Monday, September 19, 2011

Life-Changing Song: Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

So I got this really, really mean and nasty email from someone through the blog.  I'll admit, it had me upset, but it didn't hurt me, which I am sure, was the guy's intention.  I don't really handle homophobic, racist assholes with any type of dignity or aplomb, usually I just have this sort of Sylvester Stallone in "Rambo" moment where I pull out my guns and go in blazing.  So after I tore this guy a few new ones and Jack "talked me down" reminding me that it wasn't true, the guy was an idiot, it was good that I'd blocked him, I thought of the song "Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato.  It's the song I listened to after my mother told me that she didn't have to accept me when I came out to her.  It's the song that I listened to when I started getting the emails, text messages and phone calls from family members and their friends and old friends of mine, condemning me to hell if I didn't "turn away from sin and my abomination", it's the song I listened to when I finished reading "Nowhere Ranch," and today, it's the song that I'm listening to help calm me down when this idiot told me that "God was trying to kill" me and that's why I mixed up the pills and why my body reacted.  *Rolls eyes*  So, since this idiot is a "lurker," (which seriously if you are a lurker, don't call yourself that okay?  Just...creepy) and all I had was his email address which I blocked immediately, I am actually hoping that he still reads this blog.  Idiot, I want you to listen to this song and realize that it will take a lot more than an email telling me that God was trying to kill me yesterday to make me stop living my truth.  I am an educated African-American woman living in Polk County, I've had rocks thrown at me, received death threats, etc.  You are child's play compared to them.  Seriously.  For the rest of you, remember that NO MATTER WHAT, you can overcome anything, you can rise above anything that tries to break you or wound you or hold you down.  For every one person that will try to put you down there are five more, ready to pick you back up.  Stay strong, we deserve to love, to live, to breathe, to survive, to have families, to learn and to be just like everyone else!!




  1. ~Hugs squeezes and double time on the fist bumps~ You get him Sis. No one can bring you down. I love you and remember this. No homophobic ass can rip you away from living your life.

    I love this song and it is a great one to listen to. Keep living VeeVee because god never makes mistakes. Not a single one he makes us who we are for a reason. God loves us no matter what because we are not mistakes to him.

    ~Gahs and wipes away dust from her eyes~ Big Sis I want you to remember that no one can rip down your life. Not when you have so many who love you and boost you back up again.

  2. There are some extreme idiots in this world. You are right to block his negative words and energy. You have a right to exist, to speak and to be heard, if he doesn't like it then what is he doing here? Idiot...


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