Monday, September 26, 2011

Update on Vic (From Jack)

Vic gave me permission to let you all know that he is doing better.  He confronted the guys who violated his friend and then went to give his statement to the police.
He wanted me to thank Kate for emailing him to check up on him and Sidney for getting his mind off of it and LC for the "drive-by hug"? that she gave him.
I don't know when he will come back to blog, I do know that he is writing again, and writing a lot, and he's reading a lot too, so it will probably be soon.
Thank you to those who have been commenting and encouraging him through this, I know he appreciates it.  He smiles whenever he gets something from one of you.  So thank you.  -Jackson


  1. Tell her I miss her I can't bloody well find anything in my email with all the emails I get sent there...Need to get my yahoo inbox cleaned up or just start messaging her through my hotmail account hmm I'll do that second one.

  2. Glad that Vic has you, Miss his posts and look forward to his eventual wont be soon enough! kisses and tight squeezes for both of you.


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