Monday, September 12, 2011

I GOT A DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES!!  YOU READ THAT RIGHT! I HAVE A DATE!!! (Thank you Lucy/Kat!!!)

Let me back up.

So it's Monday.  The day I drop my sister off at school and rush home.  We were a little late leaving because I started writing D &R and Love's Enslavement and got caught up in the characters.  So anyway, we sort of rushed there (that the gods that I didn't get pulled over!), and I dropped her off in the same place I usually do.  I was just about to pull away when I notice someone leaning on the front of their car looking right at me.

Yes, it was Jack.

Jack sans brother.

I was ecstatic!  Then I looked down at myself and groaned.  I am seriously bumming it today.  Cargo pants, t-shirt, hair straight, shades on my face, flip flops on my feet.  I almost pulled off without stopping to talk.  Almost.  But then I remembered the conversation that I had with my newest little sister and friend Lucy/Kat about WHEN I met up with Jack again, how I should talk to him (THANKS Kat!), so I parked in the Faculty/Staff parking spot (no, I'm not faculty or staff, but what are they going to do?  Sue me?) and got out.

I turned my constant limp into this sort of swag walk and stepped up to him.  He was smiling, I was smiling.  We looked like idiots.

Me:  How long you been sitting out here waiting?
Jack: Does it make me look like a pathetic loser if I say thirty minutes?
Me: (laughs) No.
Jack: What about if I tell the truth and say an hour?
Me: (playful cringe) Woah! Yeah, that would do it.  That extra half hour pushed you into Losertown without stopping at a rest stop at all.

We both laughed (hell, you know you laughed too.  I'm funny as hell, especially when I'm nervous.  I also don't know when to shut up and usually end up sticking my foot in my mouth).

Me: So why were you waiting?  Hoping you could apologize for your brother again?

Cringe. Yes, I know, bad Vee, BAD!

Jack: Nah. (He blushes.  Oh my gosh is he cute when he blushes!) I was kinda hoping you out.
Me: (jaw drops open) Me?  You want to ask me out?
Jack: Well yeah.
Me: (narrows eyes, though he can't see them behind the sunglasses) You do remember that I'm bi-gender right?  The top half is female, but I wear a strap-on.  At least until I get the surgery.

Yeah, I sort of get vomit of the mouth also.

Jack: (laughs) Yeah, you sort of don't forget something like that. (Shrugs) Well, I'm gay, so the whole dick thing doesn't really scare me off.
Me: The breasts and the vagina thing does though right?
Jack: (laughs again) I won't say I'm a fan, but there's something about you.  I think I can get past it.
Me: (I'm screaming for joy internally but oh man has Vic taken over and that suave Italian man comes out)  So where are you taking me?
Jack: (smiles) Where do you want to go?
Me: Well, right now, I'd love to go to a backseat somewhere and see if your dick really looks as big in real life as it does from the outside of your jeans, but I guess that will have to wait.
Jack: (blushes and giggles....yeah, he giggled...still trying to wrap my head around that one) Well, maybe after our date.
Me: Definitely after our date.  So, Beef O' Brady's?  I think that there might be a game coming on Friday night.
Jack: Okay.  You want me to pick you up or you wanna meet there?
Me: Pick me up.

So we exchanged phone numbers and emails and addresses and then this is where I turned just a little bit slutty.

Jack: So I'll see you Friday?
Me: Yeah.
Jack turned to leave and I grabbed his arm, when he turned back to look at me I went up on my toes (because *shiver* he's taller than me) and kissed him.  I had planned on it being just like a peck or a deep closed mouth kiss, you know the kind that makes you want more, but DAMMIT his lips tasted SSOOO good!!!!  We sort of made out a little in the parking lot. (*SQUEAL!*)

Me: So call me?
Jack: Yeah.

I went to walk off and man do I wish that I could still pull off my sexy supermodel glide or something, because the limp just is NOT sexy, but, I got in the car and drove off after honking and waving.  I had o pull over five minutes later, again, but this time because I was bouncing in my seat and swerving on the road.


Yes, I'm SOOO planning on getting laid.  Maybe not on the first date (I stopped doing that.....about a year ago), but definitely before I go to New Orleans for the retreat.

And all I could think was, "I can't wait to get home so I can blog about this and tell everyone!!  Kat was right!  Woohoo!!!!" Then I started singing the "I Gotta Date" song (LOL).  And then Lady Gaga came on the radio and the song was just so perfect that I HAD to share it.  I swear her new album is like the soundtrack for my year.  So I'm sharing it with you all as I sing along.


  1. OMG! No way My Big Sis landed a date! YAY! ~Squeezes you tightly and smirks~ Hate to say I told you so but I did! Hehe oh wow sounds like the whole thing is going to be amazing! Hmm so gotta stop bouncing in my seat now because I am so happy for you. Hey wait so Jack hehe was waiting on you hmm sounds like someone was thinking about what happened to after the fact MHM. You my dear took my advice and went for it. You know something I love you Big Sis and your beautiful!

  2. Yes you were right! And {Squeezes} OH MY FUCKING GODS I HAVE A DATE!!!! Yeah, we both admitted that we've been thinking about each other since last week. I am SO glad I took your advice! Woohoo!!!! And OH. MAN I wish I could truly describe how good of a kisser he is! *Shivers of delight*. I mean, my strap on caught wood. LOL. I got a mental erection and everything. I would have jumped him right there in the parking lot if you know *cough* we wouldn't have gone to jail for it. LOL.

    I love you too Lil Sis and thank you!! You are beautiful too!!

  3. ~Chuckles softly~ Lord that picked my mood up dramatically and amazingly I am not in a bad mood anymore ~Hugs you~ Let's see one of those kisses that steal your breath away make you get a mental hard on for them instantly and make you feel like your floating above the ground even though your feet are planted firmly on the ground! ~Smiles and winks softly~ Thank you for that I feel beautiful today even though I have no make-up on no nothing just me all pure and simple. It is just feeling great right now. Mood 110% better than earlier. Now see you can do anything when you have your spirit up lifted by a lil sister of your heart! ~Hugs tight~

  4. I'm glad that I can pick up your mood and that you feel beautiful without the makeup. That's when it's special. My lips are totally still tingling. *Sigh* Now I know why Thorny, Matt and Brad always seem so fucking happy. If this thing with Jack gets there......don't want to jinx it but MY GODS!! Yippeee!!!!

  5. ~Chuckles~ If it gets there hunny believe me you'll feel amazing and you won't be able to contain your happiness or anything. ~Sighs happily as she thinks of her partners and gahs~ Lord I can't wait for my move just can't wait.

  6. I'm so excited for you! And me! And us! Woohoo!!!

  7. Look at you. That's bloomin' fabulous. Gotta love those sugar kisses. Right on bay-bee.

  8. I'm excited to I figured out that I can and will do this and it won't be as hard as I think. If I knew they were ready for me to come down there today I'd be there in a heartbeat. I know they want me there but they also want me to settle my unfinished business. ~Rolls her eyes~ My men I swear they think of everything! ~Grins and winks softly~ I am very excited for you as well because it is going to work out imperfectly perfect. Hmm that's your T-Shirt idea that you want hehe.

  9. Nice job V... I wish I had your balls! I could never ever do what you did, anyway fingers crossed and can't wait to hear about the date.

  10. @Luci: It really is fabulous and Jack's kisses.....excuse me *closes bedroom door* LOL.

    @Lucy/Kat: They know that as well, but you can't open a new door before fully closing the old one. It causes problems that way. And thank you for reminding me about the "Perfectly Imperfect" and "Imperfectly Perfect" sayings. It has grown from just T-shirts. (*Scream*) I'm sitting here now designing pants, jeans, t-shirts, dresses, hats, skirts, tennis shoes, belts, braceltes, WEDDING BANDS....My mind is going crazy!

    @Suzi: Thank you. Well, I can't give you my balls {grin} but I can give you the advice my friend Justin gave me: Life is too short to care about someone saying no, someone rejecting you or someone not accepting you, you have got to live your life for you and take chances, extreme chances, crazy chances because you never know who's going to say yes, who's going to accept you and who's going to want you. So that's what I'm saying to you.

  11. Fantastic! I'm so happy for you!

    Um, awkward question time. My usual cheesy/celebratory response to good news like this is You Go Girl! Would that be completely offensive and inappropriate? I've had trans friends, but not at a time when their situation was so fluid. What do you prefer?

    Anyway, I'm really excited for you! I'd like to be out there, meeting actual human beings, but I'm not quite feeling brave enough. Shockingly, sexy, kinky men rarely wander through my neighborhood, knocking on random doors. If I want to meet one I think I'm going to have to actually leave the house. *shudder*

  12. Am I getting a new daddy? Brother-in-law? Wait. Dammit. {pulls out that twisted up family tree and spreads it on the table. again.}

    Congrats, VeeVee! Go get 'im!

  13. @Becky: Thanks!!! No it wouldn't be offensive and inappropriate for you to say "You Go Girl", I have been settling more into the "Vic" side of myself but I understand how awkward this is for some people so whatever works for you. Today I was actually having a Vic day so it would be more of a "You Go Boy"(?) LOL. My preferences are usually dependent upon my feelings that day, so I don't get mad if someone gets it wrong as long as their motivation is pure, unlike my parents who insist on calling me Vee even when they know I'm having a Vic day.

    Thank you for being excited for me! I'm excited myself. You know you can always do "Skype" to meet shockingly sexy, kinky men. Although I'd probably talk to them some beforehand. Otherwise yes, you may have to leave...

    OR you can do like Thorny told me to do and just started ordering take out and checking out the hot delivery guys. LOL.

  14. @ Thorny: ROFLMFAO!!!! You just might be getting a new daddy/brother-in-law. Hehehe. He is DELISH! I found this picture of a guy that looks like him *shivers and grins* Thank you for the well wishes and of course once I get some I will be sharing every single lick, touch, caress, thrust, kiss....*clears throat* What was I talking about again? LOL

  15. I KNEW you would get that guy!! *mwah!*

  16. Yeah, You Go Boy doesn't work. After seeing that picture of sorta-Jack I think I'll let my early 90s college grunge roots show and just say, Duuude. I'm not excited for you any more. Now I'm just jealous. Phwoar!

    I can't believe I never thought of ordering up my own delivery guy. It's only the "plot" of every other straight porn out there. It's a good thing I like a wide variety of cuisines. It may take some trial and error to find one I want to jump.

  17. @Kate: You had WAY more faith than I did. I wasn't too sure! {HUGZ}

    @Becky: Yeah, once I kept saying it I was like "You Go Boy" doesn't really work. "Alright Man!" is a classic of course. And yes, he IS gorgeous!! MMMmmmmmmmmmm *Drools*

    You know I hadn't thought about the whole delivery guy thing either until Thorny told me to do it. In his defense we were trying to kill two birds with one stone, I hadn't eaten at all that day AND I had just told him that I hadn't gotten laid in over a year so. LOL. I say your best bet is: Pizza, Italian cuisine, Greek cuisine or Chinese. If you have a Greek restaurant that delivers?! YOWZA! Because Greek men are HUNG LIKE HORSES!!! Woohoo!!

  18. I could be wrong, but I don't think we had much in the way of authentic Greek food around here. Certainly nothing that would be delivered by an authentic Greek man.

    The delivery guys I've seen so far are mostly pimply teenagers. Which is why I think I may have to shop around for a good delivery guy!

    In Houston I had a fabulous Mediterranean restaurant just down the street. The only thing better than the scenery was the food. Yum.

  19. Awww Becky, that sucks. I think that every woman should experience an authentic Greek man at least once in her life and every man should experience him twice. LOL.

    Yeah, you're going to need to shop around, we don't do pimply teens. But LEGAL teens.......

    Mediterranean huh? Nice!

  20. {SQUEAL}!!!!!! You got a date *YAY* I'm so happy for you, baby!!!!!! OMG Jack sounds awesome! Way to go, Vee, I knew you would get a date -I told you soooo!!!!! *hugs* *happy dance* :)

  21. @Katharina: Thanks for being so excited for me! You all had way more faith than I did. I thought that I'd get the surgery and spend the rest of my life as a lonely old "queen" with a few small dogs to keep me company and my trust dildos to get me off. LOL. Jack IS awesome! I can't wait for this date! YES!!


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