Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Listening to Vic Sing

I'm not sure what happened to change Vic's day yesterday but when I got home from work, he was cooking and singing in the kitchen. Now, I know that you all have never heard Vic sing before, but it's something. His voice gets me hard when he's talking but when he sings I'm held prisoner. He was in the kitchen singing "1 + 1" by Beyonce and using his cane as a microphone and it was so cute and I realized that this was a side of him that not a lot of people got to see. The free, singing in the kitchen, Vic.

He had a hard time being away from blogging and tweeting and stuff, he told me that he felt like he was ignoring people who had supported him and when we took his friend to help her move he looked at me and said "I can come back now right?" But when he sat at the computer he looked so lost and upset.

When I left for work yesterday, he was up writing, a cup of coffee on the nightstand, his laptop in his lap, and he just sort of waved at me when I said goodbye, but there was still that lost look in his eyes. When I came home I found him cooking and singing in the kitchen. I watched him sing, as the song changed to "At Last" which is one of his favorites, I walked in and he just turned and smiled at me. I know he wasn't singing the song to me, but I saw him smile for the first time in almost a week and it made me happy. He even told me he was horny and that is something else that hasn't happened in almost a week.

After dinner and dessert and our shower he told me that he had a good day. Even after reading a blog whose title I read incorrectly (He's still a little annoyed by that) and had him freaking out, he said he had a good day. He said that his day was filled with people checking up on him, sending him nice thoughts, hugs, jokes, he even said that he got nothing but a smile from one person and that it went a long way to brightening his day.

So thank you to all of you who wrote to him, who checked up on him, who made him laugh and smile. Thank you for bringing him back. I know it would have happened eventually, but if you've ever seen Vic smile or heard him sing you'd know why you brightening his day, brightened mine.

Thank you,

Jackson T.


  1. Thank you for being there for him :)

    I'm glad Vic's doing better and is smiling and singing again, give him a hug from me :)

  2. Glad V.Vee is doing better and that he is singing again...

  3. *blush* JACK!!! Why in gods name are you telling all of my secrets?! Hey girls!! *waves* I'm doing great. Decided to come back today rather than tomorrow. LOL. I was seeing comments that let me know I had to come back now.

  4. VeeVee!!! ~Pounces lightly and huggles as tight as she can~

  5. LOL. *Hugs Lucy/Kat* So...you missed me?

  6. Missed you? How can you doubt it VeeVee I missed you a whole lot


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