Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sparkle and Purr by Stormy Glenn

Sparkle And Purr (Midnight Matings, #10)Sparkle And Purr by Stormy Glenn
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I have never read a Stormy Glenn book that was so angsty and heart-wrenching and "make-you-want-to-shake-your-Kindle" emotionally charged before.  Out of all of the Midnight Matings books, this was the one that I always cringed when I thought about reading it, which is weird for me because I'm such a "Stormy Glenn book whore."  But there was something about the blurb that let me know it was going to be a book that was going to make me want to punch one of the main characters in the throat.  And I was right.

Manuel and Elder Davan have a history that is filled with so much outside deception, manipulation, snobbishness, homophobia, anger, violence, lying and heartbreak that even while they were having sex Davan was crying and Manuel was angry, both of them wrapped up in their own versions of what happened to their past failed relationship and who was really wrong.  When everything gets sorted out and the truth is revealed I breathed such a sigh of relief, but the angst and drama didn't stop there.  The the ones who had caused all of the problems had to be confronted and justice had to be served.

In the middle of all of this heart-squeezing writing there is such an undercurrent of the power of Davan and Manuel's love for each other.  You can feel how deep their love and passion burns for the other even in the middle of their misunderstandings and hurt.

Now, everyone doesn't like Mpreg (your choice I know), I, however, LOVE a good mpreg story or a good M/M with Kids story and this book had both (although the mpreg is merely mentioned in a few spots and not really "experienced" like in other books) and Mrs Glenn does it so well (as she usually does).  I was charmed by the children though they only had brief appearances (as should be the case with ALL children-I joke.  Hahaha.  Laugh people) and found myself wanting to see how Manuel would handle Davan being pregnant again.

The dynamic of Manuel and Davan was so brilliant that unlike some other paranormal romances I didn't have to strain, tilt my head to one side and squint in order to try and imagine the two of them actually being together outside of the whole paranormal thing.

"The Epilogue Whore" is never satisfied when I read a Stormy Glenn book and is thereby never consulted because they are always so good to me that I find myself wanting more and more and more and really, greed is one of the seven deadly sins right?  Well, I'll die happily because this book will be read again by me and I recommend it to all of you.

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