Friday, September 9, 2011

A Peek Inside My Twisted Mind

So when I am writing a book, it's not unusual for that book to spin off and become a series.  I mean, hell, Passion's Hero: The Alpha King was originally supposed to be just one book named "Passion's Hero" but now it's a 5 book series with a spin-off series: Love's Savior that's 15 books.  And yes, every single book already has an outline and a beginning.

So you'd think that'd be enough for me...not even by a little bit.  I get the idea for "Markus Fucking Nelson" which is a contemporary book written in first person.  Then there's the "Sacred Duets" series that I got an idea for, 5 books, paranormal, elves and magics, with the first book having a transgendered main character (yeah, I went there).

Again you'd think that would be enough and my brain would shut off.  No!  I decided I wanted to write some online fiction and so "The Tate Pack" series was born.  Again, it started off as only one story "Unthinkable" but as you can see I'm currently writing "Inconceivable" there are two more stories: "Unassumed" and "Incapable" to come.

Then my brain, my lovely TWISTED mind that apparently loves to torture me and never let up on the ideas gave me seven, yes SEVEN more books.


So I thought I'd give you all a peek into my twisted mind and post up four of the descriptions for the new books that I'm going to be writing. In my personal descriptions I have more written but I'm just giving you all some teasers (have to keep you interested).  Have fun!  LOL.  You have been warned.

Collegiate Affair:
    Young boy meets older gentleman during the summer at a retreat where he works.  They begin an affair that turns into a relationship that they both want to extend past that summer.  The older gentleman is a professor at a college in the next major city.  The young boy finds out that he will be getting scholarship money so that he can attend college, the one he always wanted to go to, which is the exact same college.  The two of them try to maintain the secrecy of their relationship in the face of university rules and regulations, the young boy's experience as an older freshman student, the older gentleman's desire for stability and long term and the differences in their families, backgrounds, education and expectations....

Love's Enslavement:
     Two young boys, one black and one white grow up together during the time of slavery.  Both of them are gay and fall in love with each other, but it is illegal for them, not only because the black boy is a slave but because homosexuality is a crime.  They both fight in the Civil War and they lose track of each other.  By some miracle they both make it out of the war alive, but the black man loses his arm and goes blind in one eye.  The white boy sees him being dropped off in front of a dilapidated house and takes him in to care for him.  Their roles reverse then and the white man is taking care of the black man....
     Two men meet online and begin a friendship.  They eventually meet up in person and find that trying to bring their love from online into reality is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication.  Especially since one of the men has children (wife passed away-she knew he was bisexual), and the other man has a high powered job that keeps him on the road all of the time.  They are in love and move in together but there are issues that arise that they were not expecting and have to fight to stay together, especially when someone tries to get the children taken away and tries to get them to break up.  The man with the children has to choose his children of course, because they're young, but where does that leave his new love....

Damien & Roman Forever:
     An established couple: Damien and Roman.  Roman used to be a woman (Rachelle) and has gone through the genital reassignment surgery to become a man.  Damien knows this, he supported him through the whole thing.  Before Roman got the surgery, the two of them did IVF and gave birth to quads.  So they are two men, married, raising children in the "Bible Belt" (Tennessee, Oklahoma or Ohio).  Roman works as a screenwriter and as a m/m romance novelist while Damien is an architect.  Damien is Caucasian, big and muscled, average looking in heights, though he has a gorgeous body.  Roman is African-American, slender, though still muscled, and extremely beautiful.  They met through Damien's brother-in-law, Cody, who married Damien's brother, Kelvin.  Cody is Roman's best friend.  The book is written as if the two men are being interviewed by the reader.  They are asked how they met, how they came out, when they fell in love, about their kids, their lives together, if they've ever had any problems together (Roman will share a story about the two of them being out together and one of the kids crying and throwing a fit and pulling away from him and how one woman called security because she thought that the children had either been kidnapped or that they belonged to Damien.  She is very nasty and spews out hate speech, both about their sexuality and Roman's race.  Roman tells the reader how happy he was to be able to tell her that he used to be a woman and that all four of the children BIOLOGICALLY belonged to him and his husband Damien.), and what their plans are for the future.  They talk about the big argument that led to their separation....

So what do you guys think?  Would you read any of these books?



  1. All four books sound very interesting although Love's Enslavement and Damien & Roman interest me the most.
    I am really impressed with your variety of topics! And it's great that you are a writer of series, I like it when I have the possibility to read more books about characters I like. Happy writing :) ...and thank God that you have such an hyperactive brain - more to read for me :)

  2. You are so sweet Katharina! I'm inclined to agree with you. I'm most interested to see how L.E. and D & R are two of the ones I'm most interested in writing. besides the "Sacred Duets" and "Passion's Hero" series.

    I'm glad that I have you reading my stuff, I don't have to feel like I writing to myself. LOL.

  3. I think all four are amazing ideas and can't wait to see what you have in store. Love yas!

  4. Thanks Lucy/Kat! I think I'll post a little "teaser" of each one once I write them so you guys can read them.

  5. I agree, L.E sounds really good, and DR too! Hurry up n write please.

  6. Suzi I love how you push me to write and always seem so eager to read my stuff. Thank you for that!

  7. I know I can't wait to read them :winks: They all sound fan-fawking-tabulous!

  8. And you know you'll be one of the first Sid! LOL. Thanks!!


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