Friday, September 16, 2011


Okay so apparently I'm UBER nervous about my date tonight because I went to bed this morning at 2 and then I woke up at 7, and I'm still SUPER tired but I can't get back to sleep because I'm worried about what to wear and what to pack in my overnight bag (because let's face it, it's Jack and we ALL KNOW that I'm staying over tonight).

Anyway, with all of this nervous energy in my veins it has cut off what I like to call my "creative juices."  I sat for like thirty minutes with a pen in my hand and stared at the page.  All I've written for "Damien & Roman: Forever" so far is "Roman's First Steps."  LOL.

So I'm guessing that the gods don't want me working on that, so I will instead devote myself to doing a second edit to Passion's Hero: The Alpha King so that I can get that ready for submission.  As you all may or may not know The Alpha King is my first M/M book that is Mpreg (Male Pregnancy for those who are unaware).  While I enjoy the characters from The Tate Pack Series the characters from the Passion's Hero Series are like my babies, which is why I keep re-reading it and editing it and taking stuff out and putting stuff back in.  *Shakes head*  I told Jack about this just last night when he was talking me to sleep (seriously how interesting is soccer?) and he told me:  "You just said how special this series is to you.  It's your baby, to you it will never be perfect enough for publication."  I wanted to deny it, but I can't, because it's a futuristic/sci fi/paranormal/mpreg type of book.  Complete with shifters and aliens and humanoids and I'm just like really concerned that the readers won't be able to see the planet Tumaro and Edifice and Strawxig and Namprince and all the others the way I do.

*Sigh* I think that it's impossible for me to please myself.....with my writing anyway.  LOL.

So, anyway, since I can't "create" anything new, apparently, I will just try to spruce up the old.  And try really hard not to stress out about this date tonight.

BTW, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday at the VA, I was in full on Vic mode, complete with Lil' Big Vic and everything.  Imagine how freaked out the MRI techs were when I had to strip down!  LOL.  We had such an interesting conversation about "what" I was and if I were gay.  "Yes I am."  "So you're a lesbian."  "No."  "But you just said you were gay."  "I am.  I should have been born Victor instead of Veronica Victorian, but regardless I love guys and I LOVE cock and a man's ass way too much to ever be anything but a gay man.  So I am gay, I'm just a gay man."  "Wow.  So are you considering the surgery?"  "Considering and already starting the process to get it all set up and ready to go."  "So you're going to become a man..."  "I already am a man inside."  "Oh, okay..." "For the most part, I'm bi-gender.  So I'm like a man who loves to top...a lot...but who likes to dress in drag every so often."  " you're kind of different huh?"  "And you're just now realizing this?"

LOL.  I swear the military personnel at the VA hospital will NEVER be the same.  *Shrug* I do what I have to do to educate others.  *Wink*

Now on to editing!

V. Vee (my author name-can you guess what it stands for?  LOL)




    What is there to be nervous about when you're already certain enough to pack an overnight bag?


  2. Well you know, once you've made a man orgasm over the phone a couple of times, you pretty much get confident in the sex area. It's the rest of it that has me freaking out. LOL.

  3. Pish, you've got the rest of it nailed too. *mwah*

  4. Phone sex... such fun memories. I love that stuff. Right on bay-bee!!!!! Here's to a fab date and exciting evening.

    Btw, thanks for everything VV

  5. @Kate: I don't know...I sort of suck at relationships. I have to stop myself from annoying all of you guys too much. Or like smothering you or being too clingy. It is a major flaw of mine.

    @Luci: Yes phone sex is LOVERLY! LOL. Thank you for the well-wishes!

  6. @Luci: Not sure what I did or what you're thanking me for're welcome?

  7. I'm talking about those damn crushes.

  8. Have fun on your date tonight! (I won't say good luck, because you don't need it!)

    I wouldn't worry too much about readers seeing your worlds the way you do. They won't. It's just not how these things work. They'll bring their own imagination and ideas to it. That's the magic of reading. Every time you read a book you're collaborating with the author to create the story.

    Does every author obsess about getting it just right? Absolutely. But try not to worry about making the reader see everything exactly the way you see it. Leave a little something on the table for them to play with, too.

  9. @Luci: Aaaahhhh I see grasshopper! LOL. Don't feel bad about that I'm spazzing about one of my "boys" right now so, feeling a little ignored and cast aside. It is not a fun feeling at all. But the ones that count are the ones who always reply and always talk back even if they're saying "I'm busy" or "Let's talk later" or whatever, the others? They get tossed in the "Leftovers" Pile.

    @Becky: You're right of course, I'm stressing over it too much. I do that A LOT when it comes to the books that like I devote a lot of time into. The problem is, most of the time, those are the ones that no one ever gets a chance to read. LOL. Although Luci did read "The Alpha King" although I forget what she said about it. And thank you for not wishing me luck but just telling me to have fun. I will CERTAINLY try. I'll put up details (but not too many....maybe) whenever I'm up enough to function. LOL.

  10. Have fun on your date VeeVee and whatever you do don't be nervous! Just remember your writing is amazing and it's perfect to us as is!


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