Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inconceivable: Book Two of the Tate Pack Series is NOW Available!!


Tommy Wilkins, a.k.a. "Tammy Walks" was happy with his life as one of the highest paid drag queen performers in New York City. He had a gorgeous apartment in Greenwich Village, men throwing themselves at his feet and he had lots of money in the bank. He didn't need the family that shunned him, the boyfriend that used to beat the hell out of him or even the gorgeous sexy linebacker looking Texan cowboy, named Anton "Ton" Forrester, that his friend Richard introduced him too. All he needed was himself. 

But Ton wasn't going to give up so easily because you see, Tommy is his mate, and he wants all of him, makeup, heels, dresses and costumes included. He wants to heal every scar and make the smaller man believe in love again. 

There's only one problem, someone is determined to keep the two men apart, even if they have to kill Tommy to do so.

My SECOND book: Inconceivable: Book Two of the Tate Pack Series is NOW available for purchase online.  And guess what?  (*whispers*) This time it even has a sexy cover that I think you'll enjoy!!

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

And how excited am I?  *Happy Dance*

And for more "Squealishousness" (Yes that's your new word for the week):

                                  I AM NOW LISTED ON GOODREADS AS AN AUTHOR!

Oh yeah!!  I am UBER excited people!!

DANCE WITH ME!!  *Plays Lady Gaga and dances around room*


  1. Hi V! Was looking over at Lulu and found your book. I really want to read both but Lulu offers it only as epub and itunes sells it as an ibook. I was wondering if there are any other sites selling your books as pdf? I really love reading them that way because I can switch from my netbook and laptop to my ipad and save them on my flash drives and external hard drives. Please, please let me know if there are pdf versions I can buy. Your books look really, really good and I'm dying for some good reads. Thanks
    MM Reader.
    ps- congrats :)

  2. Hey MM Reader! I'm so glad that you want to buy my books (thank you, thank you). Unfortunately, they are only in that version (I know that Inconceivable is on NOOK as well, but I'm unsure of what version that is). What I've been doing is for those who like it in pdf, if you go on Goodreads, it's sold for like $3 I believe, and let me know when you've bought it, leave me a message with your email address and I'll send it to you in PDF. If I wasn't about to move to New York, I'd just send it to you for free, unfortunately, even those $6 will help. I am actually looking into sending them to another publisher because of Lulu's problems with some of those who bought it, but if you purchase it on Goodreads, it's cheaper and I'll be informed that someone just bought a copy and I'll send you the PDF.

    I'm glad that they look good to you also. That's awesome! Thanks again for wanting to support my writing. I appreciate it!

    (V. Vee)

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