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Inconceivable: Part Fourteen

*So I hadn't planned on putting up another installment because "Unthinkable" and "Inconceivable" are both going to be published through Lulu.com (as will the entire Tate Pack Series) but since yesterday was so fabulous and today was EVEN BETTER and Lucy/Kat asked me for another installment, I'm going to post up part 14 for you all!  {HUGZ AND SQUEEZES} Vee/Vic*

Part Fourteen:

     Tommy swayed his hips in time with the music, his head thrown back as he sang "You and I" by Lady Gaga at the top of his lungs.  He wore a tight black leather mini-skirt, an extremely low cut silk white blouse, black high heels, his hair was pulled up into an elegant up-do, with tendrils of his black hair framing his face.  His flawlessly, make-up covered face.  He looked stunning and he knew that he did.  As he continued to perform for the audience he looked out over the faces that were there and saw that none of them seemed to be enjoying his performance.  They all seemed horrified by him.  He stumbled on the stage and looked around wondering what was the problem and saw a trail of blood all over the stage.  He froze mid lyric and gasped.  Who was bleeding on the stage?  Looking around he realized that no one was up there but him.  Was he bleeding?  But how was that possible?  He couldn't feel any pain or the loss of any blood.  Maybe it was a practical joke.
     Looking back out at the audience he saw that there were two men standing.  He squinted his eyes, the stage lights momentarily blinding him.  When his gaze cleared he saw himself looking into the hateful eyes of Adam Quinn.....Adam Quinn holding a gun pointed at Tommy.  Turning his gaze to the other man, he saw that it was Ton and he looked furious.  The only problem was he was looking at Tommy.
     "Ant?" he questioned as he stepped forward, his hand outstretched.  He heard Adam pull release the safety and felt fear ice his veins.  He heard Ton growl and he looked back at him, confused by his reaction.
     "Don't.  You.  Dare," Ton growled at him and Tommy took a step back.
     "Me?  Dare what?" Tommy asked, his voice frantic as he watched Adam take aim at him again.
     "Don't you dare let him take you away from me," Ton said angrily.
     Tommy shook his head.  Surely Ton understood that it wasn't his choice?  Adam was holding a gun.  How was he supposed to fight against a gun?  He wasn't a wolf shifter.  He wasn't big and strong like his mate.  He was a human.  A frail human.  A small, cross-dressing gay man.  How the hell was he supposed to fight against a bullet?
     "Love," he heard Ton respond and his shocked gaze swung to him.
     "What?" he croaked out and he watched with equal parts trepidation and hope as Ton walked up the steps to join him on stage.  The bigger man stopped in front of him and took his face in his hands gently.  He smiled down at him and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead.
     "Love.  Didn't you say that you loved me?" Ton asked and Tommy merely nodded.  Ton grinned, "Well, I love you too and you can't leave me.  I won't survive with out you.  So if you really love me like you say you do then you'll fight to stay with me.  You'll fight for us.  That love will bring you back to me.  So don't you dare let him win."
     Tommy nodded and lifted up on his toes to kiss his mate.  That speech had been the most beautiful and eloquent thing that he'd ever heard the cowboy say.  Richard must have coached him.  He heard Ton growl and giggled when he realized that the other man must have understood his thoughts.  He opened his mouth when he heard Adam yell out and heard the gun fire.  His body jerked as if shocked and he clung to Ton's neck.
     "CLEAR!" he heard a distant voice yell seconds before another jolt of electricity shot through his body.
     "C'mon baby, don't give up.  Don't let him win. Fight!" he heard Ton yelling at him.  He nodded and tried to speak again.
     "CLEAR!" that voice sounded closer and Tommy felt another, stronger jolt of electricity shock through his system.
     "Come back to me!  Tommy please!" Ton was crying now.  Why was Ton crying?  And then Tommy saw it.  A bright light shone on one side of the stage and Ton stood at the other side.  The light felt warm, comforting and inviting.  But.....Ton was waiting for him and Ton was crying.  But the light felt so good, it was welcoming him home and he could hear his grandmother's voice.  Without another thought he took a step................


     .........and with a deep breath opened his eyes to the sounds of a siren, yelling voices, crying and complete and utter chaos.  What the hell was going on?!
     "BABY!  You came back to me!" he heard Ton yell as he gathered him into his arms.  Tommy's mind was filled with images of the strange dream he'd had, the utter chaos surrounding him as pack members, ranch hands and the like all ran around barking orders at each other, and the events that led to him lying on a gurney.  Suddenly memories assailed him.  Ton talking him into riding a horse by riding with him.  He and Ton laughing and teasing each other.  The feeling of being watched.  The sound of gunfire.  The horse falling, the searing pain in his back and then the blissful feeling of nothingness.
     "Ant?" his voice croaked as his hands clutched his mate to him tightly.  "Am I paralyzed Ant?  Baby?  Answer me!  Please!" he pleaded with his mate when the other man stayed quiet.  He felt Ton's body shaking with sobs as he lifted Tommy and sat on the gurney before  pulling his body into his lap.  Tommy looked down and realized that he couldn't move his legs,  He felt tears roll down his face before Ton even responded.
     "They won't know until we get you into a hospital, but it doesn't look good," Ton answered ignoring the paramedics who tried to get him to move so that they could get Tommy into an ambulance.
     "Will you still want me?  Even though I can't walk?" Tommy asked in a small voice as he gasped for breath, his body convulsing in pain.
     "Sir!  We really need to get your...boyfriend to a hospital!" one of the paramedics yelled at Ton.  Ton growled at the man and gently lowered Tommy back to the gurney.
     "He is my husband!  My mate! My partner," Ton responded with an angry growl at the paramedic who jumped a bit at the aggressive tone before nodding and grabbing the head of the gurney to assist his partner in getting Tommy into the ambulance.  Tommy locked eyes with Ton, afraid that the man wouldn't be joining him in the vehicle.  Afraid that he wouldn't want him anymore.  He breathed a sigh of relief when Ton climbed inside and took one of his hands while the paramedic worked to make sure that he stayed stabilized.
     Ton leaned down, close to his ear, "Nothing in this world would ever make me not want you.  You are my mate.  For better or for worse.  In sickness and in health.  To love, honor and cherish.  For richer or for poorer.  Forever.  You are mine and I will never let you go," the bigger man told him, his words loving and thick with emotion.
     "Me too," Tommy responded with a smile before he closed his eyes and tried to calm his racing his thoughts and his pounding heart.  He had thought his life had been turned upside down when he'd mated a wolf shifter...but that was nothing compared to now.  Would he be able to handle being paralyzed and what about Adam?  Did anyone catch him or was he still out there...waiting for his next chance to finish the job?


     Adam followed the ambulance with a grim smile on his face.  He hadn't meant to shoot Tommy.  Tommy was his baby.  His love.  He would never do anything to seriously hurt him.  Oh, he'd have to rough Tommy up a few times, so that he knew his place, but he would never want him to die or to be paralyzed.  The bullets had been met for the other man.  The one they called Ton.  The huge, hulking mass of idiot that thought he could take Tommy away from him.  He'd gotten off easy last time, but next time he wouldn't miss.  Next time Ton would be the one fighting for life while Adam took Tommy to France with him...where he belonged...forever...until death did they part.


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  3. Suzi, I'm going to start posting "D & R" tomorrow. No more of "Inconceivable." I'm saving the rest of it for the book. *devious grin* Thank you for being greedy though!


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