Friday, September 30, 2011

Seafood, Nutella and Vic

I feel sort of responsible for Vic being sick right now.
Last night I decided to treat him out for seafood. Vic, being Vic, brought pen, paper, his cellphone and my iPad "just in case." We had a fun time talking and getting to know each other even more than we already do. I had the Surf "n Turf. Vic had the Ultimate Seafood Platter. If I had been thinking I would have warned him against that plate. I didn't though and he ate the whole thing. We came home and made love and then collapsed into sleep. Or atleast I did. Vic said he stayed up chatting and emailing, reading and writing. Which is normal. But this morning he wasn't his normal "bubbly twink" self, I thought it was about his post so I told him to tell everyone why we weren't going to be staying together after the end of the year, but that wasn't it. When I left he was laying on the couch emailing without a smile on his face.
When he sent me a text message at lunch asking me if I'd let him "paint" parts of me in Nutella I must admit I was shocked. Vic doesn't like Nutella, I'd put some on my biceps a few days ago and he wouldn't lick it off, and even though he'd teased about putting it in other areas I knew he wasn't serious. So when I came home for lunch he told me it had been suggested that he lick it off of my body. I was all for that.
So we got out the Nutella (I love the stuff) and Vic put down towels on the floor and had me lay on them. He called me his canvas and started to "paint" me. Then he started licking it off of me. He was moaning and smiling so I figured that I had done it, that he was loving Nutella finally, until he lifted his head, covered his mouth and crawled quickly towards the bathroom. When I heard him throwing up I felt bad.
I brought him his laptop, his notebook, his cell phone since he said he wasn't leaving the bathroom and I pulled the tv over to where he could see it and I turned it to Logo, one of his favorite channels.
I felt bad about showering and leaving him at home sick. I felt even worse when I came home and he was still sitting on the floor of the bathroom. I couldn't help but laugh though. Especially when he smiled at me and said "I am going to look really good in my bikini if I keep mixing seafood and Nutella."
So right now I have him back in bed, he's watching the shows he recorded on the dvr, writing, and reading a new book and every so often he looks at me and smiles and says "Fucking Nutella." We keep laughing because it's funny to us, and I'm glad that he is still looking for ways to keep our sex life interesting even if it makes him sick.


  1. Feel better soon Vic! The things we do to keep the sex life exciting. lolol And why do I think the licking idea came from Thorny? LOL

  2. @CJ: LOL! You know Thornton SO well!! It sure did and I totally blame him for my malaise. Although I am losing weight so it's sort of a win situation.

    @Jack: JACKSON! One of these days you're going to post something about me and I'm going to leave you handcuffed to the bed with your own handcuffs...naked! Wait.....well, I'll find some sort of suitable punishment! LOL

    But thank you for taking care of me baby and for watching "Absolutely Fabulous" with me when you really want to watch the news. I'd kiss you but you still smell like Nutella.

  3. I can't help but laugh and then think aww poor Jack and POOR Vic! I'll help you with a few ideas for punishment Vic! Hmm wait no he'd like a few of them I am sure hmm I'll think of something but I could find out what he doesn't like to eat and tell you to making him your canvas and use them hmm nah not after this go about...I'll keep thinking LOL ~Hugs and Kisses for Vic and Hugs to Jack~ (Sorry Jack but no kisses for have scared my poor mind OH wait nope that wasn't you) ~Gives a single kiss to Jack's cheek~ Be good you two or hmm good at it!

  4. Get better soon, Vic! Poor you!!!

    I love Nutella but I hate seafood... LOL
    When I was reading this post I immediately thought of Thorny and I was right LOL

  5. @Katharina: OF COURSE it was Thorny! LOL. I'm feeling slightly better but still not 100%. We had plans for today since Jack's off, but I didn't feel up to going to Busch Gardens so he invited some of his friends over. They should be here in a few hours...I hope they're all hot.


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