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Inconceivable: Part Eight

Part Eight:

     Tommy placed the plate of chicken on the table and stepped back to look at what he'd prepared with a smile.  He really did love cooking, he hadn't lied when he'd told Ton that.  He hadn't lied to Ton about anything, yet.  He just hadn't told him everything about his life before the big man had entered it.  Pushing down the feeling of guilt that threatened to choke him, he turned and walked into the bedroom that he shared with his new mate.  The walls were still white but he'd made Ton stop at a few stores on their way home, so their king sized bed was covered in a dark blue and brown bedspread with sheets, a bed skirt, the works.  Stepping around the bags of bedroom decor, his suitcases that hadn't been unpacked and the shoes and hats, sunglasses and jewelry that all needed to be put away, he stepped into the bathroom and gasped when he saw his image in the mirror.
     "And that' how you know that you have to be his mate, because why else would he find you attractive looking like this?" he admonished his mirror image, shaking his head before picking up his brush and methodically brushing the thick, luxurious black curls until they gleamed.  He picked up his makeup bag and opened it the top before spreading the compartments wide to allow him to see everything inside.  Biting his lower lip, he looked at himself in the mirror again before turning away and stepping back into the bedroom.  Walking over to his suitcase that sat opened on the bed, filled with his "casual" outfits, he pulled out a pair of black shorts that clung to his shapely ass and distracted attention from his cock.  Sifting through the garments on the other side of the suitcase he found the purple blouse he'd been looking for.  It only had one button, right at the point where his bra would be, the fabric was a very soft cotton, the sleeves were narrow and while they didn't cling to his arms, they did show their impression.  Laying both items over one arm, he turned and walked to his black silk Gucci bag that sat in the corner and picked it up to carry with him into the bathroom.
     Once there, he pulled off the clothes that he wore and opened the bag he'd brought with him.  Reaching down into the bag his hands searched and he smiled when he pulled out a pair of black silk thong panties and a black bra.  He pulled on the thong and fastened the front closure bra, before pulling up the straps.  Reaching further into the bag he found the box that held his bra inserts and he placed them in their proper places.  Looking down at his now enhanced chest, he pulled on his shorts and adjusted his silk encased cock behind the zipper to diminish its appearance.  Some people thought that he wore women's clothes because he hated his cock and wanted to be a woman.  That wasn't it at all.  He loved his cock. Hell, before Ton, he played with it more than anyone else did.  He just liked wearing women's clothing.  He liked putting on makeup and lingerie and putting on a bra.  The inserts were just to emphasize everything and sometimes he tucked so as to not detract from the skirt or the dress he was wearing, but he was a proud gay man...he was just a proud gay man who liked to wear women's clothing.  He didn't see what the big damn deal was or why people seemed to make such a big deal about it, it was his body and his mate didn't seem to mind it.  They could just fuck off for all he cared.
     Shrugging off the negative thoughts, he put on some deodorant before spraying himself with a light cologne fragrance that he'd created, and then pulled on his shirt.  Buttoning the one button and smoothing down the fabric of the shirt he turned back to the mirror and smiled at himself.  Now he knew what look he was going to go for.
     Not that it's going to matter.  It doesn't matter how much makeup you put on, how many times you put on women's clothing.  It won't change anything.  You won't ever be able to hide from me.  I will always find you and you will always be a freak, my freak and don't you forget that Thomas.  His ex-partner's voice rang in his head.  They were the last words that Adam had said to him before he'd been dragged out of the courtroom by the police officers to serve his twenty years for the abuse, rape, assault and battery, resisting arrest, threatening, witness tampering, selling and use of an illegal substance and kidnapping of Tommy that he'd been charged for.  Adam had been scary before that day.  Possessive, protective, loyal, fiercely jealous, intimidating...those were traits that had attracted Tommy to Adam at the beginning but when that morphed into Adam being controlling, angry, malicious, violent, hurtful and meant that he flew off into murderous rages where he would attack Tommy?  That's when Tommy had left...the first time.  Adam had apologized and said it would never happen again.
     He lied.  If anything Adam got worse as time progressed until Tommy had been a broken, bruised, frightened caged bird who had gone to the police, gone for help the minute that Adam had left to visit some college friends of his.  The police had laughed at him at first, none of them believing that a man could be abused by another man, but when they began to look into the evidence, they'd been overwhelmed by the number of neighbors that had come forward, by the sheer volume of text messages, phone calls, and pictures of him bruised and bloodied.  Adam had gotten twenty years for everything, especially since when he'd been let out on bail, he'd kidnapped Tommy and tried to hid him away until the trial was over.  They had been spotted by a cop, however, and that helped to solidify his conviction.  Tommy was glad when Adam had been taken to that back room to be sent to prison, but the words that the man had said to him in a very calm and monotone voice had given him the chills and stayed with him, even three years later.
     Tommy blinked and looked at himself in the mirror, before his lips stretched wide into a happy grin.  He had put on his makeup flawlessly even though his mind had been years into the past.  With a final brush to his eyelashes with his mascara and a last pucker of his dark pink lips, he put all of his makeup away and closed the bag.  Cleaning up his mess as he walked back into the bedroom he heard the front door open and then close long moments later.
     "Baby?  Where are you?  The food looks great are you ready to eat?" he heard Ton's deep voice wash over him and he groaned silently as he felt himself growing aroused and shivered as he remembered the feel of his mate's big cock slamming into his tight ass.  Taking a deep breath, he exhaled before he answered.
     "I was just changing sweetheart, I'll be right out."
     He heard voices and wondered who his mate had invited over, glad that he'd always made more than what was needed whenever he cooked.  Quickly tidying the room, he smoothed his hands over his hair once more, before putting on his pair of diamond stud earrings and the purple bracelet set that Richard had bought for him the year before.  Stepping out of the bedroom he closed the door behind him and walked towards the dining room.  He smiled when he saw who sat at the table with his mate: Vet, Richard, Luci, Ross, that he'd met in passing as they'd been moving in all of his stuff the day before, Howell, the only black cowboy that Tommy had ever met that had long, black dreadlocks that hung down to below his shoulders, and three other people at the table that Tommy didn't know, one man and two two men and one woman.  One of the men was sitting next to Ross, the two of them clutching hands, while the other man...woman?  The other person sat on Howell's lap, the large black man leaning forward continuously to sniff at his neck and kiss the mating mark on his neck.  He guessed that they were newly mated.  The other woman sat next to Luci and the two women smiled continuously at each other.  Tommy stepped forward and smiled happily when Ton jumped up from his seat and raced around the table to stand next to him.
     "Everyone, this is my mate, Tommy.  Most of you know him, but let me introduce the rest of you," Ton said, his hands moving in sign language to one of the people at the table and Tommy felt his jaw drop at the realization that his mate knew sign language and that someone at the table was deaf.
     "Tommy, of course I don't have to introduce you to Richard or Vet.  Not sure if you remember Ross from yesterday?  The man he's making googly eyes with is his mate, Alex, my old boyfriend actually," Ton grinned and Tommy was pleased that there didn't seem to be any bitterness in his voice when he gave the introduction.  He turned his head to look at Alex and smiled.  Alex was a blonde main, whose hair was extremely wavy and fell to his shoulders, he had hazel eyes and he had a surfer's body.  Alex smiled back at him before turning back to kiss Ross who had leaned forward to kiss his shoulder.  Tommy knew then that Alex would not be competition for him at all for Ton's affections and he felt himself relax even more.  "You remember Howell right?" Ton asked him and Tommy smiled and nodded at the big black man who nodded his head in greeting before doing something underneath the table that caused the smaller man...woman to giggle.  "The giggly little man on his lap is Michael.  He's one of the wolves that just recently joined the pack because his pack kicked him out for not only being gay and deaf, but he's transgender.  Male to female, he just didn't get the full procedure done," Ton stated with no hesitation and Tommy gasped and how nonchalantly the big Texan divulged the life story of this complete stranger.
     "Don't worry baby, he told me I could tell you," Ton assured his mate.  Tommy nodded and greeted the other man shyly, slightly relieved that he wouldn't be the only other man who didn't just fall under the "G" heading in the LGBT community.  "And sitting next to Luci is Michael's sister, Katharina."  Tommy nodded to the beautiful blonde woman who sat next to Luci and smiled when she grinned back widely.
     "It's very nice to meet all of you," he said with happy smile and sat in the chair that Ton held out for him.
     "Well, let's eat," Ton stated in a booming voice.
     "Damn Ton!  If Mikey wasn't already deaf, you yelling that loudly would have made him that way," Howell teased and everyone laughed and began passing around the food as everyone filled up their plates.  Tommy smiled as he watched everyone exclaiming happily over the food, very proud of himself.  He was so focused on everyone else that he jumped a little when he felt Ton's breath on his ear as the bigger man leaned over to speak softly to him.
     "Sorry, I didn't ask before I brought everyone over, but everyone wanted to meet you.  But when they all leave, you and I are going to talk to Vet and Richard and you're going to explain about the letter that was left on our front door earlier."
     Tommy looked at his mate in confusion, "A letter?  What letter?  From who?"
     Ton stared at him for a moment before growling softly, "He didn't leave his name, just his initials.  A. Q."
     Tommy gasped and felt the blood leave his face as he began to tremble with fear.  The entire room grew quiet as all of the wolves scented Tommy's fear.
     "Who the hell is A.Q. Tommy?" Ton asked and Tommy heard Richard's soft cry of "Oh no!"
     Still trembling in fear Tommy answered his mate in a soft, shaking voice, "Adam Quinn.  My ex-boyfriend who's supposed to be serving twenty years in prison out in New York for beating me up and kidnapping me," he looked over at Ton, his eyes bright with unshed tears, "How is he out and how did he find me?"
     It was a question that couldn't be answered by anyone at the table, only by the very man who had apparently come for Tommy.

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