Thursday, September 1, 2011

I May Be a Bitch, But I'm a Wuss Too

I don’t do pain.

Oh don't get me wrong. I love to be spanked. I like a little pleasure with my pain. But I am a Dom. I am the one holding the whip and the nipple clamps and the cock ring.

Sometimes I like a lot of pain with my pleasure but those moments are rare. Precious. Sacred...and I can count them on one hand.

But when it comes to physical pain? I am a big ass wuss! I grunt, moan and groan (and not in a good way). I hiss. Sometimes my eyes fill with liquid (not tears, liquid).

So why am I telling you this? Because today while I was talking to my new friend Sidney I went to stand up from my chair, to grab a soda from the fridge, and a sharp pain in my lower back had me gasping and falling to the floor. I couldn't stand, sitting upright hurt all I could do was crawl.

I crawled to my phone to tell my Marmie and younger sis (who graduated with a degree as a Hospital Administrator) and friend Keesha. I was told to soak in a hot bath and to take a muscle relaxer.

I crawled to the bathroom and then filled up the tub. I crawled into the tub (lovely visual huh? How many of you wanted the image of my naked body crawling on the bathroom floor in your heads? Anyone? No one? *Crickets* Yep, just what I thought).

I moaned the whole way.

You know I was lucky that I was discharged from the Army 86 days before I deployed because with my luck I would have been shot, fallen to ground and cried like a baby.

Because I cried the day I got hurt.

So today is DEFINITELY a Veronica day. NOT a Vic day.

I am still soaking in the tub, still in pain....

And yes, still moaning.
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  1. Sorry to hear you are in pain. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh Honey, I hope you are better soon! *big hug*

  3. Try cussing. Somebody did a study that found people who just let 'er rip were better able to tolerate pain than those who watched their language. Living with my parents, I'm not always free to express myself. But I've found that a really heartfelt "Mother Trucker!" works almost as well in a pinch.

    I hope your back settles down soon.

  4. Thanks guys! I feel a little better today and Becky your idea for cussing? It did improve the mental agony I was in. LOL.

    I just have to remember my physical limitations.


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