Friday, September 2, 2011

Inconceivable: Part Seven

Part Seven:

     Tommy opened his eyes slowly.  He was disoriented.  The sound of "Paint" still played in the background.  Where the hell was he?  Then his mind cleared from the haze of the earth shattering orgasm he'd just experienced and his body became aware of a few things all at once.  He was wrapped in the big, muscled arms of Ton.  His mate.  The two of them were covered in paint from head to two.  The room they laid in was covered in paint...and his ass ached as if he'd been impaled on a battering ram.  He grinned at that thought.  Ton was very well endowed so he wasn't too far from the truth with that one.  He shifted his hips slightly from where he lay on the floor with one of Ton's muscled legs wrapped around his own and winced at the delightful pain.  When he felt slight pressure in his rear, he knew that it was time to expel all of the white seed that Ton had shot within him.  Moving slowly he tried to extract himself from the bigger man's protective hold on him.
     "Where do you think you're going?"  Ton's deep voice growled, rough from sleep.
     Tommy turned his head and placed a small kiss on Ton's lips before replying, "I've got to go to the little boy's room."  He watched as Ton's eyes opened and stared at him.  Then the wolf's eyes traveled over his face, down his neck and to the juncture where his neck and shoulder met, focusing on the sign of their mating. The mating mark began to throb deliciously the longer that Ton stared at it and Tommy felt his morning erection get even harder.  He moaned and began to rub his ass against the larger man's own erection.
     "Iffen you wanted to go to the bathroom, I suggest you go now, otherwise, I'm liable to keep you on this floor for the next five hours or so.  However long it takes me to make you come five more times," Ton drawled, his voice filled with amusement.
     Tommy growled himself at Ton's words and then without another word he rolled out of Ton's arms and hurried to the bathroom, although his gait was a little off from the pounding that his ass received.  He heard Ton chuckle at his enthusiasm and his walk but he didn't care.  He wanted to go and empty his ass in the bathroom and take a piss and then he wanted to go back into the living room and have Ton fill him back up all over again.  With that thought in mind, he closed the bathroom door and set about getting his business done.


     Seven hours later, Tommy and Ton fell back onto the couch in their finally, fully painted living room.  They'd had to paint the mantle of the fireplace, the front door, the window sills in the living room and Tommy had decided it would be a good idea to paint every other stone in their stone fireplace, and it had given the fireplace a really nice affect and made it flow with the rest of the room.  Or atleast that's what Tommy had told him.  Ton didn't really know all that much about fashion and colors and palettes and light and contrasts...but his mate did so that was all that really mattered.
     He opened his mouth to ask his mate about what room they were going to paint next and what color they were going to paint it when his stomach growled loudly.  Tommy giggled and he felt himself blush for the first time in decades.
     "I guess we haven't really eaten in a while huh?"  Tommy said with another grin.  Ton loved his mate's smile, it was all innocence and sunshine and hot, steamy sinfulness all rolled into one.  Ton became more and more enamored of his mate each time that the smaller man smiled.  He'd give the man whatever he wanted as long as he kept smiling at him like that.
     "Not since yesterday before we started painting," he stated, his gaze fastened on his mate's full lips, he leaned forward to kiss him and fell face forward into the cushions.  Confused as to where his mate was and why he wasn't underneath him where he belonged, he turned his face to the side and saw Tommy looking down at him with amusement in his eyes, his lips pulled up into a beautiful smile.
     "First we eat and then we paint our bedroom a deep blue color which is supposed to encourage intimacy and arousal and then you can fuck me through the mattress, okay?" the smaller man offered before turning towards the kitchen.  Ton nodded, although his mate was no longer standing before him.  Tommy was right, they needed to eat if they were going to keep his strength up.  They needed to paint the bedroom so that they could sleep peacefully in the completely boring white walls room.  More than that, they need to fuck, to have sex, to mate.  They needed to do that more than anything.
     Ton stood up and followed his mate into the kitchen.  He watched as Tommy's ass shook in his tight green aerobic pants, his white shirt pulled tight and the hem of the shirt twisted and tied above his belly button, as he  stirred something in a bowl.  He leaned against the doorway and watched as his little man fluttered around the room, preparing a meal.  There were chicken wings and drummettes, all rinsed and ready to be smothered in something, waiting in a bowl on the counter.  There was a pot with fresh broccoli and cauliflower boiling in another pot.  There was romaine lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, feta cheese, Parmesan cheese, cilantro, garlic powder, fresh garlic, Italian seasoning, and Cajun seasoning all sitting on the counter.
     "What are you making?" he queried, raising his eyebrows in curiosity when Tommy reached up to grab the flour from the cabinet and dumped some into the bowl he was stirring before grabbing the bowl of chicken and dumping them in that bowl.
     "Breaded Parmesan Chicken wings, Greek salad, a Broccoli and Califlower Rice mixture, and for dessert I'm going to make a cherry cobbler," Tommy stated without stopping or looking over at him.  Ton's stomach growled angrily at the sound of the food, desperately wanting to be fed the delightful meal right then but he knew that he would have to wait.
     "Sounds good babe," he stated as he walked up and kissed the back of Tommy's head,the smaller man had pulled his gorgeous black hair up into a ponytail at the top of his head and Ton took a moment to sniff his hair before leaning over and placing another kiss right on Tommy's mating mark.  He grinned when the other man shivered, glad to know that the mark had become an erogenous zone for his delightful mate and stood to his full height.  "I'm going to go ahead and check on things with the alpha and with the ranch, but I'll be back in an hour, is that enough time for everything to be done?" he asked.
     "That's perfect.  Just don't forget to wash your hands before you sit down to eat okay Ant?" Tommy stated as he turned up the music on his iPod home, effectively cutting off Ton's reply.  Realizing that his mate didn't need an answer and that he'd been summarily dismissed, Ton grinned again and turned to saunter out of the house.  He stepped out of his now dry, freshly painted front door and closed the door behind him.  The Texas sun was shining brightly and he wished for a moment that he'd grabbed his sunglasses from the bedroom, but realizing he was only walking from his house into the alpha's he decided against it.  No sooner had the thought crossed his mind than his wolf smelled the scent of another man on his front step.  A man he didn't know.  Sniffing around gently, he turned to face the door and saw the envelope taped to the front of it.  How had he not seen that before?
     He pulled off the envelope and saw his mate's name scrawled across the front of it.  He should probably give this to Tommy without reading it, but the feeling of trepidation that crept over his spine warned him against it and he opened it instead.  Seconds later he was glad he did when the words that had been written to his mate filled him with rage, protectiveness, possessiveness and a hint of fear:

              Hello Tommy-Boy,
                 Did you think that if you moved out to Hicksville, TX that I wouldn't find you?
                Did you think you were safe?
               You belong to me.  Always have, and always will.
              It doesn't matter how big your new boyfriend is.  He'll just fall all that harder with a bullet in his heart.  And he will fall.  And when he's dead, I'll have you and I'll listen as you cry for him.  I'll masturbate to your pitiful sounds of heartbreak and I'll come to your screams of torture as I finally, finally make you mine, in every way.
             It won't be long now, Tommy-Boy.

            Yours Forever,                A.Q.

     Someone was after his mate and this person had no problem going through  him to get the smaller man.  Ton had to protect his mate, no matter what he had to do.

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