Monday, September 19, 2011

Damien & Roman: Forever (Part Three)

So with my whole sojourn into the hospital yesterday and then being on bed rest today while my body still fights the "poison" in my body, and Jack playing nursemaid, I had a lot of time to write.  So the words for "D & R" came flowing out.  I'm not going to put up all of it, but I will put up Part Three today.  So enjoy!!



     Actually I drove and drove and drove until my vision got blurry and only then did I stop.  When I pulled into the nearest gas station to ask where I was, they told me I was in Frankfort, Kentucky.  I was a little surprised that I'd driven out to Kentucky of all places, much less Frankfort.  I looked around the store and the streets for about ten minutes and I was the only black person around.  I was a little unsure of how I was going to be treated, I wasn't too sure of the racial climate in Frankfort, but I knew that it was as good a place as any, at least for the night.  I bought about seventy five dollars worth of food and was just about to walk out when this very thin guy, about my height, maybe a little shorter, with red hair, blue eyes and freckles walked in the store.
     When he looked at me it was instantaneous.  For both of us.  He smiled at me and I smiled back.
     "And where are you going honey?" he'd asked me.  Oh yeah, he was a flaming homosexual.  I grinned at him.  Who would have thought that I would meet my new best friend in Frankfort, Kentucky?
     "I'd planned on finding a hotel to crash at for a few days before I moved on," I told him, the two of us stepping to the side when a large woman walked in.  She gave us both dirty looks and walked towards the back of the store. Without thinking I played a game aloud that I usually play in my head, when I tried to guess what she was in the store to buy.
     "Pepto-Bismol, donuts, beer, chips, sandwiches from the refrigerated section and three lottery tickets," I mumbled.  My new friend, whose name I still didn't know, chuckled and offered his own guess.
     "Pepto-Bismol, Drano, beer, five lottery tickets, donuts, chips, Big Gulp, tabloid magazine, three packs of cigarettes," he said with a smirk.
     I stared at him in shock when she got exactly what he'd said she would.
     "How in the hell did you know that?" I asked him.  He looked at me, with his blue eyes twinkling, and smiled.
     "Because that's my sister-in-law and it's what she sent me in here to buy," he said with a teasing grin.
     I felt myself blush, yes, black people can blush too, and opened my mouth to apologize, he shook his head with a laugh.
     "Don't apologize," he said, "You weren't being mean or insulting her, besides, it was fun," he said with a cheeky grin.  His sister-in-law walked up to us then and gave him a fond smile before looking at me suspiciously.  It was then that I realized that she thought I was trying to hit on her brother-in-law.  Which I found fucking hilarious, because while he was cute, he wasn't my type at all.  I liked to top, I loved it actually, and while in the bedroom I loved to dominate my partner.  I liked said partner to be bigger than me, however, because outside of the bedroom I wanted him to dominate me.  I just grinned at her though.  I loved to sort of ruffle people's feathers and keep them on their toes, it always drove my parents crazy.
     Thinking about my parents made me sort of sad though.  I'd driven all the way from Valdosta, Georgia to Frankfort, Kentucky without thinking about them once, and now they were forefront in my mind.  I gave myself a mental shake and focused on the pair in front of me.  They were both looking at me with looks of concern and shit.  It sort of unnerved me.  I couldn't remember the last time anyone had been worried about me.  That warm feeling that I got inside was new to me as well, it felt strangely like happiness or something equally thrilling.
     "What's wrong?  Your face just went from all happy to depressed in like a second," the woman asked.  I had to find out their names, because calling them "the woman" and "the twink" just wasn't going to cut it.
     I sort of lifted my left eyebrow at her, she had asked me a pretty private question.  To her credit, she didn't blush, not once, she just kept looking at me until I ended up blushing myself.
     "Oh man!  Sorry!  I'm Cody and this is my sister-in-law, Amy.  I married her brother, Kelvin," Cody said gesturing before turning to Amy.  "Amy, this is my new friend..." he turned to look at me with his eyebrows raised and I realized that he didn't know my name either.
     So I grinned at him and then held out my hand to Amy, "Just call me Roman."

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