Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DADT Repealed, Jack at Work, Snooping & Writing

Okay so unless you live under a rock (which would be weird because you're reading my blog and I don't think you can get internet reception under a rock) you know that Don't Ask, Don't Tell has been repealed (YIPPEE!).  Now as you all know I am an Army vet (yes, I love to point that out to people) and when I served in the Army one of the things that they hammered into us was the USMCJ (United States Military Code of Justice) and how violating one of those "codes" could get you an Article 15 (which is like a misdemeanor), an Article 17 (which is like a felony) or an Article 13 (which will get you dishonorably discharged-I believe those are the numbers, can't really remember.  I remember the Article 15 though, I got threatened with that....A LOT).  So if someone brought charges or made a complaint that you approached them to have homosexual relations or if you were caught have homosexual relations (yes, it says relations and not sex in the book, because the word sex is too vulgar...you know for the officers that make you say "fuck you" when doing pushups) you got an automatic dishonorable discharge, after the bogus trial you'd have to endure.  Now, it was the same thing for those who committed adultery as well.  The MPs (Military Police) would come and arrest you and put you in holding (the Navy calls it the brig) until your trial where you'd be court-martialed.
Now when I served, I would say that 65% of the females in my barracks were having sex with each other and about 50% of the males.  How do I know?  Well, I would hear the girls, I'd see them in the shower, washing each other, they'd sneak off to the showers while everyone else was sleeping (I'm a light sleeper, it's what made me such a good soldier) and have sex.  It was the same for the guys.  How do I know that?  My Army boyfriend.  He was half Italian, half Sicilian *shiver*, he was the only one who knew about my strap-ons that I'd smuggled onto base and into the barracks (they are considered contraband) and he was the first guy that I slept with in basic training (what?  You think we didn't?  There's a very nice SSG out there who still smiles at the mention of my name.  LOL).
The point is, covert "homosexual relations" have been going on since the inception of the the fucking military, but, there's no threat of punishment.  Now they can be just as open and free to love and fuck around as everyone else without that stupid USMCJ hanging over their heads.  I am SO excited for them all!!  And I'm going to share with you the email I got from said Army boyfriend from ^:
                  B*****(he used my last name, sorry you don't get that)!!  Did you hear?  Tell me you heard!!  I'm so excited I feel like wrapping my flag around me and running through the base and I'm not talking about the American flag!  I wish you were here to celebrate with all of us.  Sucks that you're not, but I heard through the grapevine that you're becoming a man.  That's great!  When you do, you should get surgery on your back and hip and reenlist there are some GORGEOUS guys that are enlisting these days.  Love you honey!  And here's one for the road!
Then he sent me a very special picture.  LOL.  Which is of course when Jack walked out of the bathroom and saw what I was looking at.

So,as you all may now, after my scary Sunday, I've been at Jack's, he's been taking very good care of me and reading blogs, reading m/m books, watching LOGO, it's been great, but he had to go to work today, so I'm left at his place while he goes to make money (Woohoo!).  Anyway, this morning I woke up to Jack working out.  He was doing push-ups on the floor.
With one hand.
The man is a fucking god....well, that too.  LOL
Anyway, apparently I make audible noises when I'm turned on (who knew?) and I like moaned and he heard me, which led to a wonderful morning, but I fell back asleep immediately afterwards (it was a quick doze) and by the time Jack came out of the shower I was commenting on blogs, checking on GR, responding to emails and procrastinating on my writing (I get better at that every day).  So Jack sees the picture and he says: "That's not mine."  LOL.  Um...duh!  So I tell him whose on it is and he says "Does he know you have a boyfriend?"  And I'm like "Do I?"  I was TOTALLY just teasing!  Jack didn't know that and he just sort of looks at me, so I apologize, tell him I was joking and he just sort of nods, grabs his stuff for work and says he'll see me when he gets home.

So after he leaves I decide to do a bit of snooping.  I'm going into every room and looking around, checking out the kitchen, the living room, the backyard.  Nothing interesting.  I mean I wasn't like doing a FBI search or anything, just sort of walking into each room, standing in one spot and then turning to check out everything.  I didn't see anything out of the ordinary.  So I gave up and now I am laying on the couch in the living room, the tv on mute, Billie Holiday playing on the stereo and blogging you guys.

I should be writing.  I wrote some new stuff for "D & R" on Sunday but today?  My brain has gone silent.  It's quite unnerving.  So I'm going to read Clear Water by Amy Lane and hope that the juices start flowing soon, because I promised Jack I'd get some writing done today and I always keep my promises.

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  1. Great, Day for the military VeeVee ~wipes her eyes and whispers~ I wish it had come so much sooner then now. I have something to share with my sweetheart at least. I hope it makes him smile a bit. I am not going to ball like a big baby today. Oh I do feel like it really really feel like it. I'd tell you about it but, it just isn't my story to tell.

    Jack finding what you were looking at doesn't surprise me in the least. He's got to remember you had others before him. Just like I think he's had others before you. (No jealousy please. That green eyed monster ruins to much!)

    Read until something comes to you VeeVee and when it does just set the book aside and start writing what you are thinking about writing. Many times that's just how I write out poems.

    ~Hugs and squeezes~


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