn’t just do that to remind Reggie.  He did it to remind himself as well.
                Once Reggie had brought himself to some semblance of control Kent watched as he lifted his gaze and met his directly.  “You said that you wanted to fuck me Hunter.  So what the hell is that about?”  Reggie asked and Kent felt his heart stutter in his chest.