Thursday, September 15, 2011

Damien & Roman: Forever (Part Two)

Damien's Introduction:

     I came out to my parents when I was sixteen.  Neither of them were upset, though both of them were shocked.  You see, I'm not the stereotypical image of a gay man.  I look like an athlete, a big, huge muscle-bound athlete.  I've always looked that way and so I played into it.  I played sports all throughout high school and college.  Football, baseball, hockey, soccer.  It didn't matter what I was playing as long as there were sweaty men involved.
     My mother became the most supportive "gay mother" that I've ever known.  She joined PFLAG, she marched in pride parades, protested, signed petitions, she even joined Twitter so that she could meet more gays and get involved.
     My father was another story entirely.  While he didn't disown me or disparage me about what he called my "lifestyle choice," we never talked about it...ever.  When I brought boyfriends over for dinner he ignored them or treated them like they were just my friends and not my boyfriends.  As it was, after a few times of his indifference, I stopped bringing them over.
     Other than that my life was pretty normal.  I went to work, hung out with my friends, all of whom are gay, went on a couple of dates, worked out religiously, was extremely active in gay rights and spent an exorbitant amount of time online blogging and tweeting.
     Yes, my life was predictable and boring.  The thing is, I didn't know that it was.  I lived in blissful ignorance of how stale I was.  I watched my friends fall in love, get married, start families and thought that my time would surely come and I didn't have to change my routine at all.
     I have never been so wrong in my life.  There were so many missed opportunities, missed friendships, missed chances at relationships.  As a result, not only was I blissfully ignorant of how boring my life was, I was also ignorant of life in general.  Which I guess is the only excuse, or explanation, that I can offer for a lot of the mistakes that I made.  It is a common misconception that gays are extremely promiscuous or worldly, that as soon as we "come out" we instantly become knowledgeable of all things "sexually gay", all things worldly, all things business, real estate, political, fashionable or social.  We have to learn things just like everyone else.
     It's just that we tend to look so much more fashionable while we're learning it.
     I was actually still pretty ignorant by the time I met Roman, who was still technically Rachelle at the time.  The good thing is that my ignorance of life in general made me ignorant of how people who were transgender or bigender were "supposed" to be treated and viewed.  There was just something about Roman that called to me, something I responded to, something that made me long for him and fall in love with him.  I have never been so happy to be so ignorant in all of my life.


  1. I loved it VeeVee and hunny remember you can write wonders and I WANT to write stories like you but, I don't know how to even start writing my muses into a story.

  2. Oh gosh no. Write stories like YOU honey. There's a special blend of Vic crazy in all of my stories. LOL. The best way to turn your muses into a story is to take each muse and build a story around it. What had happened to make you think that way? To make you feel that? To make you say that. Then make a character experience that. Then what happened later, who all was involved. Did it end the way you wanted it to, or is there another ending you wished for? Give it that ending.

    That's the way a story is created.

    But never want to be me or anyone else. You were created, formed, drafted, made to be just like you are for a reason. Given the talents that you have for a reason. You write the way you do, for a reason. Never wish for someone else's style because it diminishes your own and makes it seem as if yours is not as special when it is. Just cultivate your own and improve upon it. That's all you can do.

  3. ~Blushes and smiles softly~ I just find it hard to work my mind around creating the story ugh I can't wait to get into some of the story's I've started and never finished. Most don't know anything about me but I love role playing games. and not the ones that are game broad based but hmm the text based ones. So now I am trying to do a back story on one of my characters I've had for six plus years...Blah blah blah blah LOL. So I know that there are several things that I wish to do. Everything is going to go bloody right. I am thinking about making a story on Hollyrath which is the character I've had for six plus years and I've got ugh several story leads due to having to restart on so many sites. Hmm I'm going to make a story and make it true to who I am hehe.


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