Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Got Another Contest for You!

So I got another book idea (*rolls eyes* Yeah, yeah.  I know) and again, got no title for it.  I thought I had one, told Jack and he sort of gave me this...look.  Which pretty much let me know that it was NOT a good title.  So I'm offering it to you guys again.  Same rules apply.  Offer your title suggestions, the top four will be chosen by Jack, then I'll have a vote and whoever submitted the winning title will get a chance to win any of my books that are published by the time that particular book is published (and heck, we know I'll have quite a few because this one isn't so high up on the list, it's like #18 on my WIP).

Here's the blurb:

Randall was sleeping with his boss.  His boss's wife knew it.  His boss's children knew it.  Everyone knew. They all thought he did it because he enjoyed sleeping with the beautiful store manager.  He did it, however, because his boss paid for his apartment.  No one knew that.  Because you see, his boss told his wife that he was renting out the apartment and there was a totally different address listed under Randall's name in the company directory.
But when the Regional Director, Bradley Armstrong, moves into town and his new address is actually Randall's "address", well, what is Randall supposed to do?  He can't very well admit to everyone that he was essentially a kept man, his boss's mistress or mister.
So when the very gorgeous, very British, Bradley makes him a very crazy offer of getting married in order to end the company's investigation into why their addresses were the same, end his disgusting and demeaning relationship with his boss and also to help Bradley obtain custody of his niece and nephews, what else could Randall do but say yes?
But what happens when a marriage of convenience becomes a marriage of passion and passion begins to look an awful lot like love?  Will Randall and Bradley make theirs a marriage in truth or allow jealousy, sabotage, vengeful exes, fear and misconceptions to lead them straight to divorce?


  1. Boss's Mistress/Mister No Longer or Randall's Mister Right Forever....Hmm I don't know!

  2. I guess my question is why doesn't Bradley's company help with the green-card seeing as how he's already working for the company in the US? It would be a lot easier. DOMA wouldn't allow him to get a greencard anyway.

    I know a lot about this because I married an American and had to go through this whole process and I lived in Canada.

  3. Luci: Really? I would think that it would, if the state recognizes gay marriage then the green card would work for that couple. I'll have to look into it, but for states like New York, Iowa and Massachusetts I'd think that the green card would work. And as far as the company helping. You can get a work visa for a few years or so, but after that you have to apply to become a citizen. Most of the times it's easier to just get married to a citizen because of how strict the test has become. They ask questions that some natural born citizens don't even know.

    That's what I was taught in my law class and that's what they taught us in the Army. They said the best way to stay in the country for foreigners is to marry in, test in or shoot in (which is taking a job w/the military they'll make you a citizen really quick then).

  4. Even if a gay couple marries in NY, no green card would be forthcoming. DOMA is a federal law and green cards are issued by the federal gov't. The fed gov't does not recognize same-sex marriages.

    You can't apply to be a citizen if you only have a work visa. If a company really wants you they will help you get a green card. You need to have a green card for a number of years before applying to be a citizen.

  5. Gotcha. I'll change why he needs to marry.


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