Saturday, September 17, 2011

Post Date Satisfaction (From Vic/Vee and Jack)-NSFW

*Sigh* (This is a SUPER long post, but it's the whole date and I even let Jack say hi!)

I am writing this post from Jack's Jack's house...with Jack in the kitchen making breakfast....okay, putting breakfast on a plate (he went to McDonald's) so that we can have breakfast in bed.

Yes, *shiver* breakfast in bed.  *Squeal*

Where shall I begin?

Let's see, our date was supposed to start at 8.  Jack called me and told me that he was coming at 7.

He showed up at 6:45.

Impatient little thing isn't he?  *Big grin*

So he had a reason for wanting to get me at 7.  He wanted to go to dinner out at Bahama Breeze in Tampa.  So we drove all the way out there.

Now, about what I wore:  I was in full-on Vic mode, so I had on a pair of black dress pants, a button down red shirt, black tie, black jacket, my hair was pulled back in a ponytail.  I had on my earrings and I had put on lip moisturizer.  I'd put on my pair of black boots and I was using my cane, which is black as well.  My favorite colors and I must admit...I looked good.

So anyway, Jack picks up my overnight bag, looks at me, raises his eyebrows and grins and says: "I hope you packed for the whole weekend."

*Silent scream of happiness*

So you know, I'm all smooth and confident and shit when I'm Vic and I sort of tilt my head to the side and say: "You're that confident that you're that good and I'm going to want more?"

Jack just grins and says: "You might even want to pack for the week.  I may never be able to get rid of you."

As my friend Kate would say: Cheeky little bugger.

So I just open the bag and toss in another shirt and a pair of shorts.  He sort of looks at me and raises his eyebrows.  I laughed, I knew what he wanted to ask, everyone does.  "I don't wear underwear."

His mouth sort of drops open and he nods.  I just laugh and turn him towards the door so we can go.  Now in the bag I had packed a pair of flip-flops, a pair of jeans, there were now two t-shirts instead of one, condoms (flavored and ribbed), lube (flavored and unflavored), massage oils, my laptop (because I knew I was going to want to blog this AND because I wanted to read to Jack-the man doesn't all.  Nothing except the newspaper.  We must change that), my binder with the books that I'm writing inside, my cellphone, my wallet, my pain meds (I go NOWHERE without them), my sketchpad (I've been designing this new line inspired by Luci and Katharina), colored pencils, toothbrush, hairbrush, contact solution, contact carrying case, and deodorant.  Yeah, overnight for me is like...packing.

So we get in the car and guess what's playing?  YES!  LADY FREAKING GAGA!!  I like bounced in the seat, which made me think of my conversation with Thorny that I'd had earlier that day and I burst out laughing.  Jack closed the back door and climbs in and just sort of looks at me sitting in his front seat giggling my head off.  I mean I was bent forward, hands on the dash, tears streaming down my face, laughing and gasping for breath.  So Jack pulls off down the road and Lady Gaga's like playing loudly and I'm struggling to stop laughing and I do that "Wooo!!!" that you do at the end of a hard laugh and looked at him, still sort of snickering and he's like: "Wanna let me in on the joke?"

Me: You'll blush.
Jack: Why?  All you did was get in the car.
Me: It's something that happened earlier.
Jack: Okay.....
Me: So...I was a little nervous about tonight.
Jack: Yeah, me too
Me: Really?
Jack: Yeah.  I're a...I mean, technically.....
Me: (nods) Yeah, that's a bit of it.
Jack: Huh?
Me: So I sent my little brother Thorny, I told you about him, so I sent him an email, I was a little worried and concerned about tonight and he gave me some advice and at the beginning of his email he said he was "bouncing" so when I bounced it made me think of him and that's why I was laughing.
Jack: And the part about you being....
Me: You can say it you know.
Jack: Say what?
Me: Whatever you're trying to say.  That I'm "technically" a woman, that the dick in between my legs is actually a strap on and not something I was born with, that I have breasts, beautiful breasts, but still breasts and you're a gay man and it's weird, very, very weird that we're trying to date when physically we shouldn't really be compatible.
Jack: Yeah but there's something about you.  Like when I look at you, I don't see a woman.  I don't see Veronica.  I see Vic.  I hear Vic.  But every so often...
Me: You think about the boobs or the dick that's not really attached?
Jack: Yeah
Me: Yeah, I was going to pack a blindfold and Thorny told me not to.
Jack: Why not?
Me: (I turn to look at him-by this point, I'll be honest I'm trying to figure out if the date is over already-before it has even begun) Because he said that I didn't want to allow you to imagine I was another man.  That you should be aware of who it was that was fucking you to the best orgasm of your life.
Jack: He said that?
Me: (laughs) Well that "best orgasm" thing was all me, but it's still the truth.

The car got really quiet then, I was ready to call for a taxi or whatever but then I hear Jack saying my name.

Jack: Hey Vic?
Me: Yeah?
Jack: Let's give it a shot.
Me:  Yeah?
Jack: Yeah.  I can do it.

So, with that out of the way, something that I am pretty sure is going to repeatedly come up as long as we're "dating", we change the subject.  I bring up the fact that he doesn't read.

Me: How the hell do you not read?
Jack: (laughs) I just don't.
Me: But you bought both of my books!  You're really not going to read them?
Jack: (shrugs) Probably not.
Me: Ass.  You HAVE to read them!  How about this?  I'll read them to you.
Jack: Well.....
Me: It will be like an audiobook.
Jack: We can try that out, but no promises.  And you're reading your books?
Me: Not at first.  I want to ease you into the world of m/m romance.  So my friends Katharina and Luci told me about this book and I bought it today, so we can read it together.
Jack: What is it called?
Me: On Fire by Drew Zachary
Jack: On Fire?
Me: Yeah.  They said that you'll love it.

So we keep talking and talking.  We get to Bahama Breeze and we're eating and drinking margaritas (Bahama Breeze makes like THE BEST margaritas EVER and I've lived in San Diego, New York City, Chicago.  BB has THE BEST) and just getting to know each other.  So after dessert we get up to leave and I have to "adjust" myself and I tried to do it discreetly, I really did, and Jack's adjusting also, but for a TOTALLY different reason, let's just say that when I get tipsy I get EXTREMELY horny and I was already turned on because Jack was wearing this black shirt that was tight over his chest, this sort of silky material (what's it called-Not silk but like satin or something) and a pair of gray pants with a gray jacket, so I was very handsy during dinner.  So anyway, I'm trying to adjust myself discreetly and there's this table of...sorority girls is the only thing I can term them, because that's how they looked, and they look at me and then at Jack and then back at me and when we go to walk past them one of them says: "Oh my gosh!  He did a GREAT job, I wouldn't have even known he was a man if he hadn't grabbed his crotch like that!"

Jack and I waited until we got outside to start laughing.  Then he puts his arm around me and he's like "You do make a pretty drag queen."  So I got this idea and I'm like "Why don't you just think of me like that?"

Jack: Like what?
Me: That I'm just a man in drag.
Jack: What?
Me: You know, like if you're still feeling unsure or whatever....
Jack: (stops in front of the car turns to me and kisses me) Babe, it's okay.  You're Vic.  You're you.  (shrugs) I don't have to label it anymore.
Me: (sigh-yeah, girly moment) So we going back to your place or what?
Jack: Thought you wanted to go see a movie.
Me: I'd rather see you naked and make a movie instead.

You know how in books they say "he gulped audibly"?  Yeah, I had never actually heard someone swallow before.  I heard Jack swallow.  It made me smile. It gave me a HUGE mental erection and it just made want to get to his house so much more.

We got to his house and dropped my bad and then just started pulling clothes off.  And we took off all our clothes *shiver*  The man is even more gorgeous naked.......*happy sigh*.  So we're standing there looking at each other and he says "You know, I see your face and your tits and your dick...but it's not like you're a girl or whatever.  You're like a guy with tits rather than a girl with a dick."

I must admit that made me smile.  It also made me throw myself at him.  This did not need to be one of those whole "talk-through-sex" type things.

Now, I'm about to get graphic so.....

This is the type of strap-on that I wear when I'm just walking around:

It can quickly (and I'm talking like unclip and clip on) be switched out for this one:

So anyway, we're standing there naked and I have on the second one, not the first and it's easy to sort of pull it forward and then tuck it back (like I'm a drag queen) and that's what I'd done, but when I pulled of my clothes and stepped out, Lil' Big Vic (10") comes swinging forward.  Before I know it Jack's pulled me into his arms and we're making out hardcore.  Hands are everywhere and he just sort of sinks almost to his knees and takes LBV into his mouth.  Now LBV is silicone so no, it doesn't taste like a real cock, but Jack's down there moaning and humming like it is.  And I'm a "very toppy moho" to use Thorny's description.  So I'm like thrusting into his mouth and to me it feels AMAZING like it's really mine.  So he stands up and I'm trying to like climb up his body.  My legs are around his waist, he's holding me in his arms, his hands under my ass, I can feel his hard cock poking my ass and OH MY GOSH I forgot how good it felt to feel one of those!!  (Kate, I did the growly man thing.  LOL.) So neither of us wants to wait to walk to the bedroom so, he sits me down on the couch and I can't even talk I just kind flap my hand and point my finger at my bag.  He goes and grabs it and brings it to me, I'm jerking clothes and all types of shit out of the bag (I know I should have put everything on top).  I grab the condoms and the lube and I point at him and this is where Jack met Vic the Dom.

My voice always sort of deepens even more when I get in my Dom headspace and I'm like "Lay over the arm of the couch."  I think Jack must have a little bit of sub in him because he did it quickly and I'm looking at his ass and all I can think is, I want to taste that.  LOL.  So I did. (MMMmmmmm)  I had told Jack in a previous conversation about how I'm very oral.  Cock, ass, fingers, nipples, neck, back....hell, it doesn't matter to me so he cleaned himself VERY well.  Trust me I know.  Anyway, I'm going to town and I'm pouring the flavored lube on my fingers and in between his cheeks and I'm stretching him out and at the WORST possible time I start thinking about my freaking books!  (I have to remember if I do something wrong or something he doesn't like so I can change it if I have to in the book)  Then I hear: "What the hell Vic?!"  And I remember where the hell I am and what the hell I'm supposed to be doing!

Well if his moans, cries and grunts are anything to go by I did a VERY good job.  We both came (yeah I can come from fucking someone.  I dare someone to tell me that I'm not really a man inside-asses) and I'm laying all over his back and he's draped all over the arm of the couch and I burst out laughing (I'm a dork people) because I realize that I have the best of both worlds because I can fuck a man AND never go soft!  Jack opens one eye and looks at me over his shoulder and growls out "You better NOT be thinking about that Thorny guy with your cock still up my ass!"  Which of course made me laugh harder, but I'm shaking my head no and thinking "Man Thorny's going to freak if he knew we were talking about him so much."

So we "unlock" and I'm looking at his brown couch that now has these stains on it and I look at Jack.  I mean, I'm a little nervous now.  What's the next step?  So he asks if I want to shower and I'm thinking okay this is it, the novelty has worn off he's done so I just sort of nod.  He walks over, picks me up (because all of that fucking had my hip aching bad) and he's walking all funny (and I SWEAR I laughed in my head) and takes me to the bathroom.

We showered together.  Then he put me in his bed and kisses my forehead, "I'll be right back baby, I'm going to grab your stuff and clean off the couch.  You can watch tv if you want."  He walks out and I sort of lay back with this sigh.  I am content...somewhat.  So I turn on the tv and wait for him.  I don't know what I watched to tell you the truth, but he brings my stuff in and I ask for my laptop.  He gives it to me and I plug it in and he goes to the kitchen and brings back two bottles of water, a bottle of red wine (I don't remember what kind), two glasses, and he's holding a bag of pretzels in his mouth.  I just sort of stared at him.

Me: "Is that some sort of weird gay post-sex snack or something?"

He blinks at me and grins after shaking his head.  He climbs in bed with me and pulls me to him.

Jack: "Nah, just a grab whatever looks interesting post-sex snack."

I nod and then open On Fire.  "Ready?" I ask and he looks down.  He sees that it's a book and he bursts out laughing.

Jack: You're not going to give this up are you?
Me: If you want some more of this (I grab my strap-on: Yeah the shower was interesting, Jack washed LBV while it was still attacked and I pulled it away to wash the rest of me while he rinsed off the front of him.  He did wash the girls though.  He kept bouncing them for some reason.  *shakes head* Weirdo), you're going to have to read some naughty gay romance books.
Jack: (sighs) Fine
Me: Or I can read them to you
Jack: That sounds better.

So I started reading to him.  I don't know what it is about that book but for some reason the first time that Sam and Rob are getting it on (around page 13 or so) Jack's all over me, he's pushing the laptop away and he's kissing me and got his hands all on my tits then around to my ass.  He's squeezing them and spanking them a little and then he grabs the lube and looks down at me.  I just smiled and said "HELL YEAH!!"  Then I got to suck his cock (Again MMMmmmmmm) and then he fucked me (yes, my ass people, DUH!  LOL).

Anyway, I remember having to walk to the bathroom to do some "clean-up" thinking about how our earlier shower was a waste, thinking about how funny I had to look walking, and I'm laughing again and I hear Jack behind me: "What?"

Me: I don't think I write about this in my books
Jack: About what?
Me: The sort of full, pressure feeling afterwards
Jack: Who wants to read about that?
Me: But it's real life.
Jack: Yeah......

That was the end of the conversation.  We went back to bed and I did just like I do at home, slept in the nude with my strap on still on.  Jack slept spooned up behind me.  It was SO nice.

So when we got up this morning before he went out for breakfast I was already up and reading the responses that some of you left on my post yesterday and he's reading over my shoulder like: Wow, these people are like fierce over you.

Which made me smile because you guys are.  Then I let him read the messages between me and the friend in question and he nodded and said "Good.  I'm glad he apologized and appreciates you and offered an explanation."  So I sort of look at him, "You're kind of fierce over me too huh?"

"Well, I'm a possessive boyfriend and I'm not going to let anyone take my baby for granted.  You're my man and I'm gonna look out for you."

I'm sort of looking at him in shock.  Say what now?  I'm still thinking about that statement.

Anyway, that brings us to where we are now, Jack's in bed next to me eating pancakes, eggs and sausage from McDonald's.  I have pancakes sausage and hashbrowns on the nightstand next to me, we both have coffee and we're watching LOGO TV(I told him my secret dream to work there in some capacity or to write a movie or something for them).  He wants to say hi so I'm going to let him say hi to you all (we're not there for him to be a part of my blog permanently but he can say hi.  So here he is):

Hey everyone.  My name is Jackson.  Everyone calls me Jack, but Vic says you guys know that.  I just want to say hi and sorta introduce myself.  Thank you to those who told him to give me another chance and to those of you who gave him advice about our date or supported him.  He's really amazing and I've heard about a lot of you all (although there are a few names that come up a lot-Vic's little brothers? Thorny and Matt) and you all seem really nice.  So, nice to meet all of you.                 Jackson

LOL.  His hands were shaking!!  He's so cute!!  He was asking me "Is that okay?  What do I say?"  Then he's like: It is Thorny and Matt that are your little brothers right?  They're not your crush?  Hahaha!!  Anyway, we're going to get back to watching whatever this is and read some more of On Fire and then go out to the beach out in St. Pete and have lunch.  He asked me to stay the weekend so I am.  I'm so extremely satisfied.  So much in fact that I really want to just go back to sleep.  LOL.

Talk to you folks later!




  1. OMFG {SQUEALLLLLL} Vic I'm sooooo happy for you!!!!!!
    And Jack is great! Yay!!!!
    *hugs to you both*

  2. LOL Thanks Katharina!! For all of our big plans for the day, we both fell back asleep after posting and my sisters woke us both up when they called my cell to scream about the new Breaking Dawn trailer. We're going to stay in and order a pizza or something.


  3. Jack- You know something you make Vee/Vic both happy they are so much one and the same person and I love her/him to death. Now that goes without saying that yes we're fierce over our V.Vee and don't want her hurt. I'm her Lil Sis and I'd kick anyone's ass over V.Vee. She's always picking me up with her words of support and I do need it. She also needs the support and I try my damn best to give that every day. You need to sooooo read her books I got a glimpse and they are amazing. I just might have to kick you in the pants just so you do read them. (Or have V. Vee read them to you that could be fun hehe.) Your welcome though for the advice that got her to give you another chance. I knew that you were a good guy just by what V.Vee wrote and the good guys always deserve a second chance.

    VeeVee- You know what I mean by the her/him to me you're both male and female your just you. Your my big sister and also my big brother. You have no idea what I started writing this morning. But it is kinda about you in many ways because I see so many m/m romances but never ones (Except for D & R that your writing) that are with a Bi-gender woman or male. So I thought about you a lot and how your family doesn't accept you fully for who you are. Then I thought about Jack (Yes, perhaps I want a little help with this later on. Ugh I was working it and you have seen my writing style so you'll see that it's nothing like what you may write it as.) I am trying my best to write something that has a little real life to it and you were the first person I thought of. I want to make this story into something that you will like. It's not exactly even a chapter yet but it's started. Now I love you hun and I hope you have a lot of fun with Jack and the same goes to Jack. Don't get to much (Haha wait to much hmmm get enough and you know what protective boyfriends are the best to have!) Gah! My mind is completely off track and I'm bouncing as I hum to the song you put up earlier. Talk soon as we can Love Bug!

    Love yas,
    Lil Sis Kat

  4. Jack: Why do I feel like I've just been given a warning?

    Me: Thank you Kat!! You really are a sweetheart and when I'm fully awake I look forward to reading what you have. I just can't keep my eyes opened for some reason. Hehehe *naughty grin* Plus I had to have a back and hip massage, all of my energetic "activities" last night sort of put me in pain today. But SO worth it!

  5. Jack: It is because I did give a warning. A nice one. I might be smaller than you by the way V. Vee described you but I pack a hell of a punch and kick. ~Smiles sweetly~ But, I won't need it Jack so don't worry Lil Sis with the claws is tucked safely under a rock.

    VeeVee- I put up a blurb on my blog about the story when your awake enough to read it check it out. I've been a bit of a busy bee this morning/afternoon. I just haven't found a certain way to write the back history of the story first. and I have another in mind that has some to do with a few of the friends the characters in this one have. Oh no it sounds like I'm talking about a series now YIKES! ~Breathes deeply and laughs softly~ Oh damn Massages mhm you need them VeeVee get Jack to do it although that may just lead to needing more massages in the end! (Although that wouldn't be a bad thing!) Now I gotta hop off of here and start writing some more I have something in mind for everything I'm wanting to write.

  6. Well, hot damn, it seems like a yummy time was had by all. Right on!! *hugs* to you both

  7. Um hi, Jack :) Thanks for the great date. I had a lot of fun. The sex was awesome! Maybe next time I won't keep popping up and it can just be you and Vic...especially since I'm married O.o You are a dork, Vic ;) but you've got great taste in men and fiction. I have to saran wrap my kindle before rereading ON FIRE! Have fun you two!

  8. @Luci: Yes. A very delightful time. Hehehe.

    @Thorny: ROFLMFAO!!! You, lil' bro, are silly! Jack says you're welcome and your husband doesn't have to know. LOL. *Shakes head* I can tell that I do not need the two of you talking to each other. I will make sure that you don't keep "popping up" anymore. And yes, I am a dork (didn't I say that?) and I do seem to have some good taste. You enjoy! I think we're going to have to take a break for a bit, moans of pain are different and unappealing than moans of pleasure. Hahaha.

  9. ~Chuckles and nudges Thorny~ Nice and you know what I agree V. Vee has great tastes! ~Yikes as she dashes back to her writing~ Whoa wait VeeVee guess what I have writers block again!!! Oh wait no that's me just trying to take a time out hehe!

  10. So happy for you, V. Read this last night, but as you know I was a little in agony, so I've re-read it again today :-P I know you were worried about being you, but see how you attract awesomeness when you let that flame burn bright? You are a firework :-D (I am plagiarising Katy Perry, I know)

    P.S. Nice to semi-meet-you, Jackson. I may have to call you Jackson if you are not averse to it, because we have so few of them here and it always makes me think of Jackson from Steel Magnolias, which makes me think of sexy southern accents. As you can tell, I have nothing sensible to say today :-P

  11. @Kate: LOL. Thanks for quoting Katy Perry at me. I actually really like that song. And I will let my flame burn bright from now on, great things seem to happen when I do.

    Jack said you can call him Jackson and that's fine, he's never actually seen Steel Magnolias (gasp! I will rectify THAT) but that he does have a sexy Southern accent (He does *happy sigh*) and that you sound pretty sensible to him.


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